Kaleido Star Season 2 Episode 25 [Part 2]

(。・ω・)ノ゙ READ ME PLEASE! Kaleido Star Season 2 Episode 25 "To the Amazing Promised Place" [ Last Episode ): ] ♪ Opening song: "Tattoo Kiss" by r.o.r/s┊Ending song: "Yakusoku no basho e" by: Chihiro Yonekura with Kaleido Stars ♪ I have finally uploaded the movie here's the link ^-^ → />------------------------------------------------------------­­------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-­­-­­­­ Note: Thank You so much guys for your lovely comments! ^-^ and for being patient with me this whole time. I hope all of you enjoyed watching Kaleido Star as much as i did. Thank You once again guys! you guys are awesome! (⌒▽⌒)☆. ------------------------------------------------------------­­------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-­­-­­­­ I Do Not Own Kaleido Star All Credit Goes To The Creator ©Junichi Sato & The Japanese Studio Gonzo Digimation Holding . I'm Just Sharing It With Fellow Viewers On Youtube.

Jiminie Girlfriend
This is the best show ever. It gives me courage and confidence to chase my own dreams
Irene Infante
I watch it when I was young but I didn't finished it when I continue watching it I was about old enough maybe early 20s and I can't stop watching it over and over again ..if you don't mind pls make an another season ..I'm just totally fall in love in the story since when I was a kid..very touching.. love a fan.
Ren Kalisto
"You are my pride and Joy, Sora." Gets me everytime. the feels!! they are so strong in this series. I wish there was more. why did it have to end. 😭
Ashley Barrera
Sora and Leon. I ship it. I ship it to the MAXIMUM. #forgetKen
Leon and Sora should have kissed
I really actually enjoy this anime. Normal everyday life. No extreme drama or a**holes. The only pervert was The Fool but even then it wasnt over the top. The first half of the second season Sora was.. a bit annoying, or how the English version made her but i still love this anime. One of my Top favorites.
Annamarie Meldrum
WHAT ABOUT LEON?!?!?! I want to know what happens to him :(
Kawaii Tsubaki
Now it's time to search for the fanfictions
Charissa Reumel
i'm not sure but i think that leon is in love with sora
Fanny Lundström
Rosetta, omg.. so happy for her as well. This last episode really made me cry, so beautiful and everything.. I saw this on the TV as a child, maybe 7-8 years old.. I started thinking of it and found it again, about a year ago.: This was the first time I saw the entire thing, and I'm glad for it. 15 now, but.. this is just wow. Sora can give some effect on everyone
This anime inspired me to reach my dreams and never give up no matter what circumstances occur :) Sora taught us how to be a positive person (totally changed you) despite the world against her. I'm still want to watch this anime over and over again >//////<
The lyfe Of JO
they should make another season and sora should marry leon
Paula Ramos
Actually there is a manga sequel of kaleido star. If I remember it right the story is set 15 years after the end of this season and that the manga focus on the adventure of her sister Yume Naegino. Yume came to the Kaleido Stage to see her sister Sora and also to find the angel she saw and vaguely remembers back when she was still a baby ( which was actually her sister Sora herself; but it seems she thinks that Sora and the 'angel' are two different individuals (two different entities?).
Cathy C.
WHAT! this was the last episode! well it was great while it lasted. This is one of my favorite animes. I can't believe I shed a few tears
Kimmilla Lyn
AH when anime actually had a story line and not girls with oversized bust trying to get some...
Keziah Wattley
why did it have to end i crying s hard but even thou i still wont forgive that Yuri for killing sohpie but she and leon should of kiss it would have been even more romantic am gonna try to look for a next anime
The Hatter
The one thing I cannot stand is that May has to yell everything she's doing. 
Amy Baldwin
i love this anime and i keep coming back to it as it inspires me
Jarrah Coutts
it's funny. through this anime I realized my dream of wanting to start gymnastics. I felt truly touched through this anime.
flower angel
This anime made me remember why i loved gimnastik.Thanks to this anime i think i will be starting again. (*´∇`*)♥♡♥☆
They should've added another season about the love between Sora and Leon
Abigia Abate
this is very touching it inspierd me to find and follow my dream
Wow kaleido stage everyone is so happy this is the BEST anime of all times!!!!!!!
