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Pain after a total knee replacement - How to use a TENS Unit at home after a total knee replacement


This video explains how a TENS unit may reduce pain after a total knee replacement... Especially when stretching! If you would ...

Workout 8 Weeks After Open Heart Surgery


It's oficial! I Now have no upper body restrictions. Now the struggle comes to getting back to the level I was in CrossFit ...and ...

Deconstructing Cookie Monster Count n' Crunch


Deconstructing Cookie Monster Count and Crunch turned out to be much harder than we thought, initially we thought we could fix ...

hero splendor pro wiring problems


hero splendor pro wiring trouble hero splendor pro wiring problems hero splendor pro wiring opening.

Super Sculpey Ecorche Figurine Sculpting-Part 0334


This video shows the process of Sculpting a Male ecorche figurine using super sculpey from beginning ...

Guide: How to Wear the MEElectronics Sport-Fi X7 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones


MEElectronics has created this quick fit guide to demonstrate how easy it is to wear the X7 Wireless Sports Headset and achieve ...

Car Self Starter testing. Off car self starter testing.


Here I am explaining the procedure of car self started testing. Self starter testing is important because when you will rebuild a ...

Walking After ORIF Ankle Surgery, Month 1


For recovery tips, a detailed chronology of my healing, recipes for faster bone recovery, and more, get my eBook 'What To Expect ...

Chinese daredevil falls off skyscraper to his death


Wu Yongning's stunts were not for the faint of heart. The 26-year-old daredevil, sometimes referred to as “Chinese Superman,” ...

Ghostek Silencer Wireless Earbuds Manual and Instructions


Instructions: Hello agents. I am your mission coordinator X. By now you have received your Ghostek Silencer earbuds.

How to install a reverse camera on a car (rear view) - Safety Dave Australia


How to professionally install a reversing backup Camera and screen on a Car (a a Toyota Prado in this example) . Tips and tricks ...

HOW TO: Enable rear trunk release button on Crown Victoria Police car


1) Remove dash trim ( Easiest to start on the passenger side with firm grip and pop it out... then move alittle close to the center and ...