FP Black

Built Evo 9 FP Black 490WHP


Fully Built turbo tuff, built 5 spd swap, fp mani, atp bov, custom o2 dump, greddy exhaust. 490whp on 91 octane. He has no access ...

FP Black Evo, HC CTSV, supercharged Camaro, & more - EPIC TUNNEL RACING!


Some good match ups and epic racing in this video! I think we've found our new favorite Mexican road! Be sure to follow us on all ...

Big Turbo DSM set up: FP Black


Today we look at my new turbo set up and talk about power goals BS Fab: Social: ...

Evo 8 FP Black


A few low boost pulls on an FP Black powered by a 2.4lr.

Evo 8 FP Black


19PSI on an FP Black turbo. I apologize for the bad video quality. My Go Pro is acting up.

Evo 9 570whp FP Black GSC S3 'final goodbye' #boostaholics


- It didn't take long to sell Michael Berenis's infamous #Boostaholics 570 whp Evo 9. This is the final ...

K.P. Tuning Evo 8 FP Black Dyno 557whp 34psi meth


K.p. Tuning back at it again. Still on the FP black with a few very minor difference. Car is now making 557whp & 472tq. Self built ...

Built STI wFp Black vs Evo 9


Here we have the rivalry race, EVO VS STI! We were super excited, kept going back to back, was super fun! I got some and he got ...

Fp black evo 8 vs ninja 600


This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

WRX STI acceleration 2006 FP-BLACK 0-200


450 whp 0-100 3.5 sec 100-200 9 sec.

[email protected] In car FP Black Evo 8


My Buschur Racing tuned FP Black Evo making its fastest pass to date. 29 psi, 93 octane with watermeth injection. Made 402318 ...

Evo FP Black Whistle


Just finished a build with the fp black . The whistle is crazy loud. Please Like, Comment, Share, and SUBSCRIBE!

CORNFED! FP Black Evo Vs Pullied CTS-V From A DIG


E85 500AWHP Evo on Slicks VS E85 660RWHP CTS-V on Slicks.



build evo 8 on a fp black turbo.

Mitsubishi Evo 9 IX dyno (500+ hp FP black @ 32 PSI) Boostaholics


- Watch and see the Boostaholics fully built evo IX with an FP Black get a dyno tune and make the ...

Evo IX FP Black Dyno tuning session


Evo IX FP Black turbo STOCK ECU STOCK BLOCK Tuned by TTP-Engineering 93 octane fuel with 100% Methanol Roque ...

DG Motors - Info's Evo 8 Makes 525whp FP Black 10:1 E85


Here we are showcasing some preliminary tuning on "Info's" freshly built Evolution 8. DG Motor's recently finished another wild ...

Challenger hellcat vs Fp Black Evo 8


Stock automatic hellcat with the red key, Evo has Fp black , 2.3 stroker, dynoed 468, pump only, Evo ran 11.58 at 118 but is ...

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