Lord of the Manor: Best of Cosmo Kramer


As Seinfeld's resident clown in the cast, Kramer has established himself as one of the most memorable TV characters ever.

10 Kramer Moments


A small showcase of Comic Genius Michael Richards aka Cosmo Kramer . My favorite show of ALL TIME!!!!

Rutina completa de Kramer en la Teletón 2018


Kramer lo hizo otra vez! la rompió con su show en el Estadio Nacional con su propio Luis Miguel y "Pasapalabra" - Se convirtió en ...

Best moments of Kramer, season 4, part 1.


Kramer - season 4, part 1.

Best of Kramer


Part 1Season 9.

Michael Richards Spews Racial Hate -- Kramer Racist Rant | TMZ


Read the original story from 2006 here: Michael Richards, ...

VOLTEI + Os Melhores Produtos de 2018 #LindaAwards


Oi, genteeee! Depois de uma loooonga pausa aqui no canal estou de volta e cheia de dicas dos melhores produtos que testei em ...

Jana Kramer - I Got The Boy (Official Music Video)


Get "I've Done Love" on iTunes: Watch Jana Kramer's official "I Got The Boy" music video! Get "I Got ...

Kramer serial killer


Kramer is arrested when he is mistaken for "The Smog Strangler," a serial killer roaming the streets of Los Angeles.Episode ''The ...

Kramer Needs to Poop


Kramer percolates.

Great Seinfeld Moments


A healthy collection of my personal favorite Seinfeld moments... as you can see, I am a fan of the later seasons.

Enigma in a Twinkie: Best of Newman


After creating a video for each of the main characters in Seinfeld, I realized that it would be a missed opportunity to ignore the ...

Seinfeld Superhero Moments - Every Comic Book Reference


Our website: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: ...

Seinfeld | Cosmo Kramer (12)


These are just a few of my personal favorite Cosmo Kramer moments. To give a brief background, "Cosmo Kramer , usually ...

Kramer's Apology (Full Video)


Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer ) apologizes on the Late Show with David Letterman...

Stefan Kramer - Luismi engañao pa Chicureo


Lucho se entera de que Luismi viene a Chile y que no se va a quedar en un hotel, quiere arrendar una casa. ¿Será todo real o ...

Smoking Kramer


Note: This is for viewing purposes only. I do not own this video. All the rights belong to Castle Rock Entertainment and NBC.

Seinfeld - Kramer Detective


Kramer , Seinfeld and Newman want to know if they accouter is on drugs.