Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 56 Remastered HD

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Danielle Aglubat
Kurama is such a hot guy
halfway through everyone. can you make it to the end!
To be honest here... Yoko Kurama was kinda lame. He had a potential to be even greater and showing his powers better :| Kurama in human form however is brilliant!
Nana Brew
That Karasu's damn brutal
Pako Briggs
now i must watch in in english -.- ger sub of the japan dub is so much better :(
Mayukh Roy
Last moment attack--kurama!!
Ann Estrella
How the heck toguro team won
Prince Bullet
Kárász turned ssj3
gg kurama
Jc Badilla
Kurama is very cool
Jc Badilla
Am i only the one watching this now pls comment
Harold Holtbrook
Yeah awesome!!!!
Jc Badilla
Kurama the fox
Alizwa Gqubule
He went super saijen
rogelio vizcarra
ren akiyama
karasu explode the noob ranger team in 1 shot arm got wreck and kurama recieve the same thing its just a scratch unfair
Robert Szulia
Demon KURAMA dont egen do sky thing
Jc Badilla
Ann Estrella
Why kurama lose?
sirwanti ningsih
#super saiya
sandra dorsett
yo so much blood
Andrew Randles
Are all these videos in Japanese? They aren't available in the us?