It Prevails - Defenses Down

It Prevails - Defenses Down


From New Album Capture & Embrace.

It Prevails - Defenses Down


Read Description------ From It Prevails ' new CD Capture and Embrace - Defenses Down . ***Please Rate and Comment. I enjoy ...

It Prevails - Defenses Down (cover)


Defences Down by It Prevails © 2009 Rain City Records, LLC. This is quite a simple song, though it took me a while to hear the ...

It Prevails - Defenses Down (Piano Cover by Ivan Shlyk)


Hey, guys! Here is my first piano cover. If you want me to play your favorite song, feel free to ask :) Like my band, please: ...

It Prevails "Defenses Down"


It Prevails performing " Defenses Down " on the Spring Fling Tour in Houston, TX.

It prevails - Defenses Down (guitar cover)


We have made a tab for this brilliant song. Great thanx to all guys who have also been working on it Cubfan1091, xjohnxwayne, ...

It Prevails - Defenses Down (Live) HD


It Prevails playing Defenses Down on the Spring Fling Tour, March 18th, 2011, at the Pine Box in Midland, Texas.

Defenses Down-It Prevails


I felt like it.

It Prevails - Capture & Embrace (Full Album) (HQ)


01. 0:00 - Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow 02. 3:01 - Brothers To The Flames 03. 6:21 - Refusing To Live Under The Tyranny Of ...

It Prevails - Defenses Down (Live)


It Prevails playing " Defenses Down " live @ The Red Door Saloon.

It Prevails - Defenses Down (Drum Cover)


Josh Parra | 17 | SJC Custom Drums I really love this band this song. Be sure to check out the melodic hardcore band, It Prevails  ...

It Prevails - Defenses Down


San Antonio,Tx 8611.

Defenses Down!


It Prevails - Defenses Down .

it prevails- defenses down (acoustic jam)


couldnt get the tabs this morning so just posting a random vid. me and tim learned this song. i recorded the rhythm on my ...

It Prevails - Defenses Down Live At The Cup 7.10.10


Filmed at the cup in Staten Island New York on 7.10.10 during the Keep It Movin' Tour featuring Close Your Eyes And It Prevails .