björk - isobel


Isobel Directed by Michel Gondry. Written by BjörkNellee Hooper Marius De Vries Sigurjón Birgir Sigurdsson (aka Sjón).

Bjork Isobel Post


Bjork " Isobel " in a forrest pitch-dark glowed the tiniest spark it burst into flame like me like me my name isobel married to myself my ...

09. Dido - Isobel


9th single.

Ibiza Weekender | Jordan and Isobel's Summer Romance | ITV2


This season Jordan has struggled to stay loyal to Isobel , with many ups and downs throughout the season. Take a look back at the ...

Dido - Isobel (Live at Brixton Academy)


Dido - Isobel (Live At Brixton Academy) Listen on Spotify - Listen on Apple Music ...

Ibiza Weekender | Jordan Gets a 'Tattoo' for Isobel! | ITV2


In order to try and prove how much he likes her, Jordan gets a 'tattoo' of Isabel's initials to impress her. Catch up now on the itv ...

Isobel Breaks Up with Jordan | Ibiza Weekender


Y u so sad Jordan? #IbizaWeekender.

*The Truth About Isobel* : |Turning Mecard|Episode 6


Jason goes to Ryan's hideout and hears about the the main forces of Triforce and their aims. Blue land wants to seal the ...

Isobel in Big Trouble After Scoring 0.1 Out of 10 | Ibiza Weekender


Will she be the next rep to go after Chloe? #IbizaWeekender.

Turning Mecard Isobel Disappears | Ep 46


Ryan and Isobel are so happy when Jason returns to Tri Force. They make plans to take Jason on a tour of both Blue Land and ...

Ibiza Weekender | Isobel Gets With a Guest Right in Front of Jordan's Face! | ITV2


After finding out about Jordan's night with one of the guests, Isobel decides to give Jordan a taste of his own medicine. Catch up ...

Isobel & Mari ADORE {Strangers Season 2}


A complicated relationship between Isobel and Mari on one of the best queer shows around. Zoe Chao and Kathleen Munroe are ...

björk - venus as a boy


Venus As A Boy Directed by Sophie Muller Written by Björk. Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd ® 1993 One Little Indian ...

Bjork - Play dead


Off the album Debut.

björk - bachelorette


Bachelorette Directed by Michel Gondry. Written by BjörkSigurjón Birgir Sigurdsson (aka Sjón). Published by Universal Music ...

Isobel & Mari - Strangers *Read Description*


I think I may have a problem... I am obsessed with this show! I was so bummed out about Isobel breaking up with Haley in the first ...

Isobel & Haley & Isobel & Mari *Read Description*


I wanna give a huuuge thank you to "Eron 1" for bringing this to my attention. I didn't know someone made a webseries based on ...

mecard amv | damian and isobel mecard w season 1


finally......i made this amv it took sooo long..twoooo days fffuuuu,,,so this is my first amv that i ever made so i hope u ll enjoy.

Ibiza Weekender | Isobel Confronts Jordan After He Kisses Another Guest! | ITV2


After finding out about Jordan's antics with yet another guest on a night out, Isobel confronts him the morning after! Catch up on ...

The Vampire Diaries Damon and Isobel


The Vampire Diaries damon and isobel scene from " isobel " Episode 21. Damon confronts isobel and "attacks" isobel about elena ...