Video On Trial: Elevator - Flo Rida ft. Timbaland

Flo Rida and Timbaland's Elevator Video on Video Trial

"my pants were white when we started this shoot" LOL :53
@maluse227 meh, i don't really argee but its not worth arguing over any more.
@1betterthanyou1 ya i do find it funny thats the point of the show its not even that mean who cares its funny to some people and that's all that matters even when they make fun of bands i love i never really care its all tung and cheek
@maluse227 you find it funny when people, bash others for mainly egotistic reason? and this is youtube no one cares about grammar hear, btw your probably the only inteligent person i've ever argued on youtube with.
@1betterthanyou1 but instead you make offensive comments remember comedy is all about perspective i find this funny and so do many people your just the one bringing it down with bad grammar and a name that sparks conflict.
@maluse227 I agree that my use of gay, in comparison with the definition it probaly wrong, i have no problem with gay people, and i think that the word has taken on a second unrelated meaning, like the word "fuck" ,secondly comedy, inplies that it is funny, which it is not, some of the videos on trial are, but not this one, and thirdly I actually slightly intreverted and don't care that much about attention, if i did i would just make a very offensive video or something.
@1betterthanyou1 because of the way you used the word "gay" and even the fact that u commented like that on a comedy video. your just a loser who wants attention
@maluse227 And what would cause you to come to that conclusion, you have never met me, never talked to me, never heard me talk and never seen me, so im puzzled as to why you think I'm a loser.
@1betterthanyou1 i think your a bigger loser than all of them
GAY!!!! It's just a bunch if dumbass losers who think the look cool by bashing people who are cooler then the and they didn't get that the old lady getting in at the end was a joke
Tohnia Zeeman
kids, always have sex with a milf. Why? Because afterwards they'll bake you cookies and drive you home.
thx but were boring
@Leperchan15 mhm. :) that's right. :P
oh hello :D
Chrystal Jean
And that's why Canadians rock. (am not Canadian..wish i was lolz)
It's Canadian. No doubt.
Kurt Magbujos
Russell Peters. Any clues now?
Elina Tuaeva
the show was created by Canadians and all of the juries are Canadians, as well.
Violet Gray
I'm not sure why they call it "Video on Trial." Every video they judge is apparently guilty. They should call it "video getting lethal injection."
girl in the white pants booty drove me nuts