Steve Rothery - Kayleigh / Lavender / Heart of Lothian - Santiago, Chile, 04-12-2017

Steve Rothery Kayleigh / Lavender / Heart of Lothian (Marillion Cover) Teatro Nescafé de las Artes Santiago, Chile, Dec. 04, 2017 Recording gear: Sony AX40 (Same specs as Sony AX53, except no viewfinder and focus ring), Rode Videomicro

Rothery..... the best!!
majed altoukhi
Steve rothery you are an amazing Guitarist 🙏♥️
James Davies
Rothery is seriously enjoying this!
Great!! So, what's the name of this band that Maestro Rothery lends his expertise for? ... more info please.
A Blunky
The best guitarist ever, in my opinion.
Magno Barbosa
One of the most remarkable songs of my youth ... remembrance of people, places, occasions ... all good.
Kasa Amarela
Solo Careerr concert?
One of the best solos for sure!
Spine tingling
Gabriel!!! Nice Shirt!!!!
Neil Kraft
This is great
Matias Geneyro
Rothery sr guitarrista