Tony Hawk | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts - Episode 100

Tony Hawk discusses his brother giving him his first skateboard and that board ending up in the Smithsonian, getting on Powell Peralta, filming "The Search For Animal Chin", starting Birdhouse, doing 50 tricks at age 50, the 900, why he started The Tony Hawk Foundation, Tony Hawks Pro Skater video games, getting on Lakai Footwear, the technique for doing the loop, getting slimed on Nickelodeon and much more! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you back The Nine Club! Also check out The Nine Club Experience Show every other Thursday: /> SHOP: The Nine Club Store: />Chris Roberts Chocolate Decks: />Donate to The Nine Club: /> PRODUCTS WE USE TO MAKE THE SHOW: Microphones: />Mic Stand: />Headphones: />Main Camera: />Second Camera: />Other Cameras: />Memory Cards: />Tripods: />Lighting: />Presonus Mixer: />Cloudlifter (for audio gain): />Audio Box: />Hard Drive: />Macbook Pro: />XLR Cables: />La Croix Pamplemousse: /> Visit our Amazon Page: /> AUDIO PODCAST: Apple Podcast: />Google Play: />SoundCloud: />iHeart Radio: />Tunein: />Stitcher: />Amazon Echo: "Alexa, play The Nine Club With Chris Roberts Podcast" ------------------------------------- Shot By: Eric Longden Edited By: Chris Roberts & Roger Bagley ------------------------------------- LINKS WE TALKED ABOUT: Switchflip Switch Manny: />Tony Hawk: 50 tricks at Age 50: />Tony Hawk Lands 900 At 48!: />Tony Hawk lands the first-ever 900 - ESPN X Games: />Birdhouse - Saturdays: />Birdhouse - The End [1999]: />Birdhouse Skateboard's First Video (1992) - "Feasters": />Tony Hawk - Ravers: />Birdhouse - Untitled: />Bones Brigade 'The Search for Animal Chin' (1987): />Tony Hawk on Who Wants to be a Millionaire Sports Superstars edition: />Donate to the Tony Hawk Foundation: /> SOCIAL MEDIA: The Nine Club Instagram: />Twitter: />Facebook: />Website: /> Tony Hawk Instagram: /> Chris Roberts Instagram: />Twitter: />Snapchat: />Facebook: /> Roger Bagley Instagram: /> Kelly Hart Instagram: />Twitter: />Snapchat: />Facebook: /> Eric Longden Instagram: />Twitter: />Facebook: />Website: /> #Skateboarding #Podcast #Interview

Nathan Hill
I really hope the channel grows, 9 club is a feat for skateboarding, and entertainment in general. We all love what you guys are doing, thank you for putting in so much hard work.
Tony Hawk has had the biggest impact on skating as anyone. He's been nothing but a professional for the past 40 years. Alway's 100 percent a great face for the sport. His video game actually changed skating with kids being able to visualize things in a virtual space that they could then go try for real. And if people think he's alway's had millions of dollars and has alway's been on top, think again. He went through hard times in the 90's getting Birdhouse off the ground and would do demos for nearly nothing to small crowds in the lean times. Whatever Tony has currently, he has worked his ass off to get. Great episode Nine Club.
if skate 4 ever becomes a thing, Chris should be the right hand man/narrator like how Reda was in 2.
Tickle Me Elmo
The 900 Club
44:25 our little buddy cant hold anymore ):
happy 100th episode! you should do one with chris roberts, that guy is a legend.
The Nine club officially owns interviewing Skateboarders. I don't think anybody else can compete.
Check GS
“The leanest burger in the world, could be the meanest burger in the world, if you cook it that way” Tony Hawk
Jordan Aquino
Get John Cardiel on!!!
Jayden Gibson
You gotta love Tony not just as a skater but as a person as well.
Adrien Marciel
I like how Crob always takes a shot at asking about money. Classic.
Bryan Davis
Eps 101 should be Natas... thoughts?
Chris Nobles
The Huck jam was so nuts. I went as a kid and I had all black fallen shoes. We were in the front and all the dudes would give us high fives after there runs and sigh stuff. So I had everyone sigh my shoes and when Tony came up he didn't wanna sign the black shoes because he couldn't see the other signatures so he took a paper out of his pocket that was sweaty as hell and signed it for me. I still have the paper and it has the layout for the ramps on what parts of the paper are still readable. One of my prised possessions for sure.
