Glow up in 24 hrs! Dying Emma's hair at home new hair color!


We have to get up really early to get Ellie to her soccer game and she has pictures too. After that we really all just want to ...

Emma Pretend Play w Giant Pizza Fast Food Drive Thru Food Toys


Emma pretend play with her giant pizza Fast food drive thru food toys restaurant! Uncle John and Emma compete and sell pizza ...

Emma Pretend Play Shopping with Giant Grocery Store Super Market Toy


Emma pretend plays shopping with a giant grocery store super market toy with her Uncles and Auntie! She sells food toys ...

OMG!!! Emma's A Mom For The Day!


In today's video, Emma wakes up ready to start her day, but her mom is SICK! Oh no! With Emma in charge, she thinks everything ...

Emma's New Friend Charlotte is Very Unusual!


In this week's video Emma gets a special visit from her penpal Charlotte! Emma's been writing letters back and forth with her ...

Emma Pretend Play w MCDONALDS Toy & Fun Garage Sale


Emma pretend plays with her Mcdonalds toy and goes to a fun garage sale! Auntie sold a Mcdonalds toy that Emma was still ...

Emma's Had Some Strange Babysitter's!


In this week's video Emma is really excited to go to the fair, but she finds out she won't be able to go! Instead, shes getting a ...

Emma's Going To Be A Big Sister... Again! Is It A Boy or a Girl?!


In this week's video Emma shares with everyone that she's going to be having a baby brother or a baby sister soon, but she has ...

Emma Pretend Cooks w Cute Kitchen & Food Truck Toy


Emma pretend cooks with a giant cute kitchen and food truck toy with her Uncles. Emma goes to her chicken coop and gets some ...

Lego Friends Emma's Art Studio Build with Silly Play


I love this little building! Lego Friends Emma's Art Studio is the cutest thing ever - the external shop front and old apartment style ...

Emma & Jannie Pretend Play w Hair Styling Beauty Salon & Cute Kids Hair Styles Toys


Emma and Jannie pretend play with a hair beauty salon toys and accessories doing cute hair styles for their customers. Auntie ...

Emma's Secret Life in Slime Class!!!


In this week's video, Emma is in class when she notices something that looks like slime dripping from the ceiling! She tries to ...

Baby Alive Emma's Biggest Time Out! Emma's Been BAD!


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Emma's Sick?


Uh oh.

BABY ALIVE Emmas Time Out baby alive House Cleaning Routine


BABY ALIVE Emmas Time Out baby alive House Cleaning Routine.

7 Hip & Lower Back Exercises For Cyclists | Emma's Workout To Beat Back Pain


A lot of cyclists find they get a sore lower back on long rides or hard climbs, and when you think about it that’s not really ...