Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts II IX Bass Cover

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℗ Digital Remaster 2011 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Pink Floyd Music Ltd/Pink Floyd (1987) Ltd under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd. Thanks goes to Miles Clark for the mix Song: Shine On You Crazy Diamond Artist: Pink Floyd Album: Wish You Were Here (1975) Original Bass Player: Roger Waters Bass: Steinberger XP-2 Strings: D'Addario ESXL170 Nickel Wound Double Ball-End .45 .65 .80 .100 Sound: Digitech BP-8 Valve Preamp/Processer (Compressor, Preamp, Equalizer) Mixer: Phonic AM240 Camera: Canon FS200 Standard Tuning "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" is a nine-part Pink Floyd composition written by Roger Waters, Richard Wright and David Gilmour. It is a tribute to former band member Syd Barrett. The song was first performed on their 1974 French tour, and recorded for their 1975 concept album Wish You Were Here. The song was intended to be a side-long composition (like "Atom Heart Mother" and "Echoes"), but was ultimately split into two parts and used to bookend the album, with new material composed that was more relevant to this song, and to the situation in which the band found themselves "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", along with the rest of the album, was written about the band's former leader, Syd Barrett. The song is a suite of nine parts, that was originally planned to take up the first side of the LP. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" was written at the same time as "You've Got to Be Crazy" ("Dogs") and "Raving and Drooling" ("Sheep"). The lyrics, apart from referring to Barrett, are also about music fame. The first verse speaks specifically about Barrett: Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun Shine on you crazy diamond Now there's that look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky Shine on you crazy diamond. • Roger Waters -- bass guitar, lead vocals, additional electric guitar on Part VIII • David Gilmour -- guitar, backing vocals, lap steel guitar, additional bass guitar on Part VI, EMS Synthi AKS • Richard Wright -- Hammond organ, ARP String Ensemble, Minimoog, clavinet and Fender Rhodes on Part VIII, Steinway piano on Parts III and IX, backing vocals, Bösendorfer piano on the multi-channel re-release.[7] • Nick Mason -- drums, percussion with: • Dick Parry -- baritone and tenor saxophones • Carlena Williams -- backing vocals • Venetta Fields -- backing vocals All audio and video segments remain the property of the original artists and publishing companies. I'm making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of the bass guitar. I believe this constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in title 17&107 of the United States Code, and under articles 29 & 29.1 of the Canadian Copyright Act. In accordance with the above Copyright Acts, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Source Wikipedia. Bass performed by Constantine Isslamow Comments are OPEN for FANS & Constructive Posts ONLY No SWEARING, or obvious garbage posts = Instant Delete.

Pink Floyd (Musical Group) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Composition) Roger Waters (Musical Artist) Steinberger XP-2 Bass Bass Cover Constantine Isslamow

