документальная камера

The History of Photography and The Camera documentary


A look at the history of photography beginning as early as the eleventh century. Includes the advancements by Niepce and ...

Filming Darren Till at the UFC - Documentary Camera Setup - Canon C200


We filmed a documentary web series in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Check out what camera equipment we used and why!

Tsunami Japan 2011 "Caught on Camera" (Unseen Footage) Full Documentary (Graphic)


Please watch: "Best Fail Compilation 2018" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Иероглиф "Япония" Документальная камера


Иероглиф "Япония" Документальная камера Подписаться на канал Культура: ...

Wild Discovery Animals - Craziest Animal Fights Caught On Camera! Animals Documentary 2018


Wild Discovery Animals - Craziest Animal Fights Caught On Camera! Animals Documentary 2018.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPC) Documentary Filmmakers Dream?


Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Tips for BMPC 4K Documentary Filmmakers GET MY COURSES - SALE 75% FREE Film ...

The Human Camera (Autistic Savant Documentary) - Real Stories


Stephen Wiltshire is one of Britain's most prolific and talented young artists. He is also autistic. This film will follow Stephen as he ...

Making A Documentary Without Money


RELEASE SALE 76% OFF - Color Grading Masterclass FREE Film Editing Course! 2 months ...

National Geographic Documentary 2018 - Japan's Tsunami: Caught on Camera - BBC Documentary 2017


National Geographic Documentary 2017 - Japan's Tsunami: Caught on Camera - BBC Documentary 2018.

Japan's Tsunami Caught On Camera


Eyewitness accounts of the tsunami that devastated Japan in March 2011, captured by the people who kept filming as the ...

Documentary Equipment | Run & Gun


An overview of my equipment I plan to take to Honduras. Use this as a guide to know what to take for a run & gun documentary !

Cruel Camera - Animals in Movies | Full documentary


Uploaded for educational purposes* "On May 5, 1982, the investigative series broadcast a landmark story titled "Cruel Camera.

Cam Zink: Reach For The Sky (FULL DOCUMENTARY)


Danger. Reward. Adrenaline. Freeride mountain biking is synonymous with pushing the known boundaries of the sport. Cam Zink ...

Gear Kit For One Man Documentary Film Crew with Bob Krist


See The Full Gear List: documentary -film-crew.html Bob Krist is ...

Jodi thought the camera was off


Dr. Drew takes a look at Jodi Arias' behavior when she thought the cameras were off in 2008. For more CNN videos, visit our site ...

Документальная камера. ПОЭЗИЯ И КИНО


Эта программа в каком-то смысле развивает идеи, затронутые в предыдущем выпуске документальной камеры ...