Surf Nazi's must Die!


Hang ten... gestapo style! Sometime in the near future, a major earthquake has devastated the entire California coastline. As the ...

Episode 19 - DG Game Night: Vril Nazi's Must Die


DG Game Night is where a few of the DG, sometimes a Demon Hunters Comic Patreon backer or a Kickstarter Backer (or both), ...

All Nazi Must Die #1 | Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus | Road 2 Silver Play Button livestream


Welcome to the channel I am The Stream Master I am a full time gamer and content creator I live stream 6 days a week Monday to ...

Surf Nazis Must Die!


Directed by Peter George (1987) Starring Barry Brenner, Gail Neely, Michael Sonye, Dawn Wildsmith, Tom Shell, Dawne Ellison, ...

Radioinactive & Circus "Surf En Tsunamis" circa 1990's. Sorry had the title of the song incorrect.


This is a song by Shapeshifter members Radioinactive & Circus I believe called "Surf Nazi's Must Die " circa 1990's. Check my ...

Coffin Choir - Tick Talk


"Tick Talk" by Coffin Choir featuring footage from "The Beach Girls and the Monster" (1965) and "Surf Nazi's Must Die " (1987).

Flash Gordon - Surf Nazi Must Die


Track 6 off the 2008 Split with Unholy Grave "Peace And Hustle" Join our facebook page at: The Grind Show ...

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