M56 SmartGun

USCM Artillery: M56A2 Smart Gun - Explained


Another example of the USCM's advanced weaponry, this video takes a look at the M56 Smart Gun and its capabilitiesfunctions.

US Colonial Marine with M56 smart gun at Calgary Expo


US Colonial Marine withi M56 smart gun at Calgary Expo. Full articulation. custom made and worn by a professional steadicam ...

M56 Smartgun [Aliens]作ってみた


Bulled based with S&T MG42.

Third Arm Steadicam Gun - Aliens M56 Smart Gun


A test of using a steadicam arm to stabilize a firearm. Thanks to Justin for use of his SCAR17S and M249S. Thanks to Alex for ...

Paintball M56 Smartgun with a Maxxloader


Paintball replica of the M56 Smartgun from Aliens with a Maxxloader backpack at the Splatterpark 2016 spring big game.

M56 Smart Gun Sound FX


Firing sounds from the M56 Smart Gun from Aliens: Colonial Marines. Sounds for the M41A Pulse Rifle at ...

Aliens - Colonial Marine M56 Smartgun - LET'S ROCK!!!!


Working M56 Smartgun at Birmingham Comic-Con 200316.

Airsoft Replica M56 Smartgun from ALIENS


Airsoft replica of M56 Smartgun used by USCM in movie ALIENS. Based on a Shoei MG42 airsoft , full auto, all metal. The cyclic ...

Aliens (1986): Colony Approach


The colonial marines arrive on LV-426. A nice look at Vasquez's M56 Smartgun (which I am working on replicating).

Aliens Colonial marines vasquez smartgun


legendary weapons vasquez smartgun location.

Aliens- Combat Drop Alternate Version


This is a re-edited version of the combat drop sequence from Aliens, using an unused track from composer James Horner's score ...

Lage Manufacturing MAX 41A Real Aliens Pulse Rifle


Lage Manufactueing MAX-41A A combination submachinegun in 9mm and short barreled 12 gauge shotgun designed to ...

Hacker shows how he cracked a smart gun


A hacker who goes by the name Plore found three ways to hack into the Armatix IP1 smart gun . The gun is designed to fire only ...

Marine with M56 smart gun


The M56 is self aiming. It tracks targets via an infrared tracker mounted above the barrel.

Архивы Weyland-Yutani: M56 Smart Gun


Самый умный Пулемет. Калибр: 10x28 мм Полный вес: 17.82 кг Длина: 1220 мм Длина ствола: 545 мм Питание: барабан ...

Smartgun (Aliens) von Hcg


Lifesize Smartgun von Hollywood Collectibles. 122cm.

Aliens universe lore : the equipment of the colonial marines the m56 smartgun


Aliens Universe lore: the equipment of the colonial marines the m56 smartgun . the m56 smartgun is a powerful man mounted fully ...

The U.S. Army Wants Soldiers to Carry Guns Like Aliens Style


The United States Army is looking into a way to carry heavy weapons that will definitely look familiar to science fiction fans.

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