Hurts - Better Than Love

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Dark Flower
Theo is beautiful.
Tony Gintonic
Muse and Hurts .
anna zambotti
The singer is very handsome
Maerlyn Shadowthrone
I'm an extreme Metalhead, yet I goddamn love this song!
Zero Tolentino
Omg, his lips.
call me sierra
*theo is my religion*
he is not hot, but his voice is special. Their songs are special, they bring some feeling that cant be described, something like depression, but positive depression :)
DyRi 3
I've searching for over 5 Years this Song. Finally i found it.
Nazneen Ali
sound like depeche mode which is a good thing
Kate Evans
beardless Adam
Sanda Corive
Every second is a lifetime, and every minute more brings you closer to God. <3
Sonja Kallio
doesn't anyone else think that adam is frekin' cute? D: oh wait nvm, i can have him for myself then:3
L Hy
Anybody notice that the number 141 shows up at 1:41? Kind of cool.
Lincoln Bourne
This is masterpiece!
This does feels better than love, love hurts. This is healing, much better 
Seo Jun
Every second is a lifetime, And every minute more brings you closer to god, And you see nothing but the red lights, You let your body burn like never before, And it feels better than love, Yeah it feels better than love Every second is a lifetime, And every minute more brings you closer to god, And you see nothing but the red lights, You let your body burn like never before, And it feels better than love, Yeah it feels better than love Turn away, turn away, close your eyes, you can runaway, It's not enough Another second in the sunshine, A decade in the dark taking part in a dream, Have you forgotten what she looks like? Or do you only see what you want to believe? Does it feel better than love? Does it feel better than love? Turn away, turn away, close your eyes, you can runaway, It's not enough I see the lights through the rain, oh tonight, but they never change, So what is love? Does it feel better than love? Does it feel better than love? Turn away, turn away, close your eyes, you can runaway, It's not enough I see the lights through the rain, oh tonight, but they never change, So what is love?
Every time the beat comes in I just get chills. This song fucking rocks. 1:20 is the best part and I listen to it over and over again whenever I listen to it.
Laura Cacace
omg 6 freaking years ago...time flies so fast
Sara A.
The singer is so fuxking hot.
the ballerina shows the sign 141 in 1:41 minute! The white ribbon is a tribute for the Michael Haneke's movie 'the white ribbon' !!!
muzikismy life
He's Very handsome... in a Dr Hannibal Lecture way
Phoebe Casadio
This is a song I will NEVER get tired of! It is hypnotising in a way, and the singer sounds super sexy, lol.
Chaaryc Gaming
Sound like new kind of depeche mode.... Love it,;)))
Ihsane A.
I'm seriously so worried about the first girl. Really hope she isn't anorexic or something.
Ian Williams
and no one comments on how skinny the dancers are? Point missed.
Marina Banjac
i think the music is better than love
edyta piłka
Chicago Instrumentals
Who directs these videos? They're really good.
A few years ago I was crazy about this song. When I heard it playing on TV, I turned the volyme out loud and screamed :D
si eres de los 86´s o los 90´s y te gusta esta cancion y no sabes porque? es porque tiene el genero musical y vídeo de los OLD DAYS!
Jonas Conde
six years later...
Extremely Colossal
"Championship manager, completed it mate"
Ortal Neeman
Perfect ART . cant explain it. The music, the voice, the way he sings. Hes sadness , I can feel it clearly. And the video can have so much meanings, so unclear bet maybe its why its so beautiful. WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT THE MEANING OF THE VIDEO IS ?
Jakeb Arturio Braden
This album is on my ipod and has been neglected by me. I will listen to it again! They are so under rated here in the UK
Love this song! I think it's probably about using drugs. "Every minute more brings you closer to God" - that's a clever double meaning: the more you take drugs, the closer you get to God in the sense of being high and feeling great, but also in the sense that you could die...
why is everyone white lol
Women in suits, hell friggin' yesss! How did this not awaken my sexuality when I first saw it?? (Well, all of them in those outfits are hot)!
finally found it!
Giovanna Terràcqueo
Il cantante è bellissimo... Pensavo fosse di origine italiana...
Nikola Grdanoski
Thought this was from the 80's.
Pikolo Ba
Svaki trenutak sam Blizi Bogu
Souvik Guha
ok guys can somone enlighten me with the meaning of this song
Margarita Antonova
still incredible song!
