The Babadook 2014 Movie - Essie Davis & Noah Wiseman

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A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

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Taylor Jaden
Hard to understand when they are talking
Poor doggy...
Rose. girl
My bros I'm scared as fuuuuck to watch this.
finnley equestrian
Dat Boi
I got so mad when she killed the dog I almost threw my phone
That lady is a psycho
Shit im scared lulz but its so cool like yuz dudies
Ben `Betty Male Version`
im shocked
24gerberm Unknown
She is possesd
Zitlaly Madrigal
Love this movie 👍🏻
100% Lisa
Is this the real whole movie??
1:33:50 HAHHA
Camila Garcia
Doggy noo
Kwame Amoako
i love the babadook my parents do not let me watch horror movies because i am 10 years old
Dianna Gerhard
She killed the dog? NOOOO NOT THE DOG
Aleh 7u7
:^) 16:31
When is the part when she killed the dog?
Rehan Anderson
This is very fantastik mivie
BellsDonuts XD
1:12:00 well, now your locked in there with it. Good job. *slow claps*
Rhea G
I wonder if the old lady heard the scream at 1:38:16 or at 1:39:36
Reagan The Libertarian
Overall, I loved this movie! Rare kind of horror movie, too, one that doesn't rely on jumpscares or bullshit like that, but on true fear. Also, one of the few movies to actually make me feel something. 9.5/10
Ashton Franklin
3rd time watching this.