The Long Firm

Mark Strong - The Long Firm video


I just had to do it... because i adore this talented actor ~~~

lena headey- the long firm


lena headey the smoking scenes.

The Long Firm - Ruby's Story


Ruby Ryder is a B actress whose husband goes to prison. She is befriended by Harry Stark and his boyfriend and gets involved in ...

The Long Firm - Ruby's Story: Learning about the Birds


Ruby seduces Harry's boy, leading to trouble later. A must see Lena Headey role.

Reggie Kray's funeral


u.k news reports on reggie krays funeral.

The Fixer S01 E01 itv drama


The Fixer is a British drama television series, produced by Kudos for ITV. Set in modern Britain, it follows the life of John Mercer, ...

Mark Strong, The Long Firm


This is a clip from part 4 of the Long Firm (Lenny's Story) and stars Mark Strong as Harry Starks and Shaun Dingwall as Lenny, the ...

Home James! S03E04 The Long and Winding Firm


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