romeo and juliet

espero que les guste es un video de sora y leon anime: kaleido star

Clara Gómez Brillembourg
Why do I feel Leon is somehow a descendant of Sesshomaru???
song lyrics
Gabriela Castañeda
Sephiroth clone xD i kid.
Haley Moree
Love it great job!!
Anastasia Georgina
I love this anime! OMG!! And I am surprised when I know the soundtrack, it's 'Time for Us' (the song that we sang at my school choir!) And what I love is Sora x Leon >_< Thanks for making this video! ^_^
Ashley Linares
uno de mis animes que me gustan 💖
Snow Drop
My heart is never going to say that Leon is stupid ever again my heart is in love and I wish them a happy life 😄😄😄😄😄😄
Awwwww O////////O
I wish they would continue! :)♥
Erza Knigthwalker
como se llama la canción
Giuliana Ap
Akljdsakldj este anime también marco mi infancia ;u; no pude evitar ver tu foto ... Park Jung Min!! :3
kari black
what chapter is this??
can not in anime you saw him kiss between the two but the vew manga that dimosieftike the sora and leon married with two children and two daughters specifically  which one is told wisdom
Danni Della
I love this song.....
Gumi MegpoidTM
Donde puedo conseguir esa melodía es que en verdad capta perfectamente los sentimientos de Julieta y de Romeo... te agradecería si me dijeras en donde puedo descargarla.
Mara Joy
This is my favorite everrr
Mara Joy
Omygod I lost my heart
*-* me encanta es romantico
Lidia M
*-* aaaay qué buenos recuerdos me trae este anime! Es lo máximo :)
ale galvan
a time for us <3
Ame esta parteee >//////<
Beatriz Grimaldi
Esta serie es hermosa, pareciera que Leon ademas de que ve en Sora a su hermana Sofy, sintiese algo por ella.
season 2 episode 16 part 1 lilkiw has it in english
Michiko Sharpe
this is the most romantic scene between the two <3
Gracy's Corner
Am I the only one who thinks Leon is sexy in a way?
Sofia terrazas
me encanta as videos asi te doy un 100 % perfect
Sani Lee
ok this put tears in my eyes 4 some reason! btw the song sounds like the song "A Time For Us"
I was board until Leon states climbing the rope and then I couldnt stop smiling
OMG i rly cannot say anything else when watching this, the music the scene just... OMG
One of the most intense anime scenes ever.
Sora and Leon<3
what episode is the very last part from?
it's episode 42. i hope this helps.
Exo Kim
pls!!!!somebody tell me what episode of kaleido star where leon get sora to perform on stage!!!...pls!!!!
Ikind of feel bad for may...being ditched halfway through a performance in front of all those people must suck
Tran Laura
This video is sooo awesome but can u tell me what episode this is???
deb orah
name of anime???thank youuuu
cant wait to get to this episode
amo Kaleido Star y amo este video!!!!
@23Zeni se llama What Is A Youth y es de la película romeo y julieta
Jessielyn Sonsona
nice, i really love sora , poor little blacky hair witch hehhe
Marie du Agnes
Como se llama la cancion de fondo <_
Jeica Moran
si a mi me encanta esa esena y may si ella es odiosa pero a la final no es tan mala persona que bueno que te alla gustado el video gracias x tu comentario
muy buen video, no he visto ese episodio, pero desde lo de la hermana de leon ya sabia que sentia algo por sora, may me cae mal, siempre quiere todo para ella, como que es algo egoista, pero es buena para darle sabor a la historia
muy lindo pero no me gusta la musica mutchicimo pero es un buen video!!!
usagirukia shinigami
what is the name of the music?, please
Аліна Вишневська
What's the music
Kelly Meyer
What is this music called
Sanita Norrman
Leon is very sexig ! Nephrite is very sexy and beautiful has well ! ! ! Kunzite  is very sexy and beautiful has well ! ! ! Naru love Nephrite ! ! ! Nephrite love Naru  ! ! !  !  ! Zoisite love Kunzite love Zoisite  !  !  ! Naru love Nephrite ! ! !  Nephrite love Naru  ! ! !  !   Leon is very sexig !
Kelly Meyer
Муазам Паншаев
Какая серия ?