Yoga For Beginners 30 Day Challenge Day 1 With Fightmaster Yoga

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Yoga for beginners 30 day challenge : welcome to day 1. In our first class, we'll focus a lot on ujjayi breathing (pranayama), the natural curves in the spine and how to support them. Here's a link for more beginner yoga classes Subscribe to Fightmaster Yoga Check out Align - "A must have alignment course for all yogis practicing at home.": Save $20 using the coupon code "LOVEYOURSELF" Support Fightmaster Yoga by liking and sharing on your social media! We'll practice such yoga poses as: apanasana (wind relieving pose!), table, cat and cow, and of course savasana which is our final resting pose. Be sure to push pause if you need a break and also, drink plenty of water throughout this 30 day challenge. Let's keep in touch: visit and join our mailing list!!! We'll be sending out newsletters soon! If you practice at home, my online alignment course is a must have to keep your practice safe!! Check it out here: This is a coupon to get $60 off of the regular course price. Fightmaster yoga is dedicated to providing free yoga classes and are funded primarily by donations. We're a husband and wife team. Duke does all of the filming and editing and I do the teaching (BTW-our last name is really Fightmaster). We believe the more people practicing yoga, the better the world will be. Practicing yoga regularly helps us to connect to our best selves. Yoga For beginners session is very important and easy for beginner. Join us every day!! To donate: /> For Amazon purchases please use this link /> Please subscribe! /> WELCOME to Fightmaster Yoga, I'm Lesley Fightmaster (yes...that's really my last name). Before yoga, my head would never shut up! I felt anxious and uncomfortable. I stressed about the future and regretted the past. I was wound so tightly, took myself way too seriously and carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. I hardly ever laughed. Morning yoga taught me to breathe, to connect and to find space. My intention for this fitness channel is to help you quiet your mind and get comfortable in your own skin. Let go of the past and the future and get present on your mat. If you're having a rough day, find some relief here. If you're beating yourself up, roll out your mat, push play and know that everything's going to be alright. We can all take ourselves a little too seriously. My free yoga videos will help you to laugh more and stress less. The Fightmaster Yoga community will love you SO MUCH that you won't have any choice but to love yourself. Subscribe now and join the fun! Filmed at /> /> />Follow me on Twitter: />Follow me on Instagram: />Follow me on Google + :

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Starting this today. Your voice is so soothing and allows me to focus on my practice, which I normally have trouble doing because my mind is everywhere. Thank you so much! I love your videos!
mermaid bidisha
This was so rejuvenating ! I started with Day 1 ! Will follow your tutorial everyday, today onwards
i've tried a lot of "beginner" yoga classes found on youtube but i have to admit that this one is the only one i could actually go through. the others are way to hard for a first time yogi. thank you for this lesley !
Nicole Kessler
This is the 3rd time I've started the beginners yoga videos. I've completed them twice but do to some injuries, (not related to the videos) I've had to start again to regain strength. When I'm able to do yoga my days are calmer, my thinking is clearer and my reactions are more thoughtful. I appreciate having these videos to come back to whenever I need them. I'm so happy to start again. Thank you!
My Dog Maverick
Just started this today. Ive tried others ive seen on youtube but what i really like about yours is you dont have a bunch of background music. Im actually going to be able to stick with this. It felt great and very calming. I cant wait for tomorrow.
Alyssa Kapri
I'm so excited for this. I wanted to get back into my practice and this is a perfect starting point. Breathing is everything!
Alexe Colvin
Started today- after watching this video I already want to start another, thank you for making such inspiring videos!
Jeanine Ross
Thanks so much for sharing, I am getting married Feb 2019 so I have 1yr 2 lose the least 50 most 80pds,part of my journey is w yoga! I was so excited to find ur 30 day challenge🤗 again Thank u so much for sharing & being part of my journey! I'm not sure what happens after 30day challenge, if u have any advice plz plz share it. I would greatly appreciate it!
Savannah M
After deciding that today was THE DAY I would start yoga, I turned to YouTube for beginner videos. I made it through 6 minutes of a so-called beginner video, and my hips and shoulders were screaming at me to stop. Disappointed at my inability to hold some of the poses, I wondered if yoga wasn't what I had originally thought. Thankfully, after a peptalk with my muscles, I decided to try this video. I feel like this 30 day course is precisely what I need to ease my out of shape body into longer, more difficult routines. Thank you, Fightmaster, for breaking down the basics for us who wish to learn!
Noel Arzola
Been practicing on this channel for a few months consistently but felt like I needed a reset due to lack of progression (stiff body). Day 1 completed 🙂
Caroline Tolstad
Day 1! Really excited about re-committing to yoga. This seems like a great place to start- it's been a while since I've had a regular practice. Thank you for the videos!
