Bogdan Kotov, Monday Drummer

Bogdan Kotov - Usher - Caught Up (Drums Cover)


Богдан Котов & Андрей Алфёров! Барабанный мастер-класс при поддержке " Monday Drummer " "O.K. & Co." " Gekap " .

monday drummer. богдан котов


ИМЕНА 5 апреля 2010.

Bogdan Kotov


SoundCheck before Olga Kormuhina concert. Bogdan Kotov on drums . Cymbals set: Arborea Killer Ride 22" Arborea Killer Hi-Hat ...

Bogdan Kotov Band\ Стены.flv


Песни Богдана Котова в 16 лет. муз. и сл. Б.Котов "Стены"

monday drummer. богдан котов 2


ИМЕНА 5 апреля 2010.

Monday Drummer -- Богдан Котов (Bony Katt) 13.08.12.


Москва, Клуб Алексея Козлова.

Max Zorin - Come On And Play Live Tavrida


Music - Max Zorin Words - Phil Chekalin, Max Zorin Filming&Editing - Stan Максим Зорин - гитара, вокал Max Zorin - Guitar, ...

Baltimore Drummers 'Level Up' with an Incredible Performance


A video of Baltimore-based drummers Timothy Fletcher and Malik Perry went viral over the summer, and Ellen loved them so ...

When Music is Life


No Copyright Infringement Intended. Intro: 00:00:00 Andrey Ruznyaev: 00:01:46 Bogdan Kotov : ...

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off


Jimmy officiates Will and Chad's battle for the title of greatest drummer on the Tonight Show that ends in a surprise performance of ...

Michael Jackson's Drummer Jonathan Moffett Performs "Smooth Criminal"


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Groove Day May'10 - Ирина Кудрина


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Приглашение на мастер-класс Bony Katt (Пусть cutted live)


Вас приглашает на мастеркласс молодой, но уже небезызвестный барабанщик Богдан Котов (Bony Katt) В 15 лет начал...

Michael Jackson's Drummer Jonathan Moffett Performs "Beat It"


Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett was Michael Jackson’s drummer for over 30 years – and we were lucky enough for him to come by to ...

Monday drummer - Infected mushroom drum cover


Участник неизвестен. Перед началом своего выступления сказал примерно следующее: "Я потратил на ударные...

Michael Jackson's Drummer Jonathan Moffett performs "Thriller"


Learn the grooves of Michael Jackson: ► Although it probably doesn't need any introduction ...

Paint Drumming!


Having the lights on is overrated. Feat. (from l. to r.): Cole Durbin ('18), Emery Liu ('20), and Dylan Ryals ('20). Follow us!