[Sheldon & Penny] It was enchanting to meet you Shenny


READ AND WATCH IN HD PLEASE ^.^ Yaaay! Finally done! It took me 5 long weeeeeeks to make this one ^^' I hope you will enjoy

The Big Bang Theory - Shenny Quotes


Hello guys,this is our big project,who we hope you like it :)Please Leave Comments And Rate :) ============================

Shenny (Sheldon and Penny) First Kiss - The Big Bang Theory 9x02


Shenny (Sheldon and Penny) First Kiss - The Big Bang Theory 9x02.

ShennyLet Her Go



Big Bang Theory Comic Con 09: "You're getting pitched the Shenny."


A fan asks if Sheldon will ever be in a relationship, and the idea of PennySheldon comes up. For more from Comic Con, check us

The big bang theory - Shenny (Sheldon & Penny) - She's so high


This is my second Shenny video and i'm much more pleased with this one. Here Sheldon really wants to be with Penny, but he

I won't give up on Shenny


NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED (HD is your perfect wackadoodle ^^) I think this song, although a little pitched here, is

Shenny - Accidentally in Love


So this is my first tbbt video, and I know the quality is not the best, but I hope you'll enjoy it! :) I made this video only for

closer | shenny


HD saves kittens from trees! I've been having this song since a long time, months ago I had a Kick Ass 2 project with Mandy and

SheldonPenny (Shenny) - Genius


Hi, all! I'd first like to point out that this video was a collaboration of me and my friend Emma. We had both been reunited by the

Shenny - The Big Bang Theory (6x04)


Penny plants kisses all over Sheldon's face after pinning him down in a match of wrestling. Shenny shippers, keep hope because

Sheldon & Penny | What is love? | Shenny


Dedicated to all Shenny Fans!.♥ -Rouse. I don't own this song. What Is Love is a song of Lea Michele, exclusive property of SME, Inc

Stomach Tied in Knots - TBBT SheldonxPenny, Shenny


This is my first Fanvid for anything so, please be nice! This is Sheldon and Penny from The Big Bang Theory. The song is Stomach

Far Away - Shenny


Canción: Far Away Artista: Nickelback Serie: The Big Bang Theory Pareja: Sheldon & Penny.

Shenny • Let It Go


A New little Shenny Video.

ShennyLenny "I'll Stand By You" (TBBT Couples Collab)


I just want to say that I loved making this , because this is th first video we have just made together . Since we share the love of TBBT,

shenny *far away*


A video about sheldon and penny from Big Bang theory. Including the kiss. Enjoy and GO SHELDON AND PENNY!

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