Garou - Piece Of My Soul - The Album :: Part 1

Garou talks about his upcoming album 'Piece of my Soul'

Ninfa V.
Garou You Deserve the Best you looks a great positive nice honest person merci amie:)🌞
This is a example how to be a Star and still Stay a Simple Person! Thank you Garou!
I am jelouse at all those who had the opportunity to see him in person, and gosh i thought i'm the only one who likes this guy when i first saw him. Haha, turnes out, i was WRONG :) Garou, beautiful work, Love from the Ukraine
Teodora Dimitrijevic
I can only say-fantastic. Hope we will sing one day a duet.
Frances Runyan
He's absolutely right. It does bring something to people. It makes me dream and it makes me hope. Thank you Garou!
i come from taiwan in asia, my english is very poor, and i don't know any french, but i love garou!!! his voice and songs always move me!!!
Charles Ha
You mean "Garou, épouse moi s'il vous plaît, je t'aime pour l'éternité."
The Godfather
Garou is the best!
yes! i live in Belgium and now I'm just gonna fight for some tickets... if there's still available...
Veronica V.
Garou's such a nice guy, I hope he'll have as much success in the world than the first album. Hope that everyone knows that Garou is French Canadian and not French only!! Everyone thinks that he comes from France but it's not true!!! For those who are going to see the concert, you'll never forget what you saw. I just can't wait any longer to see Garou!!! He'll make you dance with his famous You can leave your hat on.
O tak! Polacy czekają na Garou! =D
Sophy Davis
Oh my God I cannot WAIT for this album!! Even though I've learned enough French to understand his songs, it's different to hear him sing in English... and so soulfully!! [Delighted squeal] EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! =D
Elena Haritonova
What a great video! Thanks for sharing! Garou speaks decent English, with sliiiight and absolutely charming accent! Love it! :)
Nilgun Cakman
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Absolutley! You'd think they would release this in the US. Rob Thomas songs are very radio friendly. I truley believe Garou could be huge in the US.
Natalie L
'because I'm an easy [going] guy" well that's not news, we've known it all along :)
OMG... So sweet cute lovely...
I'm so excited about the new album! The songs sound amazing.
Aurélia Hambacher
Hey!! Superbe vidéo Garou!! J'adore ce montage! Merci!
that's what we know:D but thanx for the video! absolutely perfect:) merci:*********
Éva Haszonits
GAROU!!! Félicitations pour votre succès à ce jour!
Éva Haszonits
Éva Haszonits
Éva Haszonits
TOP A MANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Éva Haszonits
catherine tran
il a une super bonne bouille ! il est VIVANT ET ENTIER , j'aime beaucoup !
Éva Haszonits
Éva Haszonits
Éva Haszonits
Je' taime!!!!!!!!
Éva Haszonits
THE VOICE = GAROU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nagrodzony w nie francusko-języcznej Polsce. Uwielbiamy go!
catherine tran
j'ai passé 24h de super positivité en me dépassant complètement avec toi bien que ...... y a pas besoin de parler parfois, les silences servent à la sérénité des émotions les plus intimes qui ne regarde que le fond de l'homme ou de la femme, on est tous là pour se relever et non pas s'abaisser ni se soumettre !
Marcia RDS
Amo Garou!!! Voz perfeita!!!
Radical Life05
Laura Allie
I'd love to know why this wasn't promoted here in the states.. The only reason I ever knew about it is because I've been a fan since Notre Dame de Paris.. I really think you should do another English album and make it go all the way!! Much love from Virginia!
Veronique Jeannin
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓 coucou garou c'est Véronique Jeannin gros bisous à toi mon chanteur préféré garou
Paulo Paz
Ótimo cantor !
Brenda Pascale