Albert the 5th musketeer

Albert the fifth musketeer


He's sharp, he's cool, he's nobodys fool he's albert the fifth musketeer . Title sequence from this classic cartoon.

Albert the Fifth Musketeer


I made this video using the full theme song as heard in the Ending Credits of the English dub of Albert the Fifth Musketeer , plus ...

Albert the 5th Musketeer Theme


The best kids TV theme, ever!

Affenliebe - Albert der 5. Musketier


Albert der 5. Musketier, Folge 02.

Albert de vijfde musketier (Dutch intro)


Leek nergens anders te vinden, dus heb ik 'm maar even erop gezet.

Oakie Doke


The start of an old TV show i used to watch that no one else remembers!

Classic Kids TV Show Intro's


Basically a collection kids TV themes shown in the 90's in the United Kingdom.

1993-1995 The Adventures Of Blinky Bill - OPENING THEME


The Adventures Of Blinky Bill (January 1, 1993 -- January 26, 1995) by ...

Albert, Alfred Kwak, Sknerus MacKwacz, Alfred Kwak, Gumisie


Fragmenty bajek zachowanych na kasecie VHS - 0:00 - 21:06 Albert , piąty muszkieter - 21:07 - 36:31 Alfred Kwak - 36:32 - 57:30 ...