MOONING THE CULT | Under A Killing Moon pt. 5 (FINAL)


Time for Tex to save the day. First, the Chameleon has to go. Second, we have to get onto the Moon Child and defeat a stupid ...

In 1985 I Made $275,000 In One Day Selling Movie Tee Shirts


Watch this video and read my amazing story of my idea to put movie related apparel in a store that will sell the tee shirts on the ...

Smeg's Mom


from peter george's "surf nazi's must die " (1987) .

Taste Some Of Mama's home Cookin, Adolf!


Clip from Surf Nazi's Must Die .

GIVEAWAY!!! |Ramrod Recommends Easter Special


Ramrod Recommends Surf Nazi's must die , Witchfinder General and Aftershock and a little giveaway!!!

Coffin Choir - Tick Talk


"Tick Talk" by Coffin Choir featuring footage from "The Beach Girls and the Monster" (1965) and "Surf Nazi's Must Die " (1987).

Radioinactive & Circus "Surf En Tsunamis" circa 1990's. Sorry had the title of the song incorrect.


This is a song by Shapeshifter members Radioinactive & Circus I believe called "Surf Nazi's Must Die " circa 1990's. Check my ...

Wolfenstein battle against the Fucking Nazi's


The Fucking Nazi's must die as their scum should in WWII.

surf nazis must die (remix)


This is a remix of the surf nazis must die soundtrack. surf nazis must die - a complete version is coming soon, so be prepared, ...

Gimme Crack - Discography (Mostly)


From Kenosha, WI A collection of all the songs I have that are un-edited. Theres a ton of altered tracks floating around the internet ...

Jon McCallum - Awaiting Death


From the movie "Surf Nazis Must Die" (Troma, 1987)

A Closer Look at Inferno DVD Set from Arrow Video


2012 - Episode 42 This time around we take a look at the deluxe 30th Anniversary DVD set of Dario Argento's Inferno from Arrow ...

Surf Nazis Must Die DVD intro (.) .


Lloyd Kaufman's DVD intro for, Surf Nazis Must Die, This classic TROMA DVD is Available now at WWW.TROMA.COM. Surf Nazis ...

Interview with Indie film legend William Grefe (Death Curse of Tartu)


From working with a dozen live rattlesnakes on the film Stanley, directing William Shatner in Impulse, making a film with no script ...