refuelling ferrari

shell refuel commercial ferrari airplane **ORIGINAL FULL VERSION**


This is one of my favourite commercials ever. It is as they say "not done" to love, look at ore like fuel ads, but after you see this, ...

Ferrari Shell Refueling @ 150mph


In 1997, Shell once again pushed the boundaries of what was believed to be technically possible with a daring and impressive ...

Shell Ferrari Refuelling Add


Well, this time, it works!

Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 - tyres change and refueling during the endurance race


A Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 enters to the pit stop for refueling and tyre change during the GT Open endurance race at Monza racetrack ...

Refuelling -- the film of the film.


As you can imagine, refuelling a moving Ferrari Formula One car with a flying plane isn't easy. Filming it was just as difficult (but ...

Ferrari F1 Shell commercial


Shell commercial about Ferrari (as seen on Dutch televison some years ago).

The worst pitstops in F1 history (1970-2017)


This is the worsts pitstops in F1 history My instagram street workout : paul_andre_sw.

Fueling a Formula 1 Car


Red Bull Racing show how the fueling system works during a pit stop.

Ferrari F10 3D animation - New refuelling regulations explained


F1 news, HD photos and more on our website .

F1 Pit stop at F1 Abu Dhabi 2009


Watch Toro Rosso take a pitstop from up close angle.

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