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Hine Ani Ba - Here I Come - Hadag Nachash (English Subtitles)


Hadag Nachash is known for its flexibility in music types, and has songs ranging to funk, hip-hop, jazz, ska, and even several ...

Grievance against Israeli Politicians - HaDag Nachash (subtitles)


English subtitles to HaDag Nachash latest song. hadagnahash.com. | makomisrael.org. @makomisrael ...

Israeli peace song translated - Salaam, Shalom, Peace


popular israeli band, and song. dedicated to our arab neighbors. i hope some of you feel the same adag nahash - shalom salam ...

Hadag Nahash - Shir Nehama הדג נחש - שיר נחמה


הדג נחש - שיר נחמה מתוך האלבום החדש 6 Hadag Nahash - Shir Nehama for the new ablum - 6 שיר נחמה הדג ...

HaDag Nachash - Shirat HaSticker


The song "Shirat HaSticker" by the Israeli group HaDag Nachash .

Hdag Nahash - The Sticker Song הדג נחש - שירת הסטיקר


Directed by Asaf Livni במאי: אסף לבני מילים: דוד גרוסמן לחן: שאנן סטריט, גיא מר, אמיר בן עמי, משה אסרף, דודוש קלמס, יאיא...

Hadag Nahash & Infected Mushroom - Legal Eyes (English Version Official Video)


Original version taken from the album "Shutafim Baam", Purchase here: ...

Hadag Nahash, Israeli Funk & Hip Hop @ Crocodile Cafe in Seattle WA


Israeli Funk & Hip Hop band Hadag Nahash , live in Seattle 2262012 For more info visit My website is ...

Muzika: Hadag Nahash


An Israeli hip hopfunk band, Hadag Nahash blends Western pop music with Eastern elements to create a sound tapestry on ...

Wanted you to know (elohim sheli) - Hadag Nachash


rocking rerite of Uzi Hitman kiddy song - all translated.

Hadag Nahash Interview


Israeli hip-hopfunk band Hadag Nahash talk to Lisa in the studio. Check out the live session they also did with us below!