Snow and Charming's Song: Powerful Magic - Once Upon A Time

Watch a sneak peek of the Snow White and Prince Charming's musical number from the Once Upon a Time musical episode event, 'The Song in Your Heart,' Season 6, Episode 20, and don't miss Once Upon a Time SUNDAYS 8|7c on ABC. Subscribe:

After listening to a bunch of the songs, Josh is definitely the strongest singer out of the cast!
can we appreciate the different reactions? snow: wait what's happening? regina: WHAT IS THIS I HATE THIS!!!!! charming: I don't know what's happening but damn I sound great killian: doesn't even question why he's jumping over chairs and singing he just runs with it
Cayman Burns
Officially in love with Charming now.
Alexa Mc
And my do I sound... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! 😹
Josh and Ginny are the real life Snow White & Prince Charming. NO ONE can convince me other wise. They were meant for Disney.
Charming is so dramatic I love it
mystical flute
Hey... Broadway... you might wanna snatch Josh up. NOW.
I love how Snow wakes and is like: what the hell!?!?!
Aryan Jones
Josh is woah!!! Ginny has a lovely voice. I did wish we saw a Charming and Hook bromance song, do an Agony version and rip those shirts lol.
Daniela Espin
Charming's entrance is everything 😂😂😂👌💕
Katherine Duffoo
Ginny and Josh are a real life Disney couple. Love the music, lyrics and their voices. <3
Maya Finn
Josh and Ginny are the PERFECT Snow white and Prince charming. They are the pefcect Disney couple. And god this song gives me the Disney feels
Nicole Aleman
charming is such a drama king. spirit animal right there
Why you gotta be so extra Charming lmao
This song is soooo Disney and the style reminds me of broadway musicals 😭 I'm gonna cry THIS IS MY WISH COME TRUE IM SUCH A SUCKER FOR MUSICALS
Jeremy Goldberg
this is like the perfect animated disney song. eyes closed
Brittany Swift
At first I was like wow this is lame. And then I watched it 4 more times and I'm planning to learn the song before the episode airs lol
Crazy QueerPerson
This is so cheesy yet so cute. Prince Charming's entrance is everything 😭😂😂
Jo Gabet
Coco Maehler
Charming's entrance killed me
Lois Marshall
I'm gonna need Ginny and Josh to be in an Disney movie as the protagonists and to sing in that!
Windson Ma
Well It's About Time that Once Upon A Time got a Musical episode, if there's any show that needs at least ONE Musical Episode that would be Once Upon A Time in my eyes. If a superhero show like The Flash got a Musical Episode than why not Once Upon A Time?
miranda whitehead
prince charming voice is just wow he has a amazing singing voice and so does snow
i dont Care if its cheesy this is so snow White and prince Charming!
Witches of East End Wikia
I really need to stop watching this sneak peeks.
Who the hell hit the dislike button on this? The song is fantastic, Josh and Ginny are amazing - it's the epitome of Disney!! Love it SO much!!
Mickey and Morgan
I love Josh's singing voice!!!! So powerful!!!
Alyna Erickson
I feel slightly awkward and impressed at the same time
Evybeth M
How could Gin say she can't sing? WOW, I still can't believe she sings that well.
AllyJay Christensen
Yadah Gordon
Charmings entrance was the best part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌 xx
Adam M
Just come for my daily 15 listens...
What I love is, knowing they are married in real life. And you know how real couple actors, work so well together. I knew they were in love, before they even announced it..Their acting in love WAS JUST TO GOOD!
Arianna De Luque
my smile is plastered in my face right now 🎹🎻🎼🎶
Honestly Josh is way more talented than I thought he would be.
Joshua Plotkin
This episode was actually fan service. At comicon they kept asking for a musical episode and since this season would be the last for the charming family....
Charming is loving his voice.
Laraine Thorpe
josh's singing makes me think of the singing prince from the snow white movie
This is a wonderful song. And it really feels like it's a Disney song. Well done.
Miller Sam
I'm singing out and my, do I sound GOOD 🤣😂👍 He truly does, doesn't he? That entrance though 😆
This is probably my favorite of the songs they've released so far. I just hope the lyrics and stupid icons won't be in the actual episode, they're REALLY distracting!
I have literally no self control. I was gonna try and wait for the episode to see this but no.
1:45 Get rekt Cora
Glen Orantes
I freaking love it so much 😍😍😍
Otniel Romeo
This musical episode reminds me of the films "Ella Enchanted" (2004) and "Enchanted" (2007).
Happypanda AJ
Can they post Hook's Revenge song?
love that the charmings maids are wearing elsa's dress
Marissa HV
Josh's voice is giving me life
Ericka Turner
l love Josh and Ginny & Snow and Charming 💘 and it's just amazing how cheesy but wonderful this song is and so many Disney feels I can't even 😍 and yes Charming your voice does sound Good I can't wait for Sunday
Leah Hamill
the fact that they are married in real life makes this so much better
Why are they releasing so many songs? Three seems a bit much even if it's to get more people watching
charming's entrance 😂😂
Jordan Robinson
this episode is totally destroying the fourth wall.
