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Plot twist: he ends up being gay. I know they would never do that but it would be funny considering how predictable the plot already is.
Charming ending: they're both gay
and Peggy
true ending: they're all gay
Coconut Leaf Spine
This looks like knock off of something to be honest. If you want to watch a good decent animated film that is not Disney or Dreamworks, I recommend Son of Bigfoot. I love that film.
That look like poor man's Disney.
Gianna Russo
It’s already so predictable: Girl isn’t attracted to prince that every girl loves. Boy wonders why. Boy hangs with girl. Girl and boy fall in love. Girl and boy end up together at the end. If this isn’t the movie in a nutshell, then idk what is🤷‍♀️
Danny Rodeck
OMG the animation looks SO cheap for being 2018!
Jewel Brava
When the producers of Shrek make a 2018 movie with graphics shittier than ALL OF THE SHREK FILMS
Maya Wallach
I hope she friend-zones him or something
kicky 16
Hes not hot honestly.
too cliche LOL he's not gonna pick any of them, he's gonna pick the girl that isn't a princess trashhhhhhhhhh
Elena Valben
It would be refreshing if the protagonist turns out to be asexual or a lesbian, and that's the reason why the spell didn't work out on her. The story about the outcast girl who is not into the hot guy but is forced to be with him and eventually falls in love, would be a boring cliché with many plot holes.
I'm really stumped on who he falls in love with, if only there were more hints
becauseiambored Toni
" y'no thats the same guy" You know that triplets exist right?
Oh. My. WOW!
I can already tell this is going to be a REALLY bad movie... I can see the TheTalko reviews already...
Lukas Sjögren
I hate this Everything about it is so bad it gives me anxiety
Sushi Cat
lol this movie is so predictable and cringey it's basically the plot of every popular wattpad book: the player falls for the girl who doesn't like him 🙄 so original
Jordan .Foshee
Yeah this is gonna be trash
Plot twist: they secretly both gay af
DJ Carver
All the girls love him but the one girl that doesn’t he falls in the love with cliche.
Zuri Purry
Real mystery who hes gunna fall for 🤔
Waste of money and does Sia rlly have to play in a crappy movie! And 1:24 is an Easter egg, you can see belle from beauty and the beast
Avril Lavigne Fan
Avril Lavigne♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
I remember a time when movies were content to just tell fairy tales as they were. Why does EVERY fairy tale movie post-Shrek need to be a deconstruction of fairy tale tropes?
Hannah Ballard
Wowwee yikes. I sure hope this movie isn't a case of "I love the only girl rejects me because she's 'different' ". I hope it's not a case of "effeminate girls are throwaway". I hope its not a case of "a man who womanizes is a hero who should get the girl in the end" complimented with "girls who reject you will eventually love you if you never leave them alone". Also HOLY SHIT the African-inspired savages?? What weird left-field racism for a movie in a fantasy setting??? I hope there's very clever writing that specifically subverts all of these ideas because, yike-a-rooney were there not enough conversations happening about the story otherwise.
The animation is meh..........sorry but is true...
Spiral Breeze
This animation looks so ten years ago.
Karla Cortés
En el minuto 1:23 sale Bella!💖😛
Buff Natsuki
This is a good movie idea, the prince gets zero attention
ArtLover Animation
I love the story idea, but I hope the animation is easier to look at in the whole film than the trailer. It just felt like it was moving too fast.
Skylar Lavigne
I came for Avril
Jenna Marley
happily never after???
Madison May
The womanizer who falls in love with the onlu girl who rejects him. Wow. Never saw this coming. I'm truly shocked.
RiN MeoW
1:24 That's Belle , right?
doesnt matter
Demi Lovato,SIA,Avril Lavigne 😱
Looks like a 2003 film.... I'm watching it
Plot twist- she's a man
I.B Channel
Wow, it's totally not already obvious who he's going to end up with, nope, not at all
Chino Vash
the trailer... sigh.. the trailer was cut so badly... giving all the plot points... if this is a move about him, make it seem like he is struggling and censer so we can care... other wise meh..
Dude Guy
Straight culture
It's me!
They fall in love. I know rhey do. It happens in every movie/show.
This looks sooooo bad. I hate when the female character is only portrayed as good because she isn't like other women, and the hole movie is about bashing femininity. Also, could they have created a less convincing prince charming? Finally, let's get rid of this stupid trope where when a girl says she isn't interested and literally knees a guy in the balls for touching her, he ignores her wishes and aggressively pursues her. If a woman wants a guy and pursues him, she's a whore and her sexual aggression/obsession is played as a joke. When a guy does it, he's the romantic lead of the film.
demi, sia and avril? I wanna see it...
Okay, Youtube I love you really I do. BUT WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THE FACT THAT JOHN CLEESE IS THE FAIRY GODMOTHER!!! If you don't find that hilarious you're dead inside, and I'm sorry for you.
I just wanna watch the movie for Avril Lavigne... And the songs XD
No Stop
Wow...I totally don't know who's gonna end up with who. Interesting story indeed.
Maria Cecília Dias
Obvious how he’s gonna end up with the tomboy lady in the end.
Mer Mai
So that's where Avril Lavigne got busy with now
Silber Key
Finally a film where the dumb one is the male. So *refreshing*
1:24 Belle! :D
Coming straight to the bargain bin at your local Walmart.