Oh that guy that guy that was going to rob the bank he goes married lolz
Stacey Vanholten
I loved the end and they should have kiss
OMG re-watched it so many times and the ending always makes me want to cry for some reason T^T
Ace Ocampo
Ken !! you should have confessed your true feelings about sora ! BAKA !
Mei Xia Chen Deng
This is such an amazing anime!! This is the third time I've seen it and it feels so amazing every time I re-watch it!! My favorite character other than Sora was Leon!! I loved how his character developed through out the series.
I don't think Sora can see The Fool anymore? Sora completed her dream. If Sora can still see him then it is possible her task is not over, but to train the next star, Rosetta. Layla was already a top notch star. Layla could see The Fool later on in season 1 not because she could be a star, but for the purpose to be an idol or mentor for Sora as mentioned in season 2. The reason why Sora entered Kaleido Syar was because of Layla. Rosetta entered Kaleido Star because of Sora. It's possible Sora is going to be a mentor or idol for Rosetta. Do people get where this is going at? It's going to start all over again. Overall I thought this anime was awesome. Follow your dreams and never give up! 🤗
Charlize Claine Ellazar
Now it's time for me to watch it again from the very beginning haha
Cover Goddess
I love this anime Sora inspired all of us in a way through watching this Show I have a feeling everyone who watch this in inspired by the words and images of what was in this season we all now the object on Kaliedo Star was base on never giving up on something important to you and try your best to accomplish it and never let someone bring you done over their Hatterd or Jealousy of that person if you want to be and dancer a basketball player you do it and try your best no you will do your best everyone who watch Kaliedo Star I hope the you have accomplish your goal of what you want to do I am 12 at this time I am writing but the point is if you want to become something do it and never let a word or action bring you done Sora inspired me and I hope she inspired you to become something in the world
Katie Sade
can sora still see fool?
xXSarah456Xx Gaming
I used to ship Sora and Ken but now I ship Sora x Leon = Soron, I love this anime so much!
XnJC Bluegreen
2018... Still my favourite ❤
kayla bennett
perfect i just wish there was a kissing scene 
Haruka Sohee
I love that Layla was also a fool to start off with that's why she could see the fairy guy :) such a nice ending soras angel was beautiful too~
The first time i have watched this I was a child. Throughout the years I would remember it and think of rewatching it. It just remembers me about childhood and gives me strength to pursue my dream. It is truly inspiring..
Vicri Kurniawan
Missing my childhood 😂😂😂😂😖 who being dream a holy perspective
Gacha Life/ Tik Tok Vids
How about ken he should marry sora. I know ken and Lean should fight for her should they like here 👇🏻if you agree
lady malditah
Good work sora and to all kaledo stage star staff👏👏👏👏😍😘 09.08.2017
Raghd Abuzarifa
😭😭😭 what an amazing enmie 😭 it is worthy of my time kaleido stare it was the best the beginning & the ending I am thatched
Jacob Tuck
defenitly gives me the chills.. man they managed to make me want to perform with them on that stage in that moment
jessica talisic
until now, i cnt get over with this . . huhuhu , the first time i watched this, when i was in elementary , then nOw im colLege already , . but i kept oN watchng ! i love this so much ! thank you for your patient to upload this ! im so grateFul . . thanks
Yummy In My Tummy Or Just Tinkertoe
psh leon didnt fall in love with sora -.- i wanted a romance anime :I blah blah blah not even a kiss?
Michelle Baldoza
This story makes me cry
Suga Kookie//BTSARMY
I love this anime so much... it's so inspirational!! Also, I will forever ship Leon and Sora! 😭😭😢💗
Rosa Maria Abear Mangalindan
Come on guys let's just accept it Sora's lovie dovie is Ken. It has always been & it always is ahaahah 🤗😚😚
clemente cruz
If i want to Give on my dream and goal i always watch.. To always remember never give up on what u want life.. No one broke ur dreams no matter what happen.
Kenneth Macern
This show makes me happy. A girl who struggled, then became awesome. IS AMAZING
Allison Skye
What is the name of the song at 0:09?
Federico Gonzalez
sooo sad :'C
Federico Gonzalez
wait is there a manga about this?