can you cover anything by John Entwhisle? good work by the way
Man, this cover is incredible!!!
Great ! bass player
Mark Eatough
please send me the TAB - oh, hang on.. if i look at your fingers moving.. it's actually better than having the TAB... duh!! you video is helping me a lot with my cover - so thanks a lot friend :)
Denisse Rivera
dude..... you are awesome... I am 18 and I love pink Floyd since I was a lil girl and I am always searching for new things about them.... then I found u!!! and I'm speechless cuz is awesome how u love this band.... as I love them.. and as million people do.... congrats
Amazing work ! You seem so sad thought.
joao francisco a. Neto
Amigo Constantine, sou do Brazil e aprecio muito teus vídeos covers das musicas e obras do Pink Floyd. Sou pinkfloydiano, e goste de tocar as principais músicas deles. Vc toca muito bem e , principalmente, metodicamente. Que bom ser seu amigo e ter as tuas lições no baixo como uma obra de arte. Admiro como vc se dedica. Continua assim sempre,ok. Abr neto
look away and youd think its the real recording! perfect tune and sound! very nice Bro!
Mike West
Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing.
T.I.N Mateus
That steinberger sounds awesome.
La Tosco
constantine i love your videos, you´re a crazy diamond, saludos de argentina
Claudiu Cont
great playing , I liked a lot to watch your video ... :)
Alobytes Whitestone
5:00 simle moment... you're great!! ^^
so smooth, best cover player ever , I also will always watch your vids forever and learn from you buddy , thank you so much , 1000 here we come, I cant wait, peace
You have such a mellow laid back approach it looks like you aren't even trying yet sounds absolutely amazing! Nice playing... Impeccable timing. Nice right hand technique.
Michael Boddington
Many thanks Constantine😀 My friend and I are learning Shine On at the moment on drums n bass. We are also gonna play Have A Cigar too. You've been a great help and a joy to watch. Bod
Phase Separation Science
Phenomenal sir ! Two thumbs up
Fernando Gómez
Plainly beautiful! The Apassionata of our time. The blend between sides A and B is also very nice.
Corey Arnett
5 people disliked this?!? Round 'em up! LOL. Great job man!
Luis Guirao Navarro
So nice, congratulations!
Bender BenderBay
Composition and cover are great! Where are you from?
Gerardo Castañeda
Wow! Great job man
Paolo Betti
Hi Constantine. Best cover ever. Do you think it is possible to get it written (PDF should be nice). Many thanks. Best regards Ciao Peval
Charles Bemón
an awesome work
wow dude you're amazing
Foad Givechi
i worship u man! <3
Alobytes Whitestone
Yeeeeeaaahhh!!!! =)
Jonathan Gorsky
Man, you are the best!!!!! I enjoy your playing so much. Keep on with the great work and thanks for sharing your talent.
A Man
Can you pls send me the tabs??
Chava Morales
Exelente trabajo Constantino y al parecer te sucede lo que a mí entre el minuto 11:00 y 12:00 se me salen las lágrimas de la emoción de escuchar tan exelente trabajo de Pink Floyd.
Brendan Mather
Very talented bloke. I've watched a few of your videos now and so far all have impressed me, definitely earned my sub.
rudranatha rudranatha
Thank you very much! you are a fine fellow. I connected my stratocaster and played solo parties with you! (Excuse my English. I am from Ukraine)
Contemplator of music
merci. like
How many time did you spent to learn this song? Can you play it without looking papers? Amazing work, congratulations!
Antonio Corona
Super sexy backing vocals by Richard Wright though.
Mooktadir A
Roger would be proud.. Waters is so underrated as a bassist..
Cinco Charms
You did a really great job, but that is brutal song for a bass player to have to play. Love the song, but a boring bass part.
Richard Fortier
Love all your work on pink floyd so far. Keep it up.
Arturo Vázquez
awesome job. Thank you.
Arturo Vázquez
awesome job. Thank you.
nahuel vasquez
For part VI I would choose to play the other bass part, which is more prominent and funny. Still great cover
Constantine great jab ,love what you did ,perfecto
Dawid Drewniak
How myslew name this one guitar
I've always loved this part 15:54 onwards its like a Funky Jazz
Sk Dinsmore
I love tripping around in YouTube!!! 'Cause you run into gems like this! WTG buddy! O' Canada!!!! Wooooo
Junio Wolf
Excellent !
FlightSim Channel
Thanks for this great video. I enjoyed it very much. Great work! Congrats.
Кирилл Федоров
Sweet .. love it bro! Enjoyed.
Jawad Ali
Bcs of thumbnail I thought it's some kind of a joke but hats off to you mate!!👍👌 God bless ya
Maximiliano Olivares Diaz
Oshigeteo Molina
Wow esta muy bueno este cover :) eres ufffff gracias por esto <3
Vlad Besarab
Хули этот дядька такой ленивый ?
michael nolen
dude what an amazng tone.... sounds great and terrific playing btw
Billy McMonagle
always love your videos , great bass player sir
great work (y)
Rallbot Ø
Ewwww, whatever that guitar is, i do not like it, where's the end gone?!! xD
Is a headless bass comfortable to play?Doesn't the reduced weight at the top make the neck swivel around?
subele mas al bajo po
fantastic !...
Ramon Mota
La rana / sapo que canta y baila Michigan J. Frog - Hello, My Baby
Marwan Khaled
The Great Gig In The Sky, please. I can't believe you haven't covered it yet!
Awesome! Love it !
Mitro Su
nice bass voice and player sir
Kenny Olszewski
Perfect!!! I love all of your videos!!
Hayato Nagashima
Awesome videos ! Thank you !!
Jack Union
Amazing, i savored every twang...
Juan Miguel
excelente!! gracias Constantine
Awesome mate!
Richard Leon
Where did you get scores are only for electric bass or are complete for all the instruments? Please tell me as soon as I need to know where I can find the sheet music.
Héctor Alanís
Master !!!!!
Эдуард Большаков
Это Гилмор? Я его с трудом узнал, почему он так изменился?
that bass shook my skin cells
Quaalude Charlie
Just Great  :) QC
just perfect!
Fabio Castaldi
Ale Navarro
excelente trabajo!!!
George R L
Great stuff!
michael miller
Nice job!
A Giles
Great fucking job! I liked how you laughed along at 5:00 hahahaha!
giuseppe gennaro
very nice! thank you costantine
you are the only one with a so GREAT patience to play the entire versiions of the PF suites! BRAVO!
perfect man! Great Job
Ty for upload it Sir Constantine
Patrick Patrac
Hello constantine, still a fan of your cover. Thank you very much. Could you give me the link for the bass score of Shine On You Crazy Daimond ? thanks again
Edwin Mulder Veenboer
A few licks i couldnt find. Thanks to you i nailed it! Thanks man
Great job Constantine! That's got me in the right frame of mind to go see the Australian Pink Floyd tonight who are touring here in the U.K. right now. Keep posting!
Big Eat
=good bass player
New Anomaly Productions
You have a mighty sound sir.
Constantine hai fatto una cosa veramente grande. Felice di averti incontrato
james fisher
How are you so good!!! I am jealous
Wow dude, you pretty much ferking nailed it! :)
mark fletcher
Awesome job, just chilled me right out!
awesome job mate!
John Huddy
Very close. Nice job.