Aziz Augusto
Those Bagel Bites on the shelf, I definitely remember the commercial from when I was a little kid!
Anyone see the toy machine doll fall to one arm behind rob.
Happy 100 boys. Thanks for the hours of listening and viewing pleasure. You have no idea how many tough days your interviews have got me through. Keep up the good work. ✌
Tony has had (and earned) a blessed life. All hate for him is out of pure jealousy.
Vitamin Luther
the toy machine doll fell. Ed Templeton is trying to tell us something telepathically .
Tickle Me Elmo
special special special guest
Fernando Maron
Love to hear the legends talk. Olson, Grosso, Hosoi,Guerrero and now Hawk. Thanks Crob and crew.
You guys came for Hawk, and I came for the SW FLIP MANNY . CONGRATS ON THE 100th! THANKS FOR MAKING MONDAYS BEARABLE!!!!!!!!
Nik Landiak
Who tf dislikes these? Just dont watch it ahahahha
Jacob Cross
Congratulations guys!!!
Roberto Castillo
Riley’s Dad 🤘🏼🤘🏼
Molly Hensley
Perfect!!!! Keep interviewing old guys. I like listening to the young guns too, but the history lesson the old guys give is priceless
Happy 100th podcast !!
michał klasowski
great episode, lovly <3. Next Rodney episode, please
Gotta get Lance Mountain now!
*R E D 9 0 0 E M O J I*
on-location interview with Gator for episode 200
Thomas Creech
Chris Roberts, switch flip manny the loop...
JB Townsend
Thanks for 100! ! This freakin’ guy!
Emanuel Hneriksen
Mark Gonzales next
Melissa Calderwood
The only thing better than having Tony Hawk as a guest on your 100th episode was the switch flip switch manny in the background
Literally been watching this straight through while leaving the crib and working today 😂👌🏻
clay collins
This came out of left field, knew it would be someone special, Tony hawk didn't even cross my mind
Jerry Flynn
You couldn't really have anyone else for the 100th episode...the living legend...Tony Hawk! Boom!
Wheres the leak Ma'am
i like to think im not susceptible to product placement, but as soon as this is over im getting some bagelbites.
getting super baked 4 this EDIT: 44:24 toy machine sect dude confirmed alive. arm just got tired poor homie 1 like 1 prayer
Chris Wood
Questions were on point! Thank you guys SO MUCH for this episode. Loved it.
Andy Guisgand
Funny story: time stamp 46:00 That park that sued tony was Airborn Skate Park in MI they sued us as well for stealing their "business dress code" and tried to put us out of business before we even opened. It cost us $20,000. We opened our doors needless to say they closed 3 years after we opened and we are still here.
Olivier Lucero
One of the best episodes yet. Rog mentioned Chet Thomas towards the end. Next up? haha
Justin 87
Bird man!!!! Thank you dudes. The man who inspired a generation to skate, myself included.
Haven't watched this yet but know it will be worthy of the 100th episode. Massive congratulations to you guys and all involved (even Eldy)! Nine Club is literally the best thing to happen to skateboarding since THPS. I'll be watching in my Nine Club long sleeve with a smile on my face the whole time. Can't thank you guys enough for producing such gold! Keep up the amazing work!
Ben Dover
9Club x 100th Episode = 900 tolluminaty hawk confirmed
Jerry Flynn
Should get Tas Pappas on for the 899th episode...the nearly 900th...
This was insane ! Tony seems like a well rounded human being
Happy 100th dudes. Best podcast ever!
Happy 100! The nine club is such a blessing to skateboarding <3 Keep doing your thing.
Carlos Llamas
"Let's make birdhouse great again"... you running for US President on 2020 Tony?
Tim Tims
Congratulations guys! Thank you for all you do, and here's to another 100! (if Chris can handle it)
Get Ed templeton on the show. good work guys love the podcast.
I. Would like to donate 64 dollars to the show!! Love this damn show mane!!!!!
Joel Jung
Jason Lee
Andres Alfonso
100 liked episodes from a single channel :D
Lance Normine
Congrats boys ! Thank you
Ian Victory
You guys are great i love your show, Chris I'm also a huge fan of Stern and love how you're inspired by him cuz your interviewing skill is just like his. I really enjoy watching keep it up. Btw you could get a show on Sirius easy.