Bec C
My life begins at 1:20
Future Song of PES
Anna Maria
Bravi....e belli ;-), mi ricordano molto i Depeche Mode...<3
Karolína Miškářová
amazing, awesome, incredible, aaah.. i love this song! :3 
The mirror effect... When you disperse your personality Best band ever
2rd ballerina is maleficent...
Zuzka G
Still in love with this song in 2014 <3.
Sasha Fishing
I adore this song they're phenomenal x
Mr Juice
The singer of this went to my college ^_^
Underwear Baker
i thought hurts wasnt a iluminati puppet but in this video its all revieled. Im ashamed of this :(
I like the music but i have never watch the clip but it is okay at least " Better than gangnam style" :D
Nolan Vargas
In the video wind of change of the scorpion closes with a key a box and peeps an eye, that same key opens the bag in this video where he takes out a watch with an eye is chosen between 3 girls the best the last one to wear Branches of olive is chosen to leave impressed to all has been spoken of 3 antichrist and that the last would come in peace and so is another video ilumininati.
Pratik Trivedi
the guy seems the actor from The Ghost Ship movie.
Alessia Martucci
I've been looking for this song for ages! I've finally found it :D
Sofia Gomez
¡Sos hermoso, Theo! We want Hurts in Argentina!!!
Славик Кабахидзе
Alex Ondrejkova
This song is magic.
Tony Gintonic
1:56 Shes too skinny Q.Q .
עדן אנטופולסקי
Their best song in my opinion. And I could just stare at his face and gaze into his eyes for a lifetime lol
Себастьян Михаэлис
Ximena Melodeath
His voice is everything.. amazing, deep, beautiful.. manly *-*
no content
I see that almost nobody said how great is his voice, so many emotions in his voice!
jason lee Viljoen
old depeche mode fan, been listening to hurts from the beginning.... brilliant... it's the biggest compliment I could give ;-)
1:43 That look...those lips. DREAM!!!
are we human
would y'all believe if I told you that natgeo music introduced me to this song
This video is pure itanimullIlluminati and is filled with subliminals that most people would not pick up on, not sure how that is considered close-minded. What do you think the video is trying to represent....?
yeh i totally agree..there is something disturbing about this def portrays pedophilia...straight up creeped me out.
Osama Madlom
Another hidden gem in the Hurts back catalogue. What an amazing video too!!!
Alina Abih
Nothing better then LOVE!
love hurts cuz of the girls in the videos;)
Anja Ellis
EXIT 2014!!!
Emily Salimova
It feels better than love..
Alexander Lichtgestalt
Es oficial, ¡ya me fascina esta banda! ¡¡¡Los quiero en Argentina YA!!! Ojalá algún festival como Personal Fest los traiga con el Surrender Tour.
Tamara Pincheira
Amo perdidamente a Theo!! ❤️ :D
Aleksandra Perovic
Barış Palabıyık
Chorus is ripped from the Chris Isaak - Wicked Game and it's the only good part.
Shalin Woodman
why is this so sexy
mohammed yousif
This song is about drugs
Maria P
I am not sure if I like the song or not. It' s got a strong palm and a quiq rythm. I almost like it.
Tomislav Šakić
fuck illuinati 
All Fernández
Every time is more difficult to make music, there is a lack of creation, but this group started very well, with sythn pop pure, this song is the test I hope that it continues innovating and it does not stagnate like so many groups nowadays
A. Necromonger
Geil !!!
Eden Pryor
I hate ballet. People who dances it only destroys their bodies!
Justcallme Bash
I would die if he gazed at me like that
song about orgasm
La Lulu
2017 bebés ♥ Every second is a lifetime
The singer is ridiculously handsome.
love my barca
he's amazing *.*
oliver sommer
the start reminds me of a Depeche Mode song
Apple Lynch
An it fels better than love. Love you HURTS
misha t
Made in Romania! <3
Sally hanan
Can someone explain the video please.
Leon Shaner
So much symbolism, *and then some!* This is one of my all-time very most favorite bands and an awesome video. I love me some #Hurts !!! #NowPlaying  
Casandra Mejia
es hermosa la canción. 👌❤
Giovanni Della Rocchetta
It's not about a blowjob?