FP Black

Evo 9 570whp FP Black GSC S3 'final goodbye' #boostaholics


- It didn't take long to sell Michael Berenis's infamous #Boostaholics 570 whp Evo 9. This is the final ...

Big Turbo DSM set up: FP Black


Today we look at my new turbo set up and talk about power goals BS Fab: Social ...

FP Black EVO 8, 30psi on 91oct . Silva's EVO 8 -Moonshine-


edit: duramax is an LML - intake, 5" exhaust, tune* Silva's new evo 8 "Moonshine". He picked this evo up from a friend who had it ...

Forced Performance 502 WHP WRX stock location FP-Black turbo


Yet another 500+ WHP Subaru from PREracing (and for some reason this one is black too) A little history: If you know Subaru's ...

K.P. Tuning Evo 8 FP Black Dyno 557whp 34psi meth


K.p. Tuning back at it again. Still on the FP black with a few very minor difference. Car is now making 557whp & 472tq. Self built ...

Crazy 600HP FP Black Stock Block Evo 9 MR Pulls Hard!!


Went with Isaac to a meet with some other Evo's and got Steve to do some pulls in his Evo 9 MR said to be near 600whp on the ...

Fp Black Evo 8 vs Shelby GT500


3 quick runs.

Built Evo 8 With FP Black vs Turbo Integra & Turbo Civics


My friend driving a Evo 8 Built with a FP Black turbo on PUMP with 2 others in the car tuned by AMS vs a turbo Integra, and a ...

FP Black Evo, HC CTSV, supercharged Camaro, & more - EPIC TUNNEL RACING!


Some good match ups and epic racing in this video! I think we've found our new favorite Mexican road! Be sure to follow us on all ...

FP Black Ball Bearing Spinning



Built Evo 9 FP Black 490WHP


Fully Built turbo tuff, built 5 spd swap, fp mani, atp bov, custom o2 dump, greddy exhaust. 490whp on 91 octane. He has no access ...

Evo 8 FP Black


19PSI on an FP Black turbo. I apologize for the bad video quality. My Go Pro is acting up.

DG Motors - Info's Evo 8 Makes 525whp FP Black 10:1 E85


Here we are showcasing some preliminary tuning on "Info's" freshly built Evolution 8. DG Motor's recently finished another wild ...

Evo 8 523awhp FP Black stock block


Evo 8 523awhp FP Black stock block, id2000s, walbro 450255, BC280s @28psi.

650hp Evo FP Black Buschur Dyno Day 2013 dsmevogtr shootout


Stock Frame turbo champion at the Buschur Dyno Day. 2013 DSMEVOGTR Shootout!

C6 Z06 vs EVO 9 FP Black vs STI-QTR built STI


this is the rematch of the Z06 and EVO...... STI wanted to play.... STI latest mods are headers, NX intercooler spray kit, lowered.

Evo X FP Black vs FP Green and KT Evo chasing


2 Evo X's stock engines full bolt-on's + upgraded turbos (left lane FP Black , right lane FP Green) Chase car is a built engine Evo X ...

Built 6266 Evo 8 vs Built FP Black Evo 10 vs Stock Block FP Black Evo 8


Camera car is the Evo 10. Car to the left is a 6266 evo 8 and car to the right is the FP black evo 8. 40mph roll.