Alexander Russian Shooting Accuracy Challenge (HD)

Alexander Ovechkin's Russian Shooting Accuracy Challenge


When Washington capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin stopped by the ESPN campus recently, they decided to test his shooting  ...

2018 NHL All-Star Skills Competition: Hardest Shot


Everyone's favourite event saw Alex Ovechkin fire the puck at 101.3 MPH to take first place. Visit for more clips.

Alex Ovechkin's Shooting Accuracy


Alexander Ovechkin shows some of his shooting accuracy on ESPN.

NHL Crazy Trick Shots And Stick Skills


Shea Weber, Sidney Crosby, Tomas Jurco, Alexander Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk and Jordan Eberle.

Alexander Ovechkin rotoscoping


clip from Alexander Ovechkin's Russian Shooting Accuracy Challenge - Russian Dolls sound clip from the song The Final ...

Alexander Ovechkin highlights World cup 2016 (HD)


Alexander OvechkinАлександр Овечкин is a Russian Hockeyplayer who played for the woshington capitals and Russia .In this ...

Sidney Crosby vs Alexander Ovechkin: The NHL's Best Rivalry


The best player rivalry in the nhl, and perhaps in all of sports. This video definitely took me the longest to make out of all my videos ...

Alexander Ovechkin rotoscoping


a clip taken from " Alexander Ovechkin's Russian Shooting Accuracy Challenge - Russian Dolls " made by Anthony Giardinella.

(ENG) Russian Ice Hockey player Alex Ovechkin


Power Up. Shoot . Goal In! The world class ice hockey player Alex Ovechkin scored a powerful goal at Sochi 2014.

World of Tanks || Russian Accuracy


Russian accuracy in World of Tanks.

New long range shooting record - 3720 yards


New world record for longest ever shot 3400m, set by Lobaev Arms SVLK-14 S rifle in 408 Cheytac (English short version)

Alex Ovechkin shooting accuracy test. (NHL Quick Pick)


Alex Ovechkin takes an accuracy shot test by shooting russian dolls attached on different spots on a net.

NHL All Star: Alex Ovechkin's Hardest Shots


Ovechkin's Hardest Shots.

Precision Rifle - 6.5 Grendel (Parts Chosen)


Music: Trias - Step Back (a Fitty% chop & remix) Patreon Page: www.patreon.comFitty_OE Fitty% Store: ...

Ovechkin and Green Hardest Shot Challenge


At the 2009 Capitals Convention, Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green challenged each other in the hardest shot booth.

Ovechkin on Tank (Russia Today)


Alex Ovechkin on a Russian military tank, via Russia Today. russia -ovechkon-tank