Test Drive Unlimited 2 - PS3/X360 - Trailer E3

Check out the new TDU2 video exclusively released for the E3. Visit the most beautiful locations in the world. Drive the world's most luxurious cars. Take part in races worth a life time. Customize your world from top to bottom. Live and play in Hawaii and Ibiza with the entire world! Test Drive Unlimited 2 is schedule for the 11th February 2011 on PS3, X360 and PC Join the community on Facebook : />Or visit the official website /> Check out your local Namco Bandai website for more information on our other titles:

Tusmuertxos gfuyffyi
Wtf is the crew. WE WANT TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 3!!!!!!!!!
RIP TDU2 so many memories i loved it best open world racing game such cars such places :(
Hernan 136
muy bueno
It is?
Andrew Ortiz
Tdu3 is coming out
Jet Jaguar
Thumbs up if you want Test Drive Unlimited 3.
Robert Cox
Summer by vivaldi opening
BRING THEM SERVERS BACK FOR PS3 !!!! This is the best game ive ever played... so many memories... so much fun... so nice cars... such a nice comunity... so a nice world... I bought all dlcs... and you just pull the plug on them servers... R.I.P TDU2... 😭😭😭
Well, I would actually to listen to this than to most of the new songs. Also the rating system is from 1 to 10.
MusTy ShOws
Evrything is ok but song 0/10
Saoirse G
haha u are ??... if u hav it on ps3 den y u watchin da flippin trailer for it :L
Benny Barksdale
yea most games like test drive get boring after a while.
Well good for you, I also liked it, but its has so many little problems and bugs and server problem.... it gets boring in the end.
Benny Barksdale
I have it now because I thought it would be awesome..........AND IT IS!!!
I've played it, and it's not as good as it looks.
I love these games. Used to play the first 1 on ps2 all the time. Im probably gonna have to get this 1 too
TDU2 is not a drifting game.
Cool, that game really rocks!! Right now i'm goin' out for buying that game!! that's to be mine...
Benny Barksdale
Awesome video now I really want to get this game!
Rodrigo Pereira
WTF very cool i have this game for ps3
is wind an object in this game?
Quick Silver Studios
I just bought the game a few weeks ago for my playstation 3. Haven't had time to play it, but picked it up fairly cheap.. so looking forward to playing it.
Thumbs up if you saw a plane fly through trees :) 1:47
cris dopler
@Sonicxrider2 i have had the game for a long time on ps3, it is worth buying if you have psn, playing online makes it alot better.
@XerxesBilli third movement of vivaldi's summer
@TheSonyboy98 Lol, thanks!
Renko Usami
I will buy this game just for the One-77!
soh kai siang
dont get wht this game's obective besides driving car.
jessy tavares
I just bought today a bugatti veyron grand sport 16.4 for 3.006,000 and the super sport for 1,900,000 . I also bought the boat house for 7.000.000 dollars if anyone want a dragrace with me add me, ill give you 2.000.000, i will own ya with my bugatti veyron 16.4 supersport niggaa p.s my ps3 name is j--predator
I want dis game where do dey sell it ?
Can somebody who owns this game on the PS3 check how much hard disk space it takes up, please?
@jonh39 holy crap it did
dustin zurenda
so basically test drive is a better version of need for speed?, cuz im getting a ps3 for xmas and this game is one of the games im getting
Crude oil Trading room
fantasy world is what we are all living in
Miles Corpuz
Is this game any good? Nice bg music btw!
Customize everything! Phahahahahahahaha!! Only the paint? But no Exterior?? That's the shit! But i love that fucking game!!
Look at the plane at 1:46 - 1:47 hahaha it fly's in the tree :D
When i saw this video i went to cdon(dot) com and just bought it!! :D fuck i love this game!!!! :D
customize everything??? HA!! if was able to all my cars would be MURDERED OUT!!! not be able to only change my paint color and design smh -_-
Project Symbiosis
those captions sound like you're invited to drive those cars in real life :))
Josh Ott
@acquilo1 yup. prestooo
Josh Ott
@acquilo1 it's a weird sped up version of one of vivaldi's four seasons. not sure which..