Federico Gonzalez
there should be a season 3 of kaleido star or a movie or an ova or something
alexis dempsey
This is the best anime I have ever watched I hope there is more like it
@ lilkiwi Than you so much for uploading this series! I never got the chance to finish watching this show in english dub, but now that I have, I definitely want to own it myself. This is such an inspiring show, thank you so much for sharing it!
poovizhi vellaichamy
i love this Kaleido star.very much that my dream became serious in my life I want to watch Kaleido star season 3 for sure . so pls release season 3 soon on dubbing or subbed in english. Thanks for the anime I love it
Caity Bug
Caity Bug
Smarty pants. XD
emie nlove
huhuhuhuh i want more!!! Its so amazing!!! Please make more kakeido star!!
Ron Sheridan
Brought tears of joy! I miss dancing and acting. MS will not destroy my dreams.
Caity Bug
Now what do I watch? ..
Anna James
I want Leon sora to kiss so badly now where season 3 when you need it!!!!
i am crying
it can not be over now i am going to cry now :(
it is so moving I feel like im going to cry
Carolina Nieto avendaño
I know! and when they were doing the trapize together i thought they were going to kiss!! lol But that just me... :)
flower angel
I cry and I feel that a can do many thinks
Salimah Muhammad
No matter how much that girl pisses me of she always makes my cry at the end
alicia.k bhandal
oh no this is the end, I may just have a mental break down.
does this mean there might be a season 3 because Roseta could see fool ??
shannon Wyland
.....he never asked sora out KEN NEVER ASKED SORA OUT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! A BEAUTIFUL ENDING WITHOUT-- AGHHHHH! ken grow some balls man, ASK HER OUT!
I want more, to me it does not seem complete.
Kimiko katsukazaki kakuya uchiha
TT.TT THE BEST ANIME EVER omg the part with leon and sora was so cute omg the would make a cute match
Vrushita Trivedi
I am so sad it's over :(((((((((((((((
Vrushita Trivedi
can you please tell me what the song from 0:20 to 1:14? I really like it :)
Angelica Marie
Oh Leon :)
well there's fighting spirit hajime no ippo, it's really good, sora reminds me of the main character of that show actually,
Dhona Portugal
_thanks for your reply lilkiwi, but is there other anime you upload so I cant subscribe it too. im a fan of your upLoads^^
Sorry for getting to your comment this late. But sadly no there's not 3rd season for Kaleido Star :/.
the name of the song it's Romeo and Juliet :)
jennifer cabanez
Watching it to the nth time! Love it!
One of the best ever Anime! #1 in my list!
Awsome anime *__* does anyone know a similiar exiting anime?
Leon x sora :D god this anime has me hooked !
angel a
even the former robber waz crying
Dhona Portugal
_lilkiwi is there a season 3? ur awesome, , thans for upLoading my kaliedo star :D=);):)♥♥♥
Dhona Portugal
_ o5:44♡ sora and leon.. there'll about to kiss, Auwwwwz kiLig muCh ♥♥♥♥
Last Name ?!
THE GENERATION CONTINUES!!! Yeah!! rosetta is going to be the next one
Last Name ?!
Who else feels like suddenly they want to be like her, in the trapize and you got inspired by her
Ravyn Williams
i so sad this show is over this anime was one of the best anime show I have ever seen. and do anyone have any anime recommendations
Sora is the best!!
It means only Layla can't see fool anymore
SilverAgzx Wolf
Destinee Hung
Does it mean both of them cant see fool anymore or that only Layla cant see him anymore?
The most emotional anime i've ever watched... The most emotional episode for me was when Anna met her father again... I never cry to movies and stuff but this one really gave me some tears ;)
Danielle Seaboy
This episode made me cry. I was so happy and proud of Sora. Her dream came true!<3
Angela Rodriguez
OMG! I so get what you mean!
Angela Rodriguez
I know right! I have seen this anime so many times but I never get over this animation; I love it!
I feel so proud of Sora!!!!!! *tear* Usually after I finish an anime that I really like, I look up other animes that are really similar. But I can't with Kaleido Star. It's one of a kind. There's no other animes like this one. This anime will always have a special place in my heart. :) .....now to watch it again....for the 9th time.