The Babadook 2014 Movie - Essie Davis & Noah Wiseman

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A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

Mark Holt
*The Babadook Full HD* *Watch Now* ➥ << ==================================================================== 12+ | 1h 50min | Horror Movie Languages : >> All Available Quality : >> 720 P -1080 P >> 12+ | 1h 59min | Horror, misteri, thriller Tuttavia, la scorsa estate Lewandowski avrebbe lasciato la Baviera per una nuova sfida. Chelsea, Madrid sono i due club più fortemente associati a Lewandowski. Soprattutto il secondo club, la situazione che fluttua Madrid con la sua ex stella Cristiano Ronaldo, si ritiene che aprire l'opportunità per l'attaccante 30enne di trasferirsi in Spagna.
Wølfié The Popsicle
Who else is watching this for the first time
finnley equestrian
Evelin Santos
🎬 *The Babadook* Played► ------------------------------------ Ksiądz z nawiedzoną przeszłością i nowicjuszem na progu ostatnich ślubów zostaje wysłany przez Watykan w celu zbadania śmierci młodej zakonnicy w Rumunii i konfrontacji z wrogą siłą w postaci demonicznej zakonnicy. Reżyser: Corin Hardy Pisarze: Gary Dauberman (scenariusz), James Wan (opowiadanie) 1 więcej kredytów » Gwiazdy: Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet | Zobacz pełną obsadę i załogę »
Dianna Gerhard
She killed the dog? NOOOO NOT THE DOG
Dat Boi
I got so mad when she killed the dog I almost threw my phone
Taylor Jaden
Hard to understand when they are talking
Rose. girl
My bros I'm scared as fuuuuck to watch this.
Reagan Armstrong
Overall, I loved this movie! Rare kind of horror movie, too, one that doesn't rely on jumpscares or bullshit like that, but on true fear. Also, one of the few movies to actually make me feel something. 9.5/10
That lady is a psycho
BellsDonuts XD
1:12:00 well, now your locked in there with it. Good job. *slow claps*
24gerberm Unknown
She is possesd
1:33:50 HAHHA
Poor doggy...
Rehan Anderson
This is very fantastik mivie
:^) 16:31
Ben `Betty Male Version`
im shocked
Mudkip Lex
Shit im scared lulz but its so cool like yuz dudies
Kwame Amoako
i love the babadook my parents do not let me watch horror movies because i am 10 years old
Sahil Mali
At last, the mother is powerful than the devil
Zitlaly Madrigal
Love this movie 👍🏻
Tracy that was messed up Diggs
You have an amazing heart ❤️
Lisa Nienhuis
Is this the real whole movie??
Tracy that was messed up Diggs
Craziness Loaded
I feel bad for the mom because she is living a miserable life.... Very nice movie. Loved it.❤❤❤❤
They never showed the Babadook’s face 🙄
Love is Amber
Wølfié The Popsicle
Poor doggy
I wonder if the old lady heard the scream at 1:38:16 or at 1:39:36
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srtacamila and yuumi-chan 7w7 ok no
Doggy noo
numberpikachu games345
when she killed the dog she had no choice cuz the babadook makes you do thing you dont want to remember in the book it says that
resi vinata
*The Babadook (2014) Full Movie 4k* 🎬 Watch Now ➤ ➤ ► 1h 34min | Drama, Horror | ► All Languages ➤ ➤ | English | belgium | nowegian | Franch | swedish | German Una madre vedova, tormentata dalla morte violenta di suo marito, combatte con la paura di suo figlio di un mostro in agguato in casa, ma presto scopre una presenza sinistra intorno a lei. Amelia, che ha perso il marito in un incidente automobilistico sulla strada per dare alla luce Samuel, il loro unico figlio, lotta per affrontare il suo destino di madre single. La costante paura di Samuele nei confronti dei mostri e la reazione violenta per superare la paura non la aiuta neanche a farla, il che rende i suoi amici lontani. Quando le cose non peggiorano, leggono uno strano libro nella loro casa sul mostro "Babadook" che si nasconde nelle zone buie della loro casa. Persino Amelia sembra sentire l'effetto di Babadook e cerca disperatamente invano di distruggere il libro. Le esperienze da incubo dei due incontri formano il resto della storia.
1.09 great look that she hasn't gotten her dark roots coloured.
BitterHeart Msp
Z 87
Non si sente gniente
Brian May’s Clogs
I think the camera angles of this movie are very creative. They’ll show half the room in darkness which creates uncertainty. This is one of my favourite films because of how unbelievably clever it is. It keeps you no edge the whole time.
BitterHeart Msp
BitterHeart Msp
Miriam Montesino
That kid's a genius if he knows how to make his own dart gun
Why is the video extra slow?
Jaylene Ulett
I’ll kill the monster when it comes I’ll smash it’s head in I’m dead lol
kunal Nishad
Pura screen hi Kar deta film daala hai to
Audrie Cooke
But... ...
Boruto Uzumaki
Every body go to 36:09 and see this kid give 0 F's about the girl
Umesh Dubey
backwash hai be
potatoawsome 9000
48:18 I like this music
BitterHeart Msp
Ashton Franklin
3rd time watching this.
Maddy Foxx
15:53 WTF is she doing
sapphire divine
Australia is supposedly very diverse but yet all you see are white people LOL okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
BTS Lover
This movie is so creepy😫😫😫
When is the part when she killed the dog?
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and why don't u go and eat SHIT
Stephon Khan
15:30 she pulls out a dildo