Forced performance

DSM Forced Performance Red --- Start up, 2-step and run down


A small demonstration of the start up, 6000rpm 2-step and run down of my journal bearing FP Red. Follow my DSM adventures on ...

Episode 010: Robert Young from Forced Performance


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FP Blue Powered 2014 STi


Take a look at this 2014 Subaru STi that, among other things, is powered by an FP Blue turbocharger, a change that really spices ...

JMS Racing - 906hp Evo - Forced Performance T3 HTA3794


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Goleby's Parts and Forced Performance weekly update no5


It was a busy week for us, here is what we got up to!

Zach's 2006 STi with Forced Performance Red Turbo


Zach's 06 STi made 441whp420wtq at 25psi on E85. Mods include awdtuning Stage 2 built engine with JE forged pistons, ...

Forced Performance HTZ Red tuning session


This was during a tuning session of my new Forced Performance HTZ 76 Red turbocharger, hence the reason I did not take it to ...

Rolling Start GT-R vs Forced Performance Porsche


visit GT-R vs Forced Performance Porsche.

"GASTROKER" 4G63 Forced Performance Eclipse dips into the 8's


GASTROKER is a well known Eclipse that has seen 8 seconds flat! With the new setup, comes challenges. Through trial and error, ...

Evo 9 570whp FP Black GSC S3 'final goodbye' #boostaholics


- It didn't take long to sell Michael Berenis's infamous #Boostaholics 570 whp Evo 9. This is the final ...

35R - Forced Performance HTA - Evo 8 - Built and Tuned by Strictly Modified - 9.40 @ 152 mph.


2.0 Wiseco 1400Hd Pistons Oliver Rods AMS CNC Head W BF272s - Spark Tech COP AMS f1 Intake Mani Shearer mani w T4 ...

Turbine wheel design basics


Robert discusses some design difference between the various turbine wheels we utilize in our ball bearing turbos.

DSM Turbo Swap and Exhaust Leak Fix Tutorial


How to replace your TD04 or TD05 Turbo on a 1G DSM (Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon or Plymouth Laser). We also show one of ...

FP 68 HTA 8cm dsm turbo vs Evo 3 turbo comparison.


579.00 FP hta 68 dsm turbo 8cm.

Forced Performance 502 WHP WRX stock location FP-Black turbo


Yet another 500+ WHP Subaru from PREracing (and for some reason this one is black too) A little history: If you know Subaru's ...

Unboxing: Forced Performance HTA68


Here is the surprise for the GSX! I bought one of these bad boys like two years ago but ended up parting out the car before i could ...

Forced Performance 3586HTA 9.15 @ 146 NO NITROUS


Deric Dupey 94 Eagle Talon Tsi Auto NO NITROUS 2.0L Curt Brown 2g Head Forced Performance 3586HTA Buschur Racing Tial ...

Forced Performance FP Blue Turbo Unboxing


FP Blue unboxing in Singapore at a local coffeeshop.