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Quinton Reviews 'Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles'


Quinton gets a little help for his latest adventure! Facebook ➠ facebook.comQuintonReviewsthekitchensink Royalty free ...

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - #01 - Español Latino (Parte 12) - [1080p HD]


Tras un conflicto árduo y sangriento, en el año 2.044, los defensores supervivientes de la Tierra, tuvieron éxito al expulsar a los ...

Robotech Shadow Chronicles AMV


My first AMV, set to Saved by Science. Nothing fancy just an exercise in timing... next time I'll try to do some actual editing and ...

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - #02 - Español Latino (Parte 22) - [1080p HD]


En la tierra, en el lago que queda de lo que alguna vez fue Punto Reflex, Ariel tiene una visión de los Hijos de las Sombras ...

Роботех - Трейлер


Аниме Роботех 1985.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Footage?


Someone sent this footage to me, claiming it was from the upcoming Robotech sequel. I have no verification that this footage is ...

Robotech Shadow Chronicles Trailer


This trailer was filmed at a RT Convention, by a RT fan not by me.

Robotech: 2 - Movie Collection Trailer


The Robotech saga continues on July 23rd with this DVD set, which includes the never-before-seen Love Live Alive and The ...

Robotech "Love Live Alive" 2013- Completa Subs. Español


Adaptacion del OVA de Genesis Climber Mospeada "Love Live Alive" - (1985)