What a lovely introduction video to yoga!  I've been away from the practice for almost 5 years and recently came across your channel.  My 2 year old & I both enjoyed this video so much!  Thank you for this challenge & brightest blessings
Michelle {Green Earth Bazaar}
Day 1 was awesome! I've been so busy lately, it was so very nice to take it down a notch. It was so relaxing and energizing at the same time - you rock Lesley! Thanks so much for the newest challenge! Peace & Namaste :)
After a long day studying for the exams, this is exactly what I needed, I'm so happy I found this channel! Greetings from Belgium :)
Dawn Anama
Wonderful! I have Osteoarthritis in my back and and a really bad flair up this week. after doing your video (my doctor recommended stretches) I definitely feel better!!!
Candi Snead
this is the first day of my yoga journey! I struggle with an anxiety disorder and I am loving for strength and ways to control it! I loved your class! I really think yoga is a good fit for me! thank you and namaste!
Zsuzsanna Benkó
Started this today as an addition to the Yoga Fix 90, well be doing these together :) Great class this morning, thank you Lesley!
thank you!!! i had a good session with u
Kim Morin
This was the first beginners' yoga video I've ever followed along with that actually felt like it was meant for beginners. I was actually able to follow along and do the different poses and stretches and I actually feel good after doing them. Thank you very much for this, I look forward to the other 29 days!
Jaba Mutidze
I started just now. let's see what results would be. :) good luck to all newbeginers :)
Otgonzayaa Batgombo
Hi, nice to see you again. This yoga for beginner is completely for me 🙏🙏🙏🙌👍 I was in hospital for 3 months and survived from cancer. My body became inflexible like a tree. Now i'm getting better but can't practice 90 days yoga fix. Anyway, thank you. See u tmrw :)
Kathryn Moran
I started this 30 day challenge back in January, and about day 10 I had pain in the backs of my hands during the planks and downward facing dog. Long story short, when you're really diving in to a routine, any routine, maybe not all of your body is ready. Be patient, learn how to properly put weight on your hands (or feet, or any part of your body that isn't happy during your new moves) and give it time, way more time than you probably feel like giving it. I finally talked with a friend who is a physical therapist, she recommended doing the range of motion movement for my wrists in the regions where it doesn't hurt, (as it was just a nerve pinch due to me not being used to the movements) and eventually I CAN get back to those positions. So here I am, end of April, starting these videos again, and doing much better. I just have to turn my hands a bit differently this time in those positions, probably something I needed to learn about before starting. I've been physical my whole life (now 40 yrs old) and done yoga positions, but never a "flow" before. This is rewarding, and worth being patient for. I switched to the "wrist free yoga" that you uploaded, and that was a wonderful break... and so great for my back, too. Thank you so much for doing this online community!!! Hugs to you!
Clinton Kamara
thank you very much for this ! loved how you finished with a quote too
Eobard Thawne
Duke Fightmaster is a badass name.
Deedria Woods
I started this challenge a little over 23 days ago. Yoga has made me so motivated to work out I love the feeling after wards. One of my favorite things of starting this is that there is something new to learn, yoga it’s self is a whole new world of education I’m extreme intrigued by it and I can’t wait for the next day to do it again.
Soukaina NADIR
hello Fightmaster yoga, i just discover your chanel yesterday and today is my first day challenge, it feels great doing this video i just can't do the pose 6:58 and 14:35, but i know practice makes perfect. :)
Obyt Garcia
thank you, not a beginner but always is good for learn any more, I love this class! from Dominican republic
tanya mullings
Yaaaaaaas finally a trully beginners video with poses that I can do :-D
Darth Nudelholz
started this 15 Minutes ago and I feel really good. your voice is so relaxing. i could listen to it the whole day. I'm excited to make the whole challenge. thank you so much for the videos
C, O and O Parkinson-Best
Absolute beginner here and have always struggled with flexibility. This day 1 video was a good way to ease into it all. Looking forward to tomorrow. 🙏
Lisa Rodriguez
was so relaxing :) until my phone rang. Note to self Day 2 phone on silent :)
Davina Bate
This is the first time I've tried yoga. I'm hoping it will increase my core and flexibility. Right now sitting crossed legged is a challenge. I enjoyed session 1 and look forward to day 2.
Moonie Bo
This is the first video I've found that is TRULY for beginners. Thank you. Namaste. <3
I love your video and can't wait to begin this challenge! I have one query though. I usually go for a walk in the morning followed by some squats. Can i practice this procedure after my squats? I don't get the time to exercise any other part of the day.
im starting today and would like to know, are there any body changes when you practice yoga?
Ami S
this was amazing!!! I hope I can keep it up for 30 days and complete the challenge
Is any kind of warmup routine required before this routine?
