Stephen Curry breaks the NBA single game 3-point record

Stephen Curry made 13 3-point field goals in a game against the New Orleans Pelicans on November 7, 2016 to break the NBA's single game 3-point record. The previous record of 12 was shared between Curry, Kobe Bryant, and Donyell Marshall.

Bay is Bae
This is what the great ones do. 0/10 the game before? He comes back with 13/17
Fug Babylon
More validity to this legend that is #BabyFacedAssasin
Lee Van
breaking HIS OWN records.. damn
Joshua The Science god
He could have made more than 13 , he had plenty of time.
0:49 Guy: Does anybody know what shoes Steph Curry was wearing this game? Commentator: Curry 3 Guy: oh thats nice
Is there a 3 pointer record he doesn't hold, besides career # made yet.
auot ukun
inspiring man :) not even a basketball fan
yuungmanjp John Paul Kunda
What a player
That was like watching an old game of NBA Jam. "He's heating up....he's on fire!!!"🔥🔥🔥😂
Snooky Co
Very talented young man my boy Steph..
Dubu Chaeng
Real life Midorima.
I wish he could shoot more in these games right now
that last one was a heat check lol
sellz Alv
Klay Thompson got the record with 14 now
he would've made more than 13 threes if Kerr didn't let him sit for the rest of the 4th Qtr
Vamos Orlando
Maccie Selitorio
What i told you curry is not human..he is a supernatural.
jay matthews
If this guy stays healthy and stays off drugs he could be the next lonzo ball 😳 if he gets better shoes
Sangchet LK
And then klay broke it
Connie Empres Letegio
Curry the handsome assassin's
The Viper
What is the song after curry hits the 13th three?
NasTY ediTzz509xxツ
hell yeah he breaks alot of records.
He's all right