Thulsa Doom

Great scenes of James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom in Conan the Barbarian (1982)


Great scenes of James Earl Jones as Thulsa Doom showing off his great acting abilities and sheer presence in this villainous role ...

Thulsa Doom behead's Conan's mother - Conan the Barbarian (1982) (HD-720p)


Thulsa Doom played by the great James Earl Jones behead's Conan's mother at the beginning of Conan the Barbarian. Watch ...

One of the best scenes - Thulsa Doom's beheading - Conan the Barbarian (1982) (HD-720p)


This scene is between Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones). Doom tries to convince Conan to ...

Thulsa Doom - Realms of Hatred


Thulsa Doom - Realms of Hatred Release Date: December 7th, 2018 Track List: 1. The Final Scourge 2. The Gates of Niniveh ...

Thulsa Doom - The Song Remains the Same LP ( FULL )


01 - money 0:00 02 - material takeover 2:19 03 - desensitized 4:31 04 - white lies 7:35 05 - learn about their lies 10:44 06 - always ...

The Riddle of Steel From Conan


I do not own copyright to this clip or movie. But I wanted to put it up because everyone should know the "riddle of steel" and its a ...

Best Scenes of Conan the Barbarian - Part 2 (HD-720p)


This is a compilation of all the best scenes in Conan the Barbarian (1982). There are 5 parts overall, click to see them below.

THULSA DOOM - LADY NINA (official music video)


Singel from "A Keen Eye For The Obvious" (Release date 22.september 2017) Feat. Silje Torp as Lady Nina, and Thulsa Doom , ...

Conan the Barbarian - Battle of the Mounds - Conan's Prayer to Crom


Conan and Subitai, heavily outnumbered, fight off Thulsa Doom's henchmen in the Battle of the Mounds. Conan says a prayer to ...

Thulsa Doom - Distraught split ep


1999 split 7" featuring 2 New York crust punk bands. Song: Thulsa Doom -- Always Getting ReadyBoth Human. Distraught ...

Tulsadoom - The Glory of Thulsa Doom


Band:Tulsadoom Song:The Glory of Thulsa Doom Album:Barbarian Steel Country of origin:Austria Genre:Blackened ...

Best Scene - "Steel isn't strong boy" - Conan the Barbarian (1982) (HD-720p)


Thulsa Doom tells Conan what strength is in a great scene from Conan the Barbarian Watch more Conan the Barbarian scenes: ...

HIM - Lose You Tonight(Thulsa Doom Extended Dub)


HIM,lose you tonight( thulsa doom extended dubpreviosly unreleased)amazing song please comment and tell me how amazing ...

Thulsa Doom's Revenge


Great quote from any evil guy.

Thulsa Doom - Money


Album: EP: "Desensitized" (1999) Money makes the world go round or so that's what they say But no one pays the sun to turn the ...