Robot Chicken Star Wars

Hold the Elevator | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


Someone should really tell Palpatine about the Death Star's freight elevator, no one ever uses that thing. Watch Full Episodes on ...

Robot Chicken TFA 2018


Robot Chicken and the Robot Chicken Nerd take on The Force Awaken and its "Original" Plot.

Yarael Poof (COMPLETE) | Robot Chicken Star Wars | Adult Swim


SUBSCRIBE to Adult Swim UK: A full day in the life of the galaxy's most under-appreciated Jedi. Watch Adult ...

The Emperor's Phone Call | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


The Emperor gets a bad phone call from Darth Vader. SUBSCRIBE: About Robot Chicken : Robot ...

4 Classic Gary The Stormtrooper Moments | Robot Chicken Star Wars | Adult Swim


SUBSCRIBE to Adult Swim UK: 4 occasions we experienced peak Gary. Watch Adult Swim every Thursday ...

Obi Wan Takes The High Ground | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


Cheer up, Anakin. Soon you'll score a neat outfit and voice. Watch more Robot Chicken : SUBSCRIBE: ...

Take Your Daughter to Work Day | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


Gary the Stormtrooper needs to spend more time with his little girl while he crushes the Rebel Alliance and looks for missing ...

Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader | Robot Chicken Star Wars | Adult Swim


SUBSCRIBE to Adult Swim UK: The finest moments where Luke came face-to-helmet with his Sith heritage.

Driving the Death Star | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


This is the last time Gary does a favor for a fellow Imperial officer. SUBSCRIBE: About Robot  ...

AT-AT Drag Race | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


Giant snow walkers and way too much testosterone- this was bound to happen sooner or later. SUBSCRIBE: ...

Palpatine's Trip | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


The Emperor has a lousy flight to the Second Death Star . Could his day get any worse? SUBSCRIBE: ...

The Best of Yoda | Robot Chicken Star Wars | Adult Swim


SUBSCRIBE to Adult Swim UK: Some Yoda clips put in random order we did. Watch Adult Swim every ...

Best Of... The Droids | Robot Chicken: Star Wars | Adult Swim


Star Wars: Episode VII is out in just a few days so here are some of the best moments from the Robot Chicken : Star Wars specials.

Father and Son Dance-Off | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim


Luke considers Darth Vader's family-friendly proposal. SUBSCRIBE: About Robot Chicken : Robot ...

Star Wars: Robot Chicken - Anakin and Padme


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