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Канобувости, 116-й выпуск


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Medium Pulse Laser Monster - Vindicator VND-1R - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #858


The Vindicator is an absolutely underrated Inner Sphere Medium Mech. Packed with armor and and offensive quirks it is an ...

Brawling Zombie SRM Centurion CN9-A! - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #883


The Centurion is a classic Inner Sphere Medium Mech that is known for it's durability and good baseline mobility. Today I want to ...

MechWarrior Online Review


The Mechwarrior Online Review looks at the free to play Battletech universe mech combat game, along with touching on the fate ...

Wubb Wubb Kill! The Pulse Laser Stormcrow - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #511


Sometimes bringing something simple to the battlefield gets you the best results. For this reason we are taking a mobile Medium ...

10 Terms All MWO Players Should Know - MechWarrior Online


If you play MechWarrior Online , you might have seen these words come up in the forums or in comms. These are 10 terms created ...

Kitfox KFX-G Gives Free Hugs + 8 Kill Match - MechWarrior Online


The 2017 MWO Loyalty Rewards program includes a new Kitfox variant, the KFX-G (Uller). We'll review how this variant impacts ...

Best Assault Mechs to buy on the current sale (+builds!) Mechwarrior Online 2019 MWO


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Strong Light Mech! ECM Raven Build - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #856


The Raven 3L is an amazingly strong Light Mech. Equipped with ECM and 2 Large Lasers as well as a single ER Medium Lasers ...

Pinpoint Burst AC20 Boom Jagermech - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #860


Firing two AC20 at the same time is not only devastating pinpoint damage but also a lot of fun to play. If you ever wanted to see ...

Holding the Line with the U-AC20 Marauder - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #812


Today we are playing one of my all-time favourites: The Inner Sphere Marauder! Equipped with 5 Medium Lasers and an Ultra ...

Shoot to Kill! The Tactical Missile Mad Cat - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #519


If you like to play Assault Mechs that have a variety of options on the battlefield then take a look at the Madcat MKII. The build that I ...

Fafnir 5B - Mechwarrior Online Mech Review


The key thing to piloting the Fafnir 5B and many other assaults is positioning! Watch the mini-map for friendly movement, and try to ...

Marauder II - Just a great Mech - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #843


The Marauder II has finally arrived! This beautiful 100 ton Inner Sphere Assault Mech is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ...

Flank and Kill! The Mid-Range Centurion - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #504


Today I want to shwo you a Centurion build that is very easy to play and therefore probably a good catch for MWO beginners.

Seven Kill Most Damage Dealt - 6xSRM6 Splat Mad Dog - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #161


If you ever wanted a really good missile brawler then get yourself a Mad Dog. This Clan Heavy Mech is a beast when it comes to ...

BRUTAL RAID BOSS 8xSRM6 - Marauder II Build - Mechwarrior Online 2019 MWO


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New LRM Buffs - Mad Dog LRM Build - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #833


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MWO" Which Assault mechs to buy 2019


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Neverending Bullet Stream - 6x LB 2-X Rifleman IIC Build - Mechwarrior Online The Daily Dose #886


Let's play another Rifleman IIC build! This variant sports six LB 2-X Autocannons for massive long range suppression fire. Also ...