Lowrider Model

1976 Chevrolet Caprice Classic by Eugene "Spanks" Hernandez - LOWRIDER Roll Models Ep. 38


Our newest Lowrider Roll Model is helping to shape our future generations, one youth at a time. Music: Time By Jordyn Edmonds ...

1965 Buick Wildcat by Debbie Martin - LOWRIDER Roll Models 35


Check out the latest episode of Lowrider Roll Models now! Music: Passenger Seat By Marsnare It ...

Kay Kaoru - LOWRIDER Roll Models Ep.20


Lowrider culture influenced our latest Roll Model to travel over 5000 miles to pursue her passion… Music By: Joe She Brings By ...

LOWRIDER Model Car and Bike show


adaywithcaliboy checked out some of the baddest lil half scale model cars and bikes on sunday.

Marissa Rosales - LOWRIDER Roll Models Ep. 25


"There's no rules, do whatever you feel...your car is an extension of you." The newest member of the Lowrider Roll Models family ...

1963 Impala Lowrider - Boyz N Da Hood Unboxing and Review


Unboxing and Review of 125th Scale 1963 Impala Lowrider Boyz N Da Hood. The builder, Ricardo Becerra, manufactures and ...

1963 Chevrolet Impala by Johnny Gonzales - LOWRIDER Roll Models 37


Our latest Roll Model's Laurel Green Chevy Impala SuperSport Convertible is proof that patience, hard work, and consistency will ...

The Ladies at the #azsuper19 2232019


Some of the models at the lowrider magazine super show in Glendale, Arizona at the state Farm Stadium February 23rd 2019.

RC lowrider model car Boogie Nights


In this video I show you what's going on inside this '70 Impala Lowrider named Boogie Nights. Enjoy! Painted by Armando ...

1936 Packard 120 by Randy Perez - LOWRIDER Roll Models 33


Our latest Lowrider Roll Model's 1936 Packard 120 Convertible was built on passion. Check out his story now.

JEVRIES Lowrider model car Artist short docu by Danny Hidalgo


Thank you so much Danny Hidalgo for this great short docu on my work as an artist of Scale Lowriders . Jeroen de Vries, also ...

MODEL POSES MUST WATCH for 1984 Cadi Coupe Deville in 4k - Lowrider


The car show at this restaurant we have a model available to us to promote everything and this 1984 Cadi Coupe Deville lowrider .

lowrider model cars and art (watch in HD) SEMA 2018


adaywithcaliboy last day at sema 2018 i seen the model cars and some pretty dope art.

Model Katillac with Dark Side 58 Impala from Tradicionals C.C.


Model CandyNchrome aka Katillac shooting after the Stockton Car Show on 4292018. -Video by Pone ...

Lowrider Roll Models episode 23


Some things were just meant to be, like our latest Lowrider Roll Model's gift for combining his passion with his culture.

1971 Oldsmobile Delta 88 by Mario Barajas - LOWRIDER Roll Models 34


Keeping it in the family is what it's all about. Check out an all new episode of LOWRIDER Roll Models now! Music: Monument ...