Danielle Reedy
Just started my first day and i found your voice to be soothing and calming. I appreciate you and your teachings. Thank you for allowing me to start my yoga journey with you.
Betty Horn
I am tracking my food and exercise, and I'd like to know how many calories are burned during yoga. Thanks! I'm starting my practice today! Excited!
I am so thankful for this new 30 day challenge. I completed the 90 day challenge a month or two ago but found it a bit too much for the morning. I am excited to get to do this in the morning and to focus on my alignment and being curious with how my body moves. big thank-you to you Lesley, you rock!
Just started this journey today, excited to begin each morning with time for me, appreciating my body's movements and spreading positivity into each part of my mind, body and soul. Thank you!!
Slavena Veskova Yacheva
Hello, Lesli! Year ago I did your 90-day-yoga challenge and never have I ever felt happier and stronger in my life! However, due to major changes in my life I stopped practising! Today, is a new day and I am starting from the bottom again! Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful videos with us, I absolutely adore what you did to me! <3 Greetings from the UK!
Ewa Raunbe
Hi! hope you well! I get out of shape because of pregnancy. how long should I wait, to start 30 day challenge? can I do it before 6 weeks check up? can't wait to get back to practice and shape again!!!! ☺ oh love pregnancy yoga video! 😊
Eva Montalvo
What a wonderful offering!  I teach yoga in my community and often have students ask me what they can do from home.  I found this through my friend and am sharing it with my students.  I love your soothing style and appreciate the clear instruction with focus on safe alignment.  Keep up the great work!
Ethy N
Hi Leslie! I just subscribed to your channel and saw that you happen to be doing a beginners class right now! Awesome! I've done day one today and look forward to the est of the 29 days! My lower body muscles are a bit stiff so it would be great to get that all loose and going. Want to be able to do the slits by 2017! yay! p.s: I'm learning from England.
LIDWS Hendricks
Started today. Thank you for these videos. ❤
Maureen Ulisch
I'm starting today! Thank you for doing this, not many people pass on their knowledge for free :)
I liked how you pay attention to safety, very soothing, thank you x
I'm starting this journey today. :-)
Tina Ciavarella
this is great! i have not done yoga in 9 months and i do some much training i need something simple to strengthen my joints and get flexibility and this 30 days will not only do this but bring me back to yoga! thank you les!!! love all the way from Aus xox
Ahad abdullah
My first day in Yoga journey. I enjoy it :)
Amy Serrago
This is great! I'm excited to review the basics and I think this might help me approach things with "a beginner's mind" as they say. Thanks again Lesley.
Thickleeyonce Legobane
this my first day. I enjoy it. Thank you
YES!!!! A real beginners 30 day Yoga. Thank you. My body isn't in pain and I look forward to tomorrow. Will be sticking with this.
Jumping Bee
I also wanted to get back to my practice and it worked like a dream - I had this tension feeling like a knot in my head due to stress and running around all day, and it lifted in savasana! Thank you!
Kris Tine
I've been quite interested with yoga but I don't know where to start. So glad, I've found this channel and this videos for beginners. Now, I'm ready to begin my yoga journey. Thank you for being my teacher :)
p r i n c e s s n i k k i
I want to be in better shape, and I’m so excited to begin this 30 day challenge!! Thank you! 🧘🏻‍♀️💕
Lisa S
Trying different ways to get more flexible at the moment and found you channel. Gonna do this Challenge :) Day 1 was very relaxing. I have to say you have a very relaxing voice !
Thx Lesley, this is Wesley from days off old... I have been looking to get into this for a long time but quite found the "chutzpah" to get it done... I saw Duke's note on FB and here I am... Thx again, and I am looking forward to each session and for the magic to happen... W
Princess Alishba
Hello... I wanna thank you for doing this for helping us 😊😊i m new here and its my day 1 of 30 day yoga chellange for begginers and its really feeling awesome after completing this session 😊😍😘💪 its very easy fo beginners and ur way of teaching is superb 👍i have a request , kindly make video for face yoga ☺
Lusia Silfia
I am so excited that you make this program. I tried the 90 days but some movements are a difficult for me. I'll start tomorrow morning with this one. Thank you so much
Can't say enough good things! I've been following you and practising with you for several months and am looking forward to the next 29 yoga days.
Daniele Robbers
I have not done it yet but i am setting up a spot for me and my daughter. I need strengthen and stretch my hip cause physical therapy is not a option right now. I have looked at many videos and yours seem so perfect i have done yoga before but didn't stick with it do to a change in health. Now is time to heal.
