Gmod, Jason Derulo - Watcha Say

Video Game characters kill themselves in Gmod to Mmm watcha' say (Dear sister mod)


This is a sad day for the gaming community... And fans of Twilight Sparkle...

Garry's Mod | Dear Sister Gun (Mmm Watcha Say Gun)


Here's a Gmod Mod showcase of the mmm watcha say gun! Slow Motion deaths all around! If you enjoyed like, comment, ...

Garry's Mod "Dear Sister Revolver" Fun


A little bit of fun with the so-called: "Dear Sister Revolver" in the Steam game: ' Garry's Mod '. The Dear Sister Revolver is a weapon ...

Gmod - Watcha - Say and Gore-Mod


This is Just a Quick Gameplay Video!

mmm whatcha say?


Breen dies in a pit of spikes.

Garry's mod:whatcha say


just decided to test leroy newmans bullettime mod and player falling mod with a third person view mod and dearsister so many ...

Mmm Watcha say Mod Test!


A little gmod test.

Garry's Mod - Watcha say??


Kyrilien and Joshicamoshi play Garry's Mod RDM.

Whatcha Say Gun in Garrys Mod


I didn't create this SWEP, I got it from the toybox in-game. The author's username is Hurricane. Song is Whatcha Say , by Jason  ...

Mmm Whatcha Say (Water Gun)


Alan takes a long fall into the pool when Ryan hits him point blank in the chest.

Mmm Whatcha Say Sonic 06!


Just a funny thing I came up with! Thought of what this should be and then threw it right into action!

MMM watcha sayy! Gmod Funny Moments! ft. ThatFrozenGamer & DerpySheepJr!


Intro Made By: OutroProfile PictureBanner Made By: ...

Garry's Mod Whatcha Say


That fall probably broke all the corpse's bones.

whatcha say garry's mod (Acoustic version)


i like the game and the song too.

Ooh Watcha Say Dear Sister Mod - Garry's Mod


Just using some weapon addons and had a few convenient bugs... ._.