@navijatt there's a month since i asked, and i dont regret buying it, on playstation
@ehold7 just download the pc version first and try it out
Nelson Harris
@victortalktoomuch yeeeeeeeeahh those times!! when i see those graphics now, i get a headache xDDD i remember using the R33 (Skyline), Hemi Cuda R390, and some of the prize cars of the game =(
@richieasian yes but this game sucks
lovin f30
Can I play this with the Logitech Driving force wireless wheel? PLEASE ANSWER
am i gonna regret buying this game on ps3?
Caddy Wampus
@jonh39 most certainly!
Viktor Gonzalez
LOL i remember when i play TEST DRIVE 5 FOR PS1 haha i feel so OLD lol
@jonh39 in soviet russia trees goes through plane xD
@TheDarkSoldier09 k ty:P
@000Z9A yeah
can I play this game when ps network is down? cuz i can still p^lay single player on cod..
@rockerbrad76 Gumper Apollo...
Don Dam
hot pursuit beat it 1:06 like for ps2
wooo the song SUCK but i love the game
Arber Uka
Are you blind it did not go threw tree it just looks like it, review it again it just looks like just like saying is my finger bigger then your hole bodie if I were to look threw my eyes at my finger pointing at you but my finger is not really touchin you it LOOKS LIKE.
Lorenzo Ali Gonçalves
One thing that the game industry could improve is the quality of the trees, the floor stuff liek that
Steven Steer
@123hardcoretyp O thanks allot my friend! :D but i downloaded the GOW3 demo, and it has a really nice looking, like a 720p res.
Steven Steer
Today i played on a Full 1080p HD TV for the first time, first i was really disappointed at Ps3's visual looking, but today i was amazed DAM SO nice looking man FUck! Hey can someone answer me something, can all demos be played with its top 1080p resolution? or just some of them?
It sucks they have to dumb down the graphics to fit it on a DVD DL for the xbox :( blu ray all the way!
Bradley Sutton
whats the yellow car at 1:07 plz reply
Pope 187
this is the worst game i´ve ever played. old graphic engine, bad car physics, horrible damage engine! mario cart is more realistic
Michael Crowder
@1412ronnie Thanks
Fcking epic! especially the music!
@nitrojunkie1029 are there mustangs??
Michael Crowder
Can U Get Out Ur Car And Stuff??? Game Looks Sweet
Dominic Mariani
in games like these they never put enough muscle cars or any hot rods
the driving part is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT .There are many new cool stuff but ....... the part is still the most important in this kind of game and they kinda forgot it :(
@sylvaticalexpro I wanna dress up like a pimp =D
i heard the graphics arent that good.. but hey who gifs a shit i loved tdu1 so this will be awsome , i hope we get bikes on ps now
dylan rees
really looking forward to this game :)
Joshua Raffone
It cones out tomorrow in Australia 10/02/11
@sylvaticalexpro i love free roaming but can you race aswell and is it online and offline
@jonh39 Yes it did :D
Anyone who has ps3 add me DevilDogZ_xBello
Comes out 2moro!!! :D
@omega190e yesss its what the game is for =D
can you roam around online with ur friends?
Can you open the hood of a car in this game?
@sylvaticalexpro rofl. fun thing tho lol
Everything is perfect but we can't change the license plate :(
One word...Sold.
Nico Tekavec
This is why i pre-ordered TDU2
Man, this looks amazing. Lived TDU even with all it's faults, can't wait!!
Joey Henry
why dont you try ebay? or some companys in the UK deliver all over the world.. :) there is still hope.
SO GAY!!! People in Canada can't get the Buggati Veyron SS cause walmart does not diliver to Canada...
Timothy Radius
@Jaandei I play it and I clicked the like button
@Jaandei I like GT5 But this looks good also.
What months are the fall of 2010?. Dont just say the season cause they are different in different zones of the world. Eg when is winter in Europe could be summer in US. Thankyou.
@nick26695 Cool!, thanks :)
Jim Henry
@zadman49 No its different they are on and if you break the law during online gameplay players around the area will be asked to help the police capture the suspect which could be you. Therefore all the nearby players that agree to help the police will be supplied a police car and have to chase you and arrest you; by stopping you i believe. :)
Nick Sacré
@BlackScorpio999 everything is free roam you can go everywhere u want to go on ibiza an hawai
i jacked off to this lol
Anyone know if the police mechanic works the same as in the last game i.e. with xbox live they are basically disabled?
6 people plays GT5
@YMCMBfan no u
@Chilly1733 i see... thanks for the reply man im thinking of getting it but im not sure yet