Cathy Snyder
Time to begin again! Thanks so much for this gentle yoga challenge - it's just what I needed to help me get back to my practice. Namaste :)
Mauro Reyes
thank you so much. i been trying to do yoga and everytime i click on a beginners yoga it seems so advanced. Im trying to live a better lifestyle due to last year i was diognosed with congestive heart failure. In short i have a second chance in life and i cant do running or weight lifting due to my condition but doing your day 1 yoga it really felt great. i feel so good and I just want to thank you so so much and i enjoy your program.
Mary Jo
My husband and I have both been trying different beginners level classes on youtube for the last two weeks and yours is by far our favorite! :) Just finished day 1 and will do day 2 before bed...better late than never, right? XD :)
Solene Mc
First time doing yoga ! It was an amazing video thanks a lot ! :-)
Mariela Martinez
Thanks for doing this challenge, this last couple of months Ive been so inconsistent with my practice and my body is not as strong as it was before. Is great to start all over doing things right.
Blue Berry
I can not bend at the end but I will continue to focus on my journey inward!
Kim W
I really like this easy start. Ujayi breathing makes my throat tense and achy. I’ve never been able to use it. :( Like the video.
Just tried this today and It really moved me. Thank you!
This video seems very beginner friendly. I would have loved this when I was first starting my yoga practice. It's a video I'll come back to when I need to unwind from a long day or week. Thank you!
I always wanted to do yoga and then I found your channel. I restarted this challenge because before I started it but then stopped at day one but I'm going to be more strict on myself about finishing it. Im looking forward to the next 29 days!
vinay sehra
Namaste from India. Thanks for the video and taking Yoga to the world. enjoyed doing yoga with you. :)
Ben Gotoski
That felt so good
Paula Cummings
Absolutely perfect beginner class. This is exactly what I was looking for. I love that it's a 30 day challange and that your going to build us up bit by bit! Thank you! 😀
Barbara Moore Williams
thank you i a beginning and yo wee perfect!
Carol Harqauil
Love your video's and now I am sharing with others, your voice is calming and I enjoy following your instructions.
Courtney Thompson
I started this today. felt a alot of stretching. I hate how tensed up I am all the time from work and just life in general. I also am hoping to gain some strength and flexibility.
Micah Castelo
I'm trying to get back into my yoga practice and I found this awesome challenge! I loved it and subscribed!
I finally found my peace here. Thank you for your class and also your beautiful voice!
Angela McErlean
Thank so much! Been so slack lately so I'm using your 30 day challenge to get back into it :)
Maria Banda
I just watched your video for the first time starting my 30 day challenge... after the video my body felt relaxed from my back and legs popping lol...
Restarting this again... i got lost in everydays problems and forgot about me. Started today. Thank you again for bringing me back to this. See you tomorrow!
Lina Geßner
I am starting this journey today. Did my first day and I feel so relaxed thank you!
Jackie Goudeau
starting my first day of yoga and I love it so far it really relaxing and it calms my nerves
Shawn Gallagher
this is great! I met my girlfriend (future wife) last year and got away from my practice. we both want to get back into it, so this is perfect.
tushar pandya
Super video, first day, and lot to remember Lesley, will try watching the same video and practice for now. Can you please tell me, what benefits do people get by following , all these yog aasans, very curious to know. Thanks a lot.
Alma & Ken
day one video very welcoming and easy to follow. looking forward to this my first thirty day challenge!
Kelly Conner
my first yoga experience. very soothing voice and non intimidating poses. I'll be back tonight to practice again.
Karen Nicholson
Thank you! This was a wonderful day 1 to a beginner challenge. I am looking forward to next 29 days.
Aniko Pal
This will be a good prelude to my "yoga fix 90" journey :) My goal for 2016 to do that 90 days from the beginning till the end...
Garlic Girl
Ewa from Warszawa
I love your classes Lesley, thank you very much for bringing joy to my life (meanwhile since over one year!)
Shashank Bhatnagar
will this program help a guy as well...???
XRay Tay
Just getting into yoga at 28. Don't like running anymore. But need to get back into shape. I'm very excited about your class. Thanks for doing them First day was amazing. Feels great after the first day. 1 day down 29 to go. Thanks.
Hope Pryor
Namaste, I enjoyed this class and look forward to the next 29 days!
Beatrice Leroy
Fantastic 1st day of this 30 days challenge! Very pleased to follow that channel and class for the next 30 days! THANK YOUO and have a wonderful year.
Will all videos be like this length or will there be also videos longer than 30, 35 minutes? I have to decide If I add yoga to my morning or my evening ritual ;)
Linh Phượng Nguyễn
Great class! Thank you. However, will you release the 30-Day challenge of intermediate level? Because I already finished the beginner level and I am searching for the next level, but the advanced videos are a bit difficult for me to follow. Thank you!