Albert the 5th musketeer

Albert the Fifth Musketeer


I made this video using the full theme song as heard in the Ending Credits of the English dub of Albert the Fifth Musketeer , plus ...

Albert the fifth musketeer


He's sharp, he's cool, he's nobodys fool he's albert the fifth musketeer . Title sequence from this classic cartoon.

Albert the 5th Musketeer Theme


The best kids TV theme, ever!

Affenliebe - Albert der 5. Musketier


Albert der 5. Musketier, Folge 02.

Albert de 5e Musketier - aftiteling (NL)


Albert de 5e Musketier - aftiteling (NL)

Albert, Alfred Kwak, Sknerus MacKwacz, Alfred Kwak, Gumisie


Fragmenty bajek zachowanych na kasecie VHS - 0:00 - 21:06 Albert , piąty muszkieter - 21:07 - 36:31 Alfred Kwak - 36:32 - 57:30 ...

Classic Kids TV Show Intro's


Basically a collection kids TV themes shown in the 90's in the United Kingdom.

Oakie Doke


The start of an old TV show i used to watch that no one else remembers!

1993-1995 The Adventures Of Blinky Bill - OPENING THEME


The Adventures Of Blinky Bill (January 1, 1993 -- January 26, 1995) by ...

Albert Spin Me Right Round


It's official I'm completely bored out of my mind. If this video left you disappointed I apologise but due to the lack of making videos ...