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Teacher Explains the word "Nigga"


WHAS news story about a high school teacher who got in trouble for calling one of his african-american students a nigga.

Patrice O'Neal Prison Story - 37 yr. old Teacher Pregnant from 14 yr. old Boy (Pt. 1)


Double Standards 4:16 I don't want to see women go to jail for getting young dick, but I would like to see bitches go to jail for ...

California School Shooting: 8-Year-Old, Teacher And Gunman Killed | NBC Nightly News


Two adults, including a teacher , were killed and two students were wounded inside a San Bernardino, California, classroom ...

62 Year Old Teacher Beats 3 Seniors in Arm Wrestling |HD| S2:EP19


Teachers VS Students Information: Directed by: Spencer Winburn & the Teacher being challenged Filmed by: Spencer Winburn ...

Teen Who Ran Off With 50-Year-Old Teacher Wrote: Every Beauty Needs Her Beast


More from Inside Edition: On Instagram, right before ...

Caught On Camera: Maywood Teacher Arrested After Punching Student In Class


Video of the incident at Maywood Academy High School shows the teacher, identified as 64-year-old Riley Marston, swinging at ...

89-Year-Old Teacher Celebrates 70 Years in the Classroom


Irene Basham started teaching in 1947, just two years after World War II ended. And she's been teaching ever since.

50-Year-Old Teacher Researched Teen Marriage Before Kidnapping: Investigators


Tad Cummins, the teacher accused of kidnapping a 15-year- old girl with whom he is allegedly romantically involved, is believed ...

Letting Our Old Teacher Give Us A Hair Cut!! Hilarious


Letting our old teacher from high school cut our hair. It actually turned out better than i expected. Also she asked us to not show ...

Loom Knitting with Kids ( 10 Year Old Teacher ) How to knit a baby hat


How to Loom Knit a Newborn Baby Hat - 10 year old teaches Loom Knitting to Kids. Step by Step for Beginners Easy for ...

[MMD vine.] when your old teacher tries to rob you.


This dude hardstop lucas' vines give me life lol Model credit: TBA Vine channel: Original ...

Former teacher receives 6 year sentence, had sex with student


A former high school teacher convicted of having sex with a 15-year- old student has been sentenced to 6 years in prison. Kathryn ...

How to teach any child to read EASILY and FAST! AMAZING


In this video I show how I teach my child to read only three years old ! This is a proven technique that I have used with all of my ...

Teacher Breaks Jaw Of ‘Disruptive’ 7-Year-Old Student


A Baltimore teacher has been charged with child abuse, assault, and more after allegedly breaking the jaw of a seven-year- old .

Dating with old teacher


The video for learn English through story Do not copy in anyway #Everydaystory #Shortstory.

Ms. Lavender's StoryTime: There was an Old Teacher by Anne Bowen


A Read Aloud of the 2009-2010 FRA's Children's Book Award title, written by Anne Bowen. Permission to share video was given ...

Video appears to show teacher throwing 3-year-old across room


The little girl hit her head so hard that it split open and she needed to be hospitalized for three days, according to a lawyer for the ...

YTP - Michael's Old Teacher Returns


The Milk and Sugar King is no longer a milk and sugar king... But he does tell a tale of the time his old teacher, Ms. Fatall ...