NEIKED - Sexual (Official Lyric Video) ft. Dyo

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whos *not* here from insatiable, or anything else... but becauss they like the song? cause same
99.99% percent people found this from insatiable but 00.0001% (talking bout me) found this from radio
Alex Gutierrez
Anyone found this WAY before insatiable
Mariposa Redimida
Where have I been for the last two years, how did I only discover this delicious song in June 2019??? I LOVE IT!!!!
Debreesca Emanuelle
i wasn't ready for this video...
Emily B.
Holy Trinity!😂💕 •Tom Holland •Harrison Osterfield •Jacob Batalon This song has been stuck in my head forever
Georgina Githungo
that awkward moment when you've been listening for 1 year.... not from insatiable...
Love this song!!! But the video makes me feel like im doing something wrong
Nevika Prasanna
The holy trinity❤ Tom Holland Harrison Osterfield Jacob Batalon
Misss Angel
I see all these comments here from insatiable and I'm just here like holy trinity anyone?
Daniel O
I cannot watch this video in public
The holy trinite! Tom,Haz,Jacob
I’m here because of Tom ,Harrison and Jacob (the holy trinity)
Freya Staples
I'm here because of the Holy trinity Tom, Harrison and Jacob.❤️
Green Husky
Mom: you doing you’re homework Me: yes mom
Right and Wrong
Yoo i remember seeing this video on tv and having no idea about what was going on but now...😱😱
Great song Weird ass video 😂
Dnd Wkod
don't get why people are shocked by the video, the song is called Sexual you know don't be expecting kitties or shit lmao
Emilia Ojeda Nuñez
Okay, im here for Tom Holland, Harrison Osterfield and Jacob Batalon
I saw this video and i was like, "oh there should be some good comments on this one.."
Chris CFC Evans
OMG, did I really just see all of that??????? Lol👁️👁️👁️
Oh hi I’m mez
*insert Tom Holland dancing* :)
Sydney Worley
The Holy Trinity anyone Tom Holland Haz osterfield Jacob batlaton
Quick question What's insatiable? People have been saying they've come from it.
Lone Ranger
If my PARENTS catch me watching this ??? 😐😐😐
Ainsley Laurent
Jori Neal
Chewing Gum. Only played for a hot second but that’s why I’m here !! 🤷🏿‍♂️💜 love the song now😂
LMAO so yesterday, I was in the car with my parents. And then this song appeared and I was shocked to death cause.. you know, it'll be awkward. So I turned down the volume "A bit" then my dad asked me why did I turn it down, then I turned the volume up back and said "Ok if that's what you want.". Moments later when the singer started to sing there was just an awkward silence between us all and I tried to ignore it but also felt embarrassed asf 😂. This happened and.. it was hell!
Dunno Yhz
Am I the only one that came here from McDonald’s
Julie Rodriguez
I kept seeing Tom Holland dancing to this.... so here I am 😂
Lahouni Winehouse
2019 and i'm still feeling it
Yael Berger
I'm just thinking about tom,Jacob and Harrison
Iyanah M
98% from insatiable 1% bc of tom holland and that tiny 1% discovered it themselves
Jack Smash
Ive been searching for a rape anthem but this, this is beautiful.
Peter Mathias
Why tf do I think this? Her Voice Sounds like WisteriaMoon Xd
Lawrence Ferrer
Alana Davis
Here because of the holy trinity Tom Holland, Harrison Osterfield, and Jacob Batalon
The guy who made the videoclip must be really f*cking high...
Giuliana Giovanetti
Anyone for Tom holland ?
Lena's world
I‘m here because of Tom Holland
Cal R
I can’t believe Tom is famous lol!! I was studying carpentry in college with him 😂😍
j a i l a
Who’s here because of tom Holland
samantha ellis
Whos here because they just randomly found it!?anyone.just me
chari jika
I got this sendet by a good friend... Uhm... Should I be worried??
50% here bc of Tom and 50% bc of insatiable
Sav Orellana
ngl I'm only here because of Harrison, Tom and Jacob
You got that thing that I been looking for Been running around for so long Now I caught you, I won't let you go You got that thing that I been looking for And you got a heart full of gold And that's really turning me on You are, you are, you are, you are, you are Everything that I dreamed of, now we can paint a picture You are, you are, you are, you are, you are Making my life much greener, yeah yeah Just say you feel the way that I feel I'm feeling sexual, so we should be sexual Just say you feel the way that I feel I'm feeling sexual, so we should be sexual You got something that I ain't seen before You've opened a million doors All I can say is I adore you You got something that I ain't seen before Hold me 'cause baby, I'm yours Oh, I can't wait until we get home You are, you are, you are, you are, you are Everything that I dreamed of, now we can paint a picture You are, you are, you are, you are, you are Making my life much greener, so I want to say Just say you feel the way that I feel I'm feeling sexual, so we should be sexual Just say you feel the way that I feel I'm feeling sexual, so we should be sexual I don't know what you done but I can't get enough 'Cause you give me that rush, I don't want it to stop Just say you feel the way that I feel I'm feeling sexual, we should be sexual Just say you feel the way that I feel I'm feeling sexual, we should be sexual
bLuE rOyAlTy.
