Robot Chicken Star Wars

Hold the Elevator | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


Someone should really tell Palpatine about the Death Star's freight elevator, no one ever uses that thing. Watch Full Episodes on

Robot Chicken TFA 2018


Robot Chicken and the Robot Chicken Nerd take on The Force Awaken and its "Original" Plot.

The Emperor's Phone Call | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


The Emperor gets a bad phone call from Darth Vader. SUBSCRIBE: About Robot Chicken : Robot

Yarael Poof (COMPLETE) | Robot Chicken Star Wars | Adult Swim


SUBSCRIBE to Adult Swim UK: A full day in the life of the galaxy's most under-appreciated Jedi. Watch Adult

The Robot Chicken Star Wars YTP Collab


The greatest Star Wars parody of all time just got danker in this 35 minute collab, featuring a̶l̶l̶ s̶o̶m̶e̶ maybe like one or

The Best of Yoda | Robot Chicken Star Wars | Adult Swim


SUBSCRIBE to Adult Swim UK: Some Yoda clips put in random order we did. Watch Adult Swim every Thursday

Non-Sexual Matters | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


Padme takes Anakin to her special room for non-sexual discussions. SUBSCRIBE: About Robot

Star Wars Robot Chicken Folge 3


Sehr coole Star Wars Verasche. Von Adult Swim.

Obi Wan Takes The High Ground | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


Cheer up, Anakin. Soon you'll score a neat outfit and voice. Watch more Robot Chicken : SUBSCRIBE: .

Inner Monologues | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


As it turns out, this moment isn't quite as tense as you might have assumed. SUBSCRIBE: About

Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader | Robot Chicken Star Wars | Adult Swim


SUBSCRIBE to Adult Swim UK: The finest moments where Luke came face-to-helmet with his Sith heritage.

Wrong Place Wrong Time | Robot Chicken Star Wars | Adult Swim


A good day turns bad after a visit to a bar. Subscribe to the Adult Swim UK YouTube channel:

Dinner With Vader | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


And you thought business meals were uncomfortable. SUBSCRIBE: About Robot Chicken : Robot

Death Star Yo Momma | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


Is it hard for Vader to hear the Emperor talk about Padme like that? SUBSCRIBE: About Robot

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