Grandma Harley Quinn!

(Animated superhero film: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. The legal owner: MC for Warner Bros.).

Douglas Huni
Animator: "how much do you want the building to explode?" Director: "yes"
When I saw Nana Harley I almost thought I'd see Tweety nearby for some reason.
Russian Bear
Double booty smack by Grandma Harley tho !
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Harley Quinn: Voice of Reason. God help us.
Morgan Doyle-Elwell
This popped into my head "holy crap she had kids"
Rabid Romantic
Lol i guess the DeeDee twims don't know how psycho thier Nana was? XD
Sheesh, you'd think the Dee Dee's would be grateful to their grandma for getting them out of jail instead of leaving them to rot.
When Tim says, "Hi old man." It hits ya right in the feels. ^_^
Kyle Powell
I'm shocked that Harley Quinn is a live. I can't believe it.
Briligion's official YouTube channel
If you guys are wondering,when Harley fell into that pit she hit something that maybe restored her sanity (and before you say anything,just remember the injection ivy gave her.) so after that she must've found a way out and go home to see her daughter,Lucy,(basically she left the joker. Good for her.) and so Lucy grew and had the twins. And that's how Harley is now normal in this scene.
Old Bruce is the Best Bruce.
Thomas E S Thomas
Is it just me, or is Terry's head smaller in the bat mask?
angsty old man Bruce _gives me life_ .
But Harley fell into the big pitt, how she can be alive?
dwayne ferguson
Ace was like we need to get df outta here son!
Fennekin Flames
Ohh shut up Nana Harley.
On the director's commentary, it was revealed that Paul Dini was really upset about being asked to kill off Harley when writing the screenplay. He really didn't want to kill off a character that he created. After finally writing the scene where she falls, he included that scene with Harley and the Dee Dees, even though he believed it would be taken out. However, Bruce Timm found it so amusing that he kept it in the movie and thus kept Harley alive.
Nya Nicky
Being hot isn't forever
When I first saw this movie and they called her Nana Harley, my kid mind was BLOWN. I was like "now I wanna see old Catwoman and Poison Ivy"
Holly J
I think being separated from the Joker permanently saved Harley's sanity. She was mostly crazy around him and because of him. Harley already went straight at least once before when she was away from Mr. J's influence (when she bought that pink dress). She wanted so badly to be accepted again. It's nice that her dream came true. Too bad for her grandkids though.
charles gebhart
So, Harl actually straightened up, flew right, met a guy, and actually reproduced, eh? Good for her. As for her bein' a GRANDMA/NANA? She's a niiiiiice lady.....EEEWWWWWWW!!!
Marvin Thomas
The years were not kind to Harley.
I just realized the circuit board is in the shape of a smiley face
how the hell did she survive that fall
HarleyxJoker FOREVER
I wonder why Harley raising them what happened to their parents?
Mina Wolf
Life sucks when we grow old....
OcarinaSapph1r3 -24
I actually really got into Batman Beyond, once I accepted the futuristic setting- it helped that the original Bruce was a part of it; I squealed like a total fangirl, when I recognised that it was really the original Batman. I miss this.
Joker 101
Harley sure has some guts
"It's not Batman that makes YOU worthwhile, Terry... It's the other way around. *Never* tell yourself any different."
Michael Brent
Harley Quinn finally moved on from the joker. But who married her?
PinkSoldier z
Soooooo basically.... Harley Quinn fell off a cliff, ditched her costume, moved out of Gotham, got married, had kids, and got grandchildren.... That became two Harley Quinn...... How does that work
Joan Pauline Daba
She's alive coz Comics.
Genesys Wyatt
I realize that in this movie the joker was shown to be destroyed but who's to say he didn't have a back up plan? He was smart enough to implant his DNA inside a microchip, maybe just maybe he's found other means to return 🤔
Angela Nebedum
I wonder if Grandma Harley ever told her future family about her youthful exploits as the Clown Queen of Crime? If she had, I bet the twins would have been more SCARED of and respectful of her, when she came to pick them up from the police station. *lol*
skinny jason
i wish we could of seen more form the dee dee twins
William Craig
She deserved a happy end. Or at least happy-ish. The fact that she gets custody of those two could mean two things - either their actual parents are dead, or else Harley's the only one willing to take them in at all.
Melting Stream
Never saw the show but it looks cool
Lightman 2120
Yippee, Harley's alive.😑
robert postman
We're not going to talk about the damage the beam did to the street? Or the fact that nobody was on a major metropolitan street.
Blessing Gyasi
Ayyyyyttt HARLEY
Jason Garcia
It took me multiple times watching this to realized that was Harley Quinn lol
The Reverse Speedster
Goah I love Conroy as Batman. I grew up with Batman TAS with his voice and Hamil’s. They made my childhood. To me Kevin. Onroy will always be Batman
When she hit them with her cane 😂😂😂😂❤👍
Bruce will never die, wanna know why? I think you already know the answer... It's because he's Batman!