Why isnt this video age restricted😂😂 OMG IVE NEVER HAD SOMUCH LIKES BEFORE THANKS(? )LOL
Shx Nikx
Insatiable Brought Me Here😂💙
Patrick B
Dis was my tune in Yr 7 I’m in yr 9 now btw
Jadee Parker
Tom Holland anyone? No, just me, okay...
To listen to this song, means to find the name of Tom Holland in the comments :v
Madi Greaves
Holy trinity vibes.. Tom Holland, Haz Osterfield, Jacob Batalon 🕷
RariLight Mlp
September 2018 anyone? No... oh ok
catwoman hisss
Tom Holland
Tamara Oka
50=Instable 40= Tom Holland 1(me)=was watching Fortnite and found it
Joe M
2019? Someone? ✨😂😅
Omg I thought I was the only here because of Tom Holland!!!🤣🤣
Mackenzie Haverstock
Tom, Jacob and Harrison brought me
What on Earth is insatiable??? 😄😄 Man, I'm sick of the comments. I heard it on the radio. Then I'm lame??
Wild Girl Ticariyuna
I'm here because of perrie and the holy trinity (Tom,Harrison,and Jacob)
Ok that was pretty graphic lmao maybe I should've expected it hahaha meanwhile, i got lss on this thanks to tom and his gang always dancing over this xD
princessjo66 lets_play
When they said it would be inappropriate for some users I was like ehh probably not even that bad wellll.... I was soo wrong I literally scared bruh I did not see any of this coming
I'm too old for how i act, SPUD
Ironic 69k subscribers
I didn’t expect this I’m only here because of Tom Holland
x Fållen Angëł x
Waiting for insatiable season 2 like :/
Rayvenold Aniceta
Whos here from love island 2017 when amber aand kem kissed for the first time this song played
Spilling The Tea
Does this video make anyone else feel uncomfortable? Or just me?
Aldi Dwi Prasetyo
Nobody : Reff : O o o o o been wishing for youu......o o tryin to my lovers do...
Maria Amparo Perez Lopez
Thanks to god my parents and brother don't understand english because my mum sais she loves this song and she sings it all the time. It would be awkward if they know...
Rifano Chandra
who's here bcs the holy Trinity (tom,jacob, and harrison) or bcs of little mix?😍❤️ cuz that's me
라인 증설 할It’s jai jai
Only here for Tom Holland 🤤🤩‼️
shruti sharma
Haven't it been for tom Holland, I would never have watched this
Marialuisa Arena
I didn't expect a video so irriverent but it's a great idea
Am I the only person who finds this video hilarious?
Here because of nothing because I found it by myself
José Carlos
Mano como que eu cheguei aqui?? Kkkkkkkkkk AMEI
guy i found this by calvin of frikking mamastef_ video XD
Netta Mea
I know everyone here is from Insatiable😂💓💓 Edit: Yup, including me☺
t o m h o l l a n d
Meg Pike
I've only just watched insatiable lmao I hear this ages ago 😂❤
I thought it only was lyrics..
Chris CFC Evans
If I hear insatiable/Hollanders I going to go mad!! I hear 4 the MUSIC 😉
This is the most straight forward song about sex in the music industry
INSATIABLE (bobs sexy mix😂)
Fritzie Godin
Thankyou Insatiable 😘👋😂
Dominique Scott
This song is totally paving the way for all feminist I love it 💗💗💗😘😘😘 Hashtag #insatiable
Kentucky fried memes
I'm here because I randomly looked up sexual and this came up Edit: no I wasnt looking for porn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I found this before but got addicted because of the Holy Trinity
Show Me the PLAYLIST with Andrew Palma
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Dennis Reynolds
SoOooOOooOo progressiveeeEEeEeE WOW soOooOooOoo EnLigHteningGgGGG Nothing screams pretentious more than terrible lyrics next to a horribly hilarious """""symbolic""""" video. This is absolute trash.
SHOU Pinku
Thanks Patty and Bob C: 👌🏻!
Killey Lamber
I came here from looking back at a diary from when I was 8 XD idk what show everyone said they came from even is 😅
May gawd the Tom Holland listened to this just surprised me P.S who’s here because of Tom
sara larsson
Wow never thought I would be able to see a sexy dinasour in bikini 👀👀
i am a Transgender
i like the song Ô_Ô but de vid made me laugh af cuz im a child who laugh at these thigs lmao
my awesome hammys
Im NOT here from insatiable i just simply like the beat😂
Andrew C
God , I wasn't expecting this🤣🤣🤣🤣...
_. ailing
I've been looking 2 years for this fckn song