Olympic Hymn


The Olympic Hymn - with pictures of olympic flags and logos.

The Diver who hit the Springboard at the Olympics | Strangest Moments


Diving Legend Greg Louganis, one of the all-time great Olympians, is famous for one strange, painful incident at the Olympic ...

gays on ice: olympics edition (ft. Adam Rippon)


Watch my latest video for Pride Month: Watch my Pride Month series #ChosenFamily: ...

Why Are The Netherlands a Speed Skating Dominant Force? | Olympics on the Record


A look at the incredible Dutch dominance over the competition throughout the years, during the Winter Olympic speed skating ...

Florent Manaudou Wins Men's 50m Freestyle Gold -- London 2012 Olympics


France's Florent Manaudou wins the men's 50m freestyle event at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3 August) setting a time of ...

Will JAPAN go BANKRUPT because of the OLYMPICS? - VisualPolitik EN


Nothing raises the national pride as the Olympic Games. Specially, when a city in your country is going to be the Olympic host.

Olympic - Manekýny (1986)


Horší kvalita - TV rip z roku 2000...

RMS Olympic Begins Last Trip - 1935


On the way to the ship-breakers. The last voyage of the RMS Olympic . Shot of funnel with steam up. Various shots of the RMS ...

Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games Football Sonic, Egman, Mario and Wario


Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games Football Mario, Sonic, Egman and Wario ▻ Don't forget to subscribe and be ...

1988 Olympic Women's 4x100 Relay - BEST RELAY FINISH EVER!!


One of the best relays of all time - Evelyn Ashford has the anchor of her life with an unbelievable finish!! Epic USA vs.

The Photo-Finish of One of the Biggest Olympic Rivalries | Olympics On The Record


Gail Devers edges out Merlene Ottey in a thrilling photo finish Olympic 100m final at Atlanta 1996 that could barely have been ...

Putin and Russian Olympic Team Sing National Anthem Together


Subscribe to Vesti News Putin sings the ...

2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see


Rio is hiding poor people. See Part II: Subscribe to our channel!

Olympic Games Rio 2016 Swimming Schedule


olympic -games-rio-2016-swimming-schedule Rio Olympic Games 2016 swimming ...

SPLITTING THE WORLD! (Olympic Edition) Logan Paul


EVERYWHERE I GO, I DROP IT LOW! Watch my crazy DAILY VLOGS here: Download ...

What's inside an Olympic Torch?


We CUT an Authentic Rio 2016 Olympic Torch IN HALF!!!! What were we thinking!?!?! This thing is BEAUTIFUL!! Watch “Homemade ...

The Titanic Never Actually Sank (Conspiracy Theory)


Rhett reveals a Titanic conspiracy that will have you holding on to your life vest. GMM #1331.3 Watch GMMore: ...

Icepeak Olympic Collection PyeongChang


Icepeak is the Official Partner of the Olympic Team Finland. This is the story of the Icepeak Olympic Collection for ...