Captain Swan
They are so cute
Rachelle F
This episode is gonna be amazing!!!!
This reminds me of Into The Woods and Wicked for some reason :P
Amenadiel Jagger
You shd know that Ginny learned singing at a young age, and the earlier days acting was where she did theatre in her younger days which later went to movie phase where she did couple of films before she finally settled into TV with OUAT.
Alexyss Powell
there's only one word i have for this song and that is YASSSSS!!!!! I literally felt like I was watching a Disney movie y'all. This song was super duper fun but you could see the romance and love between them. Ginny and Josh did great no doubt.
Jasmine Johnson
Snow white caused this and her husband is just like "WTF is going on!" While singing, and in Snow White's head she's all like "Yep."
Jacklyn Lawson
Pure Disney! That's when I thought when I heard it! And it is so Snow White! When the bird comes through the window chirping! I listened to it pretty much all of last night! It's positively delightful! This is one of absolute favorites of the songs and Zelena's song truly is wicked! It's amazing! I've got it on replay! I'm so excited for Sunday!
If you ask me, we all owe Walt Disney a huge debt of gratitude for what he has done for the world. He was the one who wanted music in the movies that he helped make. Without him, we would not have the amazing characters that we all know and love from our childhood. RIP Walt Disney, you have impacted many generations of children and your successors continue to do the same today.
Georgia Thompson
Josh's and ginnifer's singing is phenomenal ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hench Wench
charming is loving this curse. he's all listen to how fabulous i sound
Just look at those sausages !!
This is so cheesy but SO PERFECT ON EVERY POINT !!!?!!?? Are Ginny and Josh secretly Disney parks singers ? Must be the expertise of all the times they went there hahaha
fernando rosales
With this videos i'm ready to sing in the episode
Aj Dayao
Good thing Josh performed in theater once. 😉
CaptainSwan Ouat France
so beautifull i can not wait to see this musical episode ! They are a wonderfull voices it's beautiful ! 😚😊❤ A song is so cute and great! She's lovely !
Some Random Cat
Lisa Martens
Who is that one dislike troller???
I was so impressed with this episode and the music was so damn good and fun. Amazing lyric writing and it was just wrote a few weeks ago for this episode. Best Musical episode of any show (yes all) that has done a musical episode. This music truly felt like a disney movie, broadway musical, or movie musical. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!
Billiejo Clarke
I am in love with Josh Dallas' voice.
Charming's entrance is the best part
awwyea yeammhm
had a feeling Snow's voice was gonna be good already but Charmings voice.....yaassss!! i love it! who knew?!
Serena Carotenuto
Josh said that it was so funny doing this with Ginnifer because she hates musicals and then he discovered she had such a beautiful voice. She said he has to say that because he's her husband. I love them. (Sorry for my English)
Pony Head
It's so funny how charming try's to scream but he can't 😂
Beautiful!!!! My OTP! <3
Charming: Aaaaaaahhhhh me: *bursts out laughing*
"And the unhappy ending, let that be the queen's" IDK WHY BUT IT'S MY FAVORITE LINE EVER
I LOVE THEIR VOICES SOOOO MUCH ! Will we have a song everyday until Sunday? I hope!! 😍😍😍
O my gosh this is going to be such an amazing episode!!! lol I love this "song"
James Sheehy
i cant belive that ouat are having a musical ep😨😨
I LOVE IT!!! ❤️
This is so beautiful!! Ginny's voice is absolutely amazing and so is Josh's! I cannot wait for this episode to air!!
I hate you all but I wanna seem like I'm nice
I have watched zootopia to many times, all I can hear is Josh singing with a bunny...
sonali perera
this makes me so happy!!!
Tessa van Vliet
Charming is so extra in everything here like that entrance and standing on the bed hahaha
Acorn Having Fun
I am so happy that Ginny and Josh are actually together in reality 😊
Angie Alva
Hey @abc you guys NEED to give ONCE UPON A TIME another season! EVERYONE LOVES THIS SHOW but not as much as I DO! This show is truly the best show ever made! I think that if you guys let Adam and eddy do a season 7 they will surprise you because they are outstanding producers of this particular show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ONCE UPON A TIME ANOTHER SEASON FOR THE FANS, THE CAST, AND I !thank you😊please think about it!
Cat Person
When two hearts are one? Ahaha they share one heart split in half. Well, now they do.
Just Edge
I can just imagine what it'd be like if all of this was said without song. Charming would just burst in like:"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *screams in terror*"
J David Rogers
I think they must be under the spell of the music Meister lol Like if you get that joke
Damn, Charming can singggggg!
Tracy Peerboom
I only watched this video once but I'm already humming it down the hallway at work lol
Rome Blanchard
My parents 👩🏻👦🏼❤️
spongebob youtube
what do you mean there is something wrong your snow white your always singing
Lisa van Harmelen
Once you hear this song it stays in your head. At least, in mine since they released it. And I didn't even listen to it that much. It's a good cheesy song though :)
charming's entrance is the best
aleks erklev
love doesn't stand a chance...
Heyy itzz Steph