Norton Prince
One of the best scenes from Batman Beyond was were old bruce was taken into a metal institution because he was hearing voices and people thought he was going crazy, but he was adamant that he wasnt. At the end of the episode when Terry comes to pick Bruce up, he asked him, how did you know, you werent going crazy? He replied: The voices kept calling me Bruce.. Terry looks at him and asks, so what do you call yourself? Oh right, but thats my name now. SO GOOD!
Jorge Gonzalez
Let's never look at this version of Harley Quinn again
Alice Kat
When Bruce was about to talk to Tim, I was like: GO TALK TO (one of your many) KID(s)
Jesse James
I found this to be really depressing.
Blessing Gyasi
Were do u find these
Seth Carlow
the Bat Family so that's all Bat folks ? ! ?
Layla the anime lover
Nana Harly 😂😂😂
Jesus what happened to her lol
Helen N
I'm seriously tempted to watch this entire cartoon series
Okay, the animation here is friggin' fantastic. There're soo many frames in the shocking scene it's ridiculous. And that smoke from the laser? Gorgeous.
Ebomb 113
Oh Batman Beyond, how I have missed you so. :/
Yami Delacroix
Oh how the tables have changed. Harley saying she hopes they throw the book at them...damn I feel old and then Tim's greeting. My hearts hurts almost as much as the butts of those girls after Gran-Harley smacked them, jeez.
DJwolflover 16
Harley's granddaughters are pretty hot. I had no idea Harley had kids, then grandchildren.
Andy and Ana Dreemurr
Robin grew up wowwy
To be honest with you I don't like how the Joker still looks the same and Harley looks mad old I think she should have been skinnier and high glasses and had like a hippie look going on but she was still evil I don't like this idea of her being old and Joker still looking the same it really upsets me they could have did way better with Harley to be honest
Turey Taino
Wow, the years haven't been kind to Harley.
*Granny Quinn ;^)*
Hewy Toonmore
So good to see Harley finally got rehabilitated and integrated back into society. :) Wonder who she married?
Haha!!! Nana Harley lol i guess thats Harley Quinns grand kids x3
Garth Davis
Harley didn't age well.
Javier Luna
Man I guess the seed really is strong...
Jason b
Nonna Harley!🤣🤣🤣🤣...I don't believe it😁
Electricity + Crazy Micro Chip = Completely Changed Bone Structure and Make-Up Remover. Neat.
Susanna Harjono
*"oh,shut up nana Harley"* -XD Classic-
Jack Smith-millichamp
What happened to Harley, she looks like a completely different person.
Kinda cool that Harley has granddaighters 😍😍
Woah What the WHY?!
dead_ shot_47
when I saw the movie the first time..I thought it was just there grandpa..but surprisingly it was harly quiin..I didn't saw that one coming
Carolyn Jane
If only the Dee Dee’s new how cool their grandma was! They wouldn’t be telling her to shut up!😂
This shows graphics are great
Brandon Thom
Nana Harley: Where did you girls learn this nonsense? The twins: From you, nana! We learned it from watching you!
Ev Evenying Violin Gacha
They just don't make good villains like they used to. Harley Quinn was one of the greatest and most sneaky yet funny villain ever.
Sidney Black
Harley Quinn sane and a grandmother? Ya. I can see that. Why couldn't my grandmother from my dad's side be her!! That would explain my quirky attitude
Nate Vasquez
you do know that Melissa Joan Hart who plays DD also played Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Those were some absolutely beautiful animated explosions there at the beginning
Harley Quinn
Still love Harley even old
wasn't old woman Harley Quinn's sweater was red?
Raven of the night
The sound of that guitar in the credits is lit👌
Ellis Wakelam
Anyone else notice the parallels between the final shot of terry and the final shot of bruc from Mask of the Phantasm
If Barbara Gordon is Toph Beifong, then Grandma Harley is Old Ty Lee.
Julio Acceus
I was shocked by this. She actually survived.
Ashley Daze
Hu the heck is Terry I be thinking I am watching Damian
Daniel Renard
Come now, Grandma Harley you're never to old for elastane! 😉
Isiah Crooks
This makes me wonder how Jason is doing. Is he still Red Hood or just chilling somewhere?
THE Berrby
I love this scene :'3
Olivia Thompson
I haven watched batman in ages all I’ve been watching is ninjago
Nayops 18
3:22 Love that scene!
PeaceMakerDJ 13
Red Robin YUM!
circus baby
Well of course HARLEY Quinn had a family
William Darkhölme
One Question remains who did Harley Quinn have children with, if the Joker was dead?
R4nd0m Guy
Control gets destroyed->satellite drifts out of orbit. That's not how gravity works!
Harley shouldn't of been THAT old!
Syncere Cross
Haha Grandma got that *double tap*
dee dee remind me of Bella Thorne 👏😂
Warren JB
This was the best ending for Batman Beyond; not that shoehorned Justice League stuff that diminished Terry by making him a mini-Bruce.