Yo! you guys killed it in the last 100 episodes! cant wait for episode 200 with Gonz!
brian ambs
Antwaun Dixon ,Joey brezinski & Tfunk next !!!
Tyler Durden
It's just weird that Tony's halfpipe has lived longer than his Powell sponsorship did. Timelines get odd the older you get, and that's a well built ramp.
Stevie Matthews
Is that kickflip to manual on constant loop bothering anyone else? Just me? Am i taking crazy pills??!
stein olofsson
Was so amped when I saw the first one with kelly and the stoke is real every monday since! Gratz on one hunned! Hawk shreds
chuck mcnair
i was at the huckjam in toronto, and i saw tony lend the 900, and when the crowd went nuts and everybody was yelling and screaming and cheering, that was the single most happiest/ hyped ive ever been in my life. that was the sickest day
Douglas Wares
A very Happy one hundredth episode to the Nine Club. I look forward to this every week .... going strong 💪
Nick Vanzwol
Where can I see the footage of Tony hugging Kelly? Sounds awesome lol
I haven't skated since probably 1998 still love following skaters. I don't know why this channel has such low subs
chad chad
You guys do a good job on interviews. Ask the right questions.
Corey Maranville
so rileys next on the show right?
Jacqueline loaiza
Congratulations on 100 bros!!👊😁 ready to dive in!
Chris Roberts you’re awesome! You are the Joe Rogan of skateboarding podcasts! 🗣🎙
Eric Peña Rivera
Number 100. I had my brews and watched it on my tv. Tony Hawk 100% skateboarding. Chris, Roger, Kelly 100 skateboarding. Thanks for what you bring.
Rithy H.
Nine club is the best! You guys really tickle my fancy!
Dean Rice
Keep the awesome content coming! Happy 100th!!
TenThumbs Productions
"I guess it's on me." Tony Hawk driving up to the loop, the first loop, in Tijuana.
Anai García Medina
Patek Onmakok
method that airial right now dude
Congrats on 100 episodes Chris, Rog & Kelly!
Lil Sponge
I love hearing legendary skaters or filmers share knowledge and old story’s😬😎
Daniel N
Fuuuuc, Tony is such a great living legend in so many ways! Thx man!
Sung Hwang
I love the Howard Stern talk. Crob you remind me of Stern. You seem like a genuine fan with all your guests. Keep up the good work!
Tyler Cox
Happy 100th episode, happy 50th Birdman!
Evan Gregory
It has been a great journey getting to know you guys over the last 100 episodes. My mug and I look forward to the next hundred. LONG LIVE THE 9 CLUB!
Rocky Thomas
HAPPY 100TH NINE CLUB!! Been here literally since day one. so crazy how time flies!
Philip Rosescu
Something tells me Tony actually thinks he's Andy Mac
Martin Kohoutek
I admire you for actually making it to 100! What a crazy amount of work! THANK YOU NINE CLUB! I enjoyed every single episode <3
Mad Wurst
Tony is such a cool, humble and authentic dude man
John Smith
His phone APP adaptation of the video game will kill in sales!!!Great thinking!
Thomas Rainbow
What a legend! The best thing about Tony is he's still 100% skateboarder through and through like the rest of us even though he's super famous and super rich. Congrats on 100 dudes!
Congrats on the big 100! Here's to many more!
Hans Solo
Young Van
I shook his hand once
Tony makes me want to be a better person.
Glenn Manders
Six hour episode with Gonz please
Timothy Sotir
Great episode. Loving the page How about an episode with Craig Stecyk?!!! That would be interesting!
Tom Green should have his own episode
someone needs to edit this with 100 specials please
skip ad
Please do an episode with Ronnie Creager, that dude is incredible!
Brian Aspden
Tony's a bloody good humble Man,the best ambassador for skateboarding period.
Eric Hoar
Great 100th episode! You guys are awesome. Skating was such a huge part of my life as an adolescent. I'm 31 now and don't skate anymore and miss skateboarding so much but I love being able to reconnect with that part of my life. I can still ollie but kickflips take too many tries... Lol. Tony Hawk GOAT!!!!
andy _
Party time! Excellent!