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Ferrari F10 car launch


The new Scuderia Ferraris single-seater already broke its first record: the connections to the ferrari .com website. More than three

Formula 1 1982 - Brabham Invent Refuelling


In 1982, the Brabham team, led by Bernie Ecclestone, worked out that the time gained by starting a race with tanks half-full

ATL Closed-Loop Refuelling Bowser


Available in 100, 170 or 200 litres +44(0)1908 351700.

Ferrari S02E01: NEW CAR, NEW DRIVER, FIRST RACE! - F1 Mod for Motorsport Manager - 2017 Season


Ferrari S02E01: New Car, New Driver, First Race! - F1 Mod for Motorsport Manager - 2017 Season If you liked this video, please

Airplane refueling


refuelling Cessna150 in Airlink's hangar.

Shell - Ferrari promo video


Video promocional da Shell, utilizando carros da ferrari da decada de 50...

A Westie's Guide to Refuelling


1. Park your car least 1.8 metres from the pump. This ensures nobody drives between re- fuelling cars to make an exit. 2. Before re-

No Refuel


No Refuel .

Shell Ferrari


Видео про сотрудничество Shell и Ferrari .

Rosi Ferrari


Rosi Ferrari .

Watch This BMW Refuel While Drifting In Tandem for creating World Record


As per BMW, fuel stops are for the weak and installing a larger fuel tank in the car is boring so the task called for tandem drifting. The

HD Very first refuelling pitstop in F1, Piquet 1982 LIVE COMMENTARY


Nelson Piquet makes the very first pitstop in F1 which included refuelling . His Brabham BMW team invented this feature to their

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo arrives at Bologna with Ferrari's helicopter [I-FACM]


President of Ferrari Luca Cordero di Montezemolo arrives at Bologna G. Marconi Airport with Ferrari's helicopter Augusta A109S [I-

The woman has set fire to the car on refuelling


On January, 4th, 2016 at gasoline station in Russia there was a fire. The woman during refuelling by gasoline of the car for the

melbourne refuelling #1


refuelling .

Motorsport Manager season #11-Pre-Season-No Refuelling-5* fuel eff.


Well, interesting start to new season. But I got full 5 stars fuel efficiency, getting ready for no refuelling : Comparing overall stats of

Pub Shell Ferrari


Publicité Shell pour les 60ans de Ferrari .

BMW Attempts Car-To-Car Refueling While Breaking A World Record


This record takes place on the Nurburgring but it's not for speed. BMW is attempting to reclaim their title of the Longest Vehicle drift in

shell ferrari


shell ferrari .

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