Jorg Graf Tuning Machines: How Stiff Are These Keys?


In this video the friction between the worm and the gear is demonstrated. Specifically in terms of the "hot spots" found in many sets ...

Testing Graf Tuning Machines Using A Strobe Tuner


Patrick Kearney, classical guitarist, uses a Peterson StroboRack tuner to demonstrate the delicate nature of Jorg Graf tuning  ...

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Ever So Slightly: Testing Static Friction; featuring Jorg Graf Tuning Machines


In this video the static friction is tested on a few sets of classical guitar tuning machines which are bearing a load. The desired ...

Jorg Graf Tuning Machines In Action by Patrick Kearney


Patrick Kearney effortlessly using the Jorg Graf tuning machines live in concert.

Graf Tuner's screw-less tuner mount


Introducing and how to install the screw-less Graf Classical Guitar Tuner.

Rocktron UNITY Tuner : Demo & Review : 3P3D2013-DAY13 ~ 30 Pedals 30 Days


Official RD1C Give-Away Page: Official Product ...

Interview with Jorg Graf, maker of Graf Tuners - Classical Guitar


An interview from June 2013 with Jorg Graf in Burnstown Ontario.

Precision Strobe Tuner Guitar Demo


Precision Strobe Tuner Guitar Demo.

32-07 Slip and Friction Tester


For over 30 years, the TMI Group has a history of producing reliable, accurate and robust testing instruments for measuring ...

12.1 Fitting in-line machine heads


Fitting Machine Heads.

Cheap Chinese Tuners


Demonstration of the low quality guitar tuners delivered from China. I got these from, cheap and unusable.

Jorg Graf and Ana Vidovic Discuss Tuning Machines


Recorded September 14, 2013. Jorg Graf and Ana Vidovic discuss the advantages of Graf tuning machines.

Graf Tuner's self locking string roller


How to string-up a classical guitar using the Graf Tuner self locking string roller technology.

Patrick Kearney Speaks About Graf Tuners


Patrick Kearney, classical guitarist, shares his experiences with his custom set of Jorg Graf tuning machines.