Kermit The Toad
Plot twist: She's a tranny and that's why she isn't effected by his curse.
Reggie Cornwalls
My uncle died making this movie
disconnected from the interweb
Prince Charming should be replaced with vsauce This movie looks bad
This was published on my birthday 😂
KillerTapeworm Tapeworm
From the producers who saw Shrek
Lena Perlic
Where can I watch this movie,i just wanna watch it for the LoL's
Leina Michelle
Is this fanmade? Cuz if not.....that'll be exciting to watch
ᔕᗰOᒪ ᗷEᗩᑎ
This is loosely (I mean very loosely) the plot of Mulan.
0:42 "No lady who gazes into the eyes of the Prince will be able to resist his smile" Now see, if the twist was that all the ladies were helplessly in love with the Prince, but he actually finds his 'true love' in another guy, then that would actually be slightly interesting and a bit refreshing, and might actually make this movie worth wat- 1:10 Oh wait, it's gonna be another one of those 'falling in love with the one person who doesn't instantly love them back and they're gonna bicker and hate each other right up until they realize oh hey we're not so different after all, yadda yadda true love's kiss happily ever after the end' kind of stories. Oh well, I guess there's always next year...
Sunflower Sunnydays
Well I've just seen this just showed the whole movie soo.... yah.
Emerly Chong
I am also kind of surprised I knew four of the celebrities in this video (Demi Lovato, Sia, Avril Lagvine and GEM )
*Demi Wilmerrrr!!!!!!*
Emerly Chong
0:55 kinda scary and creepy hahaha......(nervous laugh)
A Melon Named Kate
Let me guess, he doesn’t choose any of the girls who like him but instead goes with the one rough n tumble girl who doesn’t actually like him but then they fall in love because cliché
Ro Haybuj
The Belle easter egg at 1:24!!!!!
People keep saying that the movie will be 100% cliche, but there are possibilities that it'll be different, at least a little. Also, people are probably saying that the reason the girl in the mustache doesn't like him is because she's lesbian. She might be lesbian or asexual, but I don't think that would be the reason. The magical being who cursed the prince said that NO lady would be able to resist him. That means that even if a girl doesn't like guys, she will STILL fall for him, because of this curse. Once the curse is broken, however, we might get to see some girls turn out lesbian or asexual. Although, I still wouldn't want to get my hopes up.
Pablo Vargas
plot twist demi lovatos character dies in a overdose
Vincent Alhambra
yasemin Rose
You know that Cinderella isn't a princess until she married him right?
Aru Akane
@1:24 Its Belle reading a book! I didnt know she comes there :P
Super C
Woah woah woah woah woah hollup hollup hollUP! John Cleese is in this movie? I don't even know what to make of that. Man, this movie better be good if they dragged him into it.
America Nava
Bee movie 2???
Jonny Pham
“No lady who gazes into the eyes of the prince will be able to resist his smile” The girl who didn’t kiss him was either lesbian or trans. I’m calling it!
abigail Williams
I clicked because I saw Demi's name ❤️
Lillith Kagari
This should provide a lot of character development
Shae O.
wth... prince charming with a beard? A GAZILLION NO. 😒😤
Valerie C22
FEZ FROM THE 70S SHOW PLAYS THE PRINCE!!! I think... It's sounds a lot like him tho.
Stephanie Joobern
It's obvious how this will end. He's gonna end up with the girl who's helping him and didn't like him because she's "different" and "not like the others".
Verris Koh
Literally this plot will be that he is gay , Like HOW COULD IT NOT BE GAY ‘SKSK. *_eh._*
lexeey lore
I'll watch for Avril
Gavin Burnes
He’s obviously going to want the one who doesn’t want him but then ends up actually wanting him just when he finally gets over her
Krista D'souza
Demi and Wilmer is the main love interest. awwwww
Kitty Mittens
Honestly the whole strong female not like the other girls is so cliche at this point I feel like an overly girly girl like the three princesses in the beginning would be more unordinary and interesting as a main character (BTW I say this a girl so don’t go bashing me about being sexist)
keroYoGo !
Waste of time, money ,and animation. Why is there so much trash coming out of 2018 I can bearly find anything good to watch it's all lame
panda corns
did any one else see belle
James Monda
Ashley tisdale s voice is so cute !!!
So this mexican prince charming has to marry a down-to-earth tomboy because she's the only one who will accept him 'as is' because she alone happens to resist his charms, that are bound to fade away as he gets older and loses his appeal. Woah great message for the kids, not even mad.
Funny, this film seems like everything BUT charming
Vaneza S
Who else is gonna watch this ONLY because sia and Demi are in this? Lol
Tessa Taylor-BSB
He is a Backstreet Boys or One Direction member secretly.
#Delena 4eva
I'd watch it
KawaiiTaco 369
You know it’s good when it’s from shrek
Hylah Daly
"the producers of shrek" bout to lose a whole lot of money lol
Maria Gomez
1:24 bella :0
Shadow Shimmer
Where's The Shrek ? No............................Wait !!!!
1:24 princess Bella reading a book (at right side)
Vrinda Bawa
Plot twist: He was a sk8ter boy but now he's a trophy boi.
How is the dubbing so terrible? Is this being translated from another language or something????