Men's High Jump Final | Rio 2016 Replay

Canada's Derek Drouin wins gold in men's high jump in Rio 2016. Watch the whole competition! Athletics Integrated: Day 11 | Rio 2106: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

Relive the full competition! Athletics Integrated: Day 11 | Rio 2106 Replays:
Sensei Kun
And I thought I was good at high jump when I won by 125 cm at the schools sport festival!
mountain biker
half of these guys can backflip like nothing I imagine!
Utter Bread
I don't know how they don't break their neck when they land 🤔
Madden Mobile Analysis
10:01 when ur about to slid into her dm but she says she has a boyfriend
Martin Lopez
i cant even jump over my cousins baby fence
It's weird cuz they all have small heads and really long bodies
They are all skinny af
The Robloxians
their jump is higer than my grades😭😂...
Katie Osborne
They look like antelopes on their run ups
Vance Corsey
They make this look so easy. Yesterday I hurt myself jumping to a conclusion
Alexander Baggio
Imagine they could just jump over the top of bathroom stalls.
my neck hurts from just watching them land on their necks
*C A N A D I A*
The Canadian dude is so cute.
Wish we had the Olympics more often😓
Who knew Daniel tosh was a good high jumper
Rogerio Andrade
Lots of empty seats...
connie tang
Yess go Derek Drouin! Such a proud Canadian! 🇨🇦
Dancer15739 Please
My neck always feels like its broken after I watch high jump...this is why I don't compete in high jump😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lil Rebello
These people have necks of steel
Azor Ahai
Calvin Greene
At 1:00 the guy said Canadia.....that ain't a country bruh
Regan MacNeil
I like it when I get to to see athletes do well from countries where they don't win loads of medals. Like Kyrani James in 400m and Barshim in this this.
Keith Lee
who says white man can't jump?
Audrey Martin
The guy from Ukraine looks like the I play pokemon go kid
How the frick do they do this??. I can barely jump half a meter😂😂
Monu Reddy
OMG....see how they jump.....HOT stuff..
Hum Yum
i'd wish i was a hero like them i'm twenty and i haven't achieved any thing.😞
France Cuenco
canada is so good ang handsome hahaha
gainsboy advance
Youre not fooling anyone Daniel Tosh
All the jumpers are really skinny and lean compared to other athletes. :D I wonder if they trained themselves to be that lean or people who can jump high deem to have leaner and skinnier frame?
#getoutchallenge 10:00
He literally said *Canadia* at 1:00
Torro the elf
Amsuman Karki
Good Canada I knew you would win in the men's high jump final
Tsitsi Florence Nauruma
I can jump 2.20....2.20mm
I am in nationals for my schools high jump. MY OCD TICKS SO MUCH WHEN THE DUDE FROM QATAR GETS OFF FROM THE FRONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Levi O'Neal
the commentator sounds like Korg from Thor Ragnarok
Jose Manuel
lol I thought I was good when I won my athletic meet at 13 when I jumped 1.6 brah these look like they flying
Ben Willey
The guy from Ukraine is not healthy
Alex Brisbane
The amount of times they neck squash tho
Joanna Natasha Kumang
I like Canada
equestrian 15
Welp they never said specifically how to do it
Scott Silverman
Any trickers in the comments want to see these men hit snatch cannon, double gainer, and worlds first j-step quad cork,
EU Citizen #29376485
Did that Australian commentator just say Canadia
Nazario Herrera
bruh they look like jack the Skelton. but respect 😂🖒
Jervis Dumaliang
The Qatar is so amazing
When ur watching these long jumps and high jumps. I can't even do them I'm just a short potato
how tall is this flying sticks?
GeWind Gaming
Seems like they're using autobhop in the beggining and lowering the gravity when the jump happens
At 10:34 he hits it in purpose
Trends Youtube
Qatar is islamm.. I lovee itt.. subhanallah.. allahuakbar 💓💓💓💪
DerpyNotDerpy - Join The PIG NATION!
I wonder how under wait they are and how many times they broke their necks. I want one of them to just back flip or jump over it without that sit position
They’re very gangly.
Riley Sinclair
I'm glad that Barshim and Bondarenko were both gracious about not getting gold. They both seemed truly excited to have won a medal.
Manjeet Kumar
Nanjeet Kumar
begaz jr
Ahsan Shumail
I also jump at 2.20mm
Totally Gymnastics
Dang high jumpers are skinny
0:59 one of the veterans from CANADIA
Very very nice
Raihan Akram
The man from Ukraine was already nervous!
Chase ö
Go Canada im from the usa but Canada is our neibor
I think you can break your neck from doing this... Still it's a good sport
Walt Ngangzoyo
Wanna jump 😊
Reece Chislett
They are all skinny and tall
•Bordom• lol
I'm here and I can't even jump 80cm..
seems like they all are kangaroos
H Ansell
"Canadia". Nice one eh?
The description says 2106 instead of 2016. So does their comment
OMG I remember back at school I twisted my ankle doing this I got a C grade 😭 Why can they jump sooo high! :P I wanna do that 2 ya know!
The guy in the red runs and looks like a velociraptor
Frosty Island
Uuummm,,,,, Can I even do 1 cm🤦🏻‍♀️🤭😑
Xavier Craine
I swear that Derek has rockets in his shoes.
Julie 嘉玥
Waw they're all tall and skinny af 😂✨
My best is 155cm.
Shiko Mahmoud
احلا حاكة ان القطري خسر
Adolf Hitler
I think most of them skip arm day
zona impian
Indonesia yes. Im in indonesia
Jaylen Prak
who else is watching this because they have to do this for pe
Soper Frazzy
They're all like 2km tall...
Adolf Hitler
There arms are literally the size of sticks
Sachin hero
crazy and funny video
vere nice gift ak forty seven
I cannor jump like that
Naruto Uzumaki
Zoe's Crazy Corner!
omg lololol at 1:00 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 When he said "Canadia" omg I was like "uhm, I'm, I'm sorry, did, did I hear that correctly?" ahhrghh it sounded to bad lol
Keyla Taufiq
Adolf Hitler
When you skip arm day and focus on the legs for 10 years
M.L. Soll
Canada guy could jump like that straight into my pants
Lord Voldemort
I can jump 1.60m and I am 1.60m
qwertyuiop1234567890 0
0:58 Canadia
Jatin Sabar
Kate J.
I looked this up cause my teacher said we will be doing it now as a part of track and field she told us Teacher: don't worry high jump is easy! 😊 Me:don't even say that to me... 😐
Potato Chip
How does one jump so high?
Orange Freak Jatt
SkiFyre Gaming
MAD hops.
Orange Freak Jatt
Never give up