FP Black

Evo 9 570whp FP Black GSC S3 'final goodbye' #boostaholics


- It didn't take long to sell Michael Berenis's infamous #Boostaholics 570 whp Evo 9. This is the final ...

Built Evo 8 With FP Black vs Turbo Integra & Turbo Civics


My friend driving a Evo 8 Built with a FP Black turbo on PUMP with 2 others in the car tuned by AMS vs a turbo Integra, and a ...

Forced Performance 502 WHP WRX stock location FP-Black turbo


Yet another 500+ WHP Subaru from PREracing (and for some reason this one is black too) A little history: If you know Subaru's ...

Built Evo 9 FP Black 490WHP


Fully Built turbo tuff, built 5 spd swap, fp mani, atp bov, custom o2 dump, greddy exhaust. 490whp on 91 octane. He has no access ...

Big Turbo DSM set up: FP Black


Today we look at my new turbo set up and talk about power goals BS Fab: Social ...

K.P. Tuning Evo 8 FP Black Dyno 557whp 34psi meth


K.p. Tuning back at it again. Still on the FP black with a few very minor difference. Car is now making 557whp & 472tq. Self built ...

Crazy 600HP FP Black Stock Block Evo 9 MR Pulls Hard!!


Went with Isaac to a meet with some other Evo's and got Steve to do some pulls in his Evo 9 MR said to be near 600whp on the ...

FP Black Evo, HC CTSV, supercharged Camaro, & more - EPIC TUNNEL RACING!


Some good match ups and epic racing in this video! I think we've found our new favorite Mexican road! Be sure to follow us on all ...

650hp Evo FP Black Buschur Dyno Day 2013 dsmevogtr shootout


Stock Frame turbo champion at the Buschur Dyno Day. 2013 DSMEVOGTR Shootout!

Evo 9 - fp black turbo 600 HP


Evo 9 - fp black turbo 600 HP.

Evo 8 523awhp FP Black stock block


Evo 8 523awhp FP Black stock block, id2000s, walbro 450255, BC280s @28psi.

Evo 8 FP Black


A few low boost pulls on an FP Black powered by a 2.4lr.

Evo 8 FP Black


19PSI on an FP Black turbo. I apologize for the bad video quality. My Go Pro is acting up.

Evo 8 FP Black vs Evo 8 Precision 6266


Camera is on the Evo with the Precision Turbo.

CORNFED! FP Black Evo Vs Pullied CTS-V From A DIG


E85 500AWHP Evo on Slicks VS E85 660RWHP CTS-V on Slicks

FP Black Evo IX (Testing GoPro before track event)


I decided to test out my friends GoPro before my private track rental. Mods are basic boltons with FP Black Turbo and FP4R cams ...

FP Black Ball Bearing Spinning



FP Green Evo 9 vs FP Black Evo 8


Evo 9 - Stock Block, S2 Cams, FP Green, e85, tscomptuned vs Evo 8 - Stock Block, S1 Cams, FP Black , e85, Devin Tuned.

629 whp fp black evo 8


Fp black jb, this pull was 629 whp, pumpmeth, 1000cc injectors,255 wally fp, kelford 272 cams, 2.1l block,stock head.