Malkovich Brothers (Dave1 of Chromeo A-Trak)

Dave 1 of Chromeo On Advice From His Brother A-Trak | Bonus Clip | A Drink With


Full interview + more exclusive content: Chromeo Subscribe to our YouTube channel: If ...

A-Trak and Chromeo - Interview Live at The LEVI'S®FADER FORT


A-Trak and Chromeo live at The LEVI'S®FADER FORT on March 16 2008.

Chromeo Interview [Official Video]


Chromeo describe themselves as "the only successful ArabJewish partnership since the dawn of human culture." All wisecracks ...

THUMP Shorts: Before You Go On: A-Trak


How well do you know A-Trak ? Sure, we all know his name is Alain Macklovitch and he's from Montreal and his brother is in ...

Chromeo's Dave 1 tells GQ about his '70's Omega Constellation - Menswear - GQ Celebrities


While interviewing Chromeo's Dave 1 for last week's 10 Essentials, things turned a little chronographic. Here he tells us about his ...

Let the Record Show Episode 7: Chromeo's Dave 1


With Chromeo's new album "Head Over Heels" now in stores, Season 2 of Let the Record Show continues with frontman Dave 1  ...

Chromeo DJ Set @ The Roxy (Boys Noize - Oh! A-Trak Remix)


Dave 1 of Chromeo drops his little brother A-Trak's remix of Boys Noize's grinding electro jam Oh! during their after party DJ Set at ...

The Way I Dress | David Macklovitch


Chromeo front man Mr David Macklovitch demonstrates his style for MR PORTER in our new video series 'The Way I Dress'

Chromeo’s Californian studio is a synth wonderland


Masters of funk. Montreal duo Chromeo are electro funk legends, with a career that stretches back to 2002 and classics like 'Fancy ...

Chromeo - "Night By Night" 920 Letterman (


Chromeo performed "Night By Night" on the Late Show with David Lettermanon 9202010. Follow ...

Chromeo DJ-KICKS - Mama's Boy VS. A-Trak @ Mezzanine SF


Dave 1 and P-Thugg doing Mama's boy and follow by Dave 1's little brother " A-Trak " Remix.

Brothers Macklovitch American Museum of Natural History NYC February 3, 2017


A-Trak and Dave1 are the Brothers Macklovitch American Museum of Natural History NYC February 3, 2017.

Chromeo's Collaboration With The-Dream


Chromeo's David “ Dave 1 ” Macklovitch and Patrick “P-Thugg” Gemayel talk about collaborating with The-Dream and the process ...

Dave 1 + Atrak's Dad and Googling (Chromeo) | Bonus Clip | A Drink With


Dave 1 of Chromeo shares how his dad Googles in our interview outtake. Full interview + more exclusive content: ...

Chromeo in The Listening Room Presented by Bose


Dave 1 & P-Thugg of Chromeo joined us in The Listening Room for a chat about their latest release, White Women.

Chromeo On Fancy Footwork's 10 Year Anniversary


This year, Chromeo's breakout electro-funk blast of an album Fancy Footwork turned ten. In celebration of the milestone, The ...

Fool's Gold Records - DAY OFF - The Brothers Macklovitch - Sept 5, 2011


Part of the DJ set by The Brothers Macklovitch ( A-Trak and Dave1 )