Roger Federer vs Andre Agassi Houston 2003 final HD

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all highlights, which i upload, are mine.

It's amazing how quickly people forget the ridiculous talent of Federer. No one in the history of tennis could've beaten him on these courts in this stage of his career.
Danilo Bonina
Boy how fast these courts were! I feel like ATP and their thirst for money ruined the sport by eliminating this very type of hard court tennis! (with few exceptions that is, such as Dubai and Cinci). And that just to allow for the 6 hours moon balling of the Nadals and the Djokovics. And people who, like me, grew up watching tennis from the 80's, fast, real fast, risky low percentage beautiful shots and lots of net play, find the baseline marathons boring. You've got to appreciate Fed's talent even more for his ability to adjust through the years to the HCs getting slower and slower. Don't get me wrong, I think Novak is a magnificent champion, but put 2015 Djokovic in this 2003 Houston court against this 2003 Fed and you would hope for him to win a few games.
Agassi didn't even play all that bad in the first or third set, Federer was just in beast mode.
Dedric There
I always thought that Federer's game had slowed down a bit but it was mostly everybody else that had caught up to him...I just changed my mind. He was just insane back then.
my god Federer was ridiculous here
This hardcourt makes hardcourts today look like quicksand!
Wei wei
Federer was so good! His forehand was unstoppable! His backhand was excellent! I started to see his game after 2007. Now I know I had already missed his peak!
I just love Federer technique, he has the throwback graceful style of the 60's like a Laver, yet playing in the modern game. So well balanced, the day he retires it will be a very sad day for tennis.
5:07 is why prime Federer is invincible in any era.
I miss these old courts with such fast speed so players back then can compete more on their talent instead of endless running and running from the baseline like current big3
Al Wallace
I really hope that all fanboys of the 'new era' downgrading Federer's records watch this.
Jonathan Read
The maestro showing us how to play attacking baseline tennis
Just look at how early Agassi takes the ball. Phenomenal!
Adam O'Grady
Djokovic would have no chance against this Federer.
darren ho
every shot in this highlights could be shot of the day in these past year
Humiliation to Andre. And he won Aus open 2003. Its not like he is not too old for tennis or smth. Fedex is just way too good.
Fed's entering god mode.
I've just watched Federer's development from playing Agassi as a 17 year old in 1998 to their last meeting in the US open final in 2005. The difference in his game is huge and although he beat him for the first time just before this match, this match was the pivotal turning point. The confidence of being Wimbledon Champion and #1 in this year meant he was going for and making winners from everywhere, where as previous years he was much more tentative playing against Agassi. Agassi's game and level was pretty much the same brutal groundstroke style he always had, but Federer at this point was moving better than he ever had and simply covered Agassi's groundstrokes with greater ease than his younger self could. From this point he had developed into his body, was more assured of his game and was basically equipped to fight fire with fire and out gunned Agassi....and then everyone else he faced from then on for that matter. Had that 4th round at Wimbledon win against Sampras been in this year or any preceding years, Federer would have wiped the floor with him. He went toe to toe as a young player still learning the game with the two best of that era, Sampras & Agassi and got close to their level. A few years later, the Federer of 2003/4-2007/8 was on a whole other level to what Sampras and Agassi would have ever been able to cope with with. The argument of Federer being in a weaker era is pointless, if anything he would probably have been even better playing in a more competitive era.
Lê Tiến Hùng
Young Federer can make winners every time! How safe is actual tennis!
And people thought Federer's backhand in 2017 was the best he have ever played. They forgot how crazy he was when he was younger.
Chris Ansell
This is what you call 'having your way with someone'. Unreal. Darth Federer.
the dude with the pony tail is kinda good
Johann J
appreciate the great highlights and the quality! for a 2003 video it's fantastic.
Oscar Grant
Dang federer's backend is more dangerous than his forehand
Agassi was a fantastic player. But Federer had started to show the shadow of the beast.
The Perfect Circle
This is by far the best I've seen the FedEx play. Smooth, slick and powerful. He absolutely destroyed Agassi in this match.
Lift and read
I remember watching this match and thinking this is a different kind of tennis player. Never would have imagined he would win 18 majors and counting, 5 year ends and countless other accomplishments. Had the majors stayed on the faster side he could have won 25 most likely.
After this match, Agassi said, "Federer really hurt my feelings."
Andre Utsch
wtf. Federer backhand used to be very strong
Fernando V
Backhand working at %100
вячеслав марченко
I've just read about this match in Federer's biography. It was a great pleasure to watch these great high quality highlights!
Jaeson Kim
Federer and his golden days, he will always be the king of tennis.
Amazing play by Federer (and an amazingly high quality to appreciate it in, for a video this old!)
Bradley Whipple
2003 was the year when Federer figured it all out.
JAC died from AIDS
This is probably the match that kept Sampras from coming back
Rui Pedro
Why the Roger Federer vs Andre Agassi Houston 2003 Round Robin match, isn´t in HD?
The Magic Farmer
And today people think that Fed's backhand is his weakness, everyone's backhand is weaker, Fed's BH is a weapon.
Rizdi Shusuke
Simply incomprehensible.... 10 out of 10 for Federer
I have been watching tennis since 1988 and the Edberg-era who was my idol until he retired in 1996. That means I had been watching tennis for 15 years when this match was played and of course, by this time I knew who Roger Federer was. I saw him in Wimbledon and was impressed by his victory and performances but that was it. But then this match came around.. I still remember it as an almost religious out-of-body experience to watch RF in this match. I had never seen a tennis player perform even close to this level before and for some reason I knew that he would be unbelievably dominant in the years to come. Not only was he playing at a level I had never seen before, it was so effortless and beautiful to watch as well. Since then I believe I have watched almost every single match he has played, live or highlights. Today the only team/player in any sport that I can consider myself a fan of. That it would lead to 20 GS out of 30 finals was maybe not expected and maybe not that he was THAT good either but obviously the rest is history since this match.
Ragini Sharma
Can't you guys for once spare the Djokovics and the Nadals from these videos that don't even feature them ?
Shaggy Alonso
Christ, I wish Fed could still play like this, just raining down huge forehands on a hapless Agassi.
no mercy for the old guy...
Boss Hog
Agassi prime. Sampras prime. Federer prime. Toss up
Stefano Giuliani
this is space-tennis.
Bradley Whipple
Pete should not have retired as early as he did. I think he left 2 or 3 more slams on the table.
Pedro Andrade
Remember this game back then when i started following Roger's career in 2003, Agassi didnt have a sniff on this game, every short ball was put away convincingly by Federer, his forehand around 2003 to 2007 was machine like, the best shot of all time without a doubt
Wow, this is pure genius. I can't recall a match where Agassi's two hander is made to look ordinary by a single handed backhand. The spins, pace, angles and the ball striking by Roger is ridiculous. Agassi did'nt play badly by any means, just made to look helpless.
If not for speed, footwork, timing, talent, fitness, racket control, racket head speed and brilliance, I would so be as good as these guys.
Crisu Cris
Agassi is moving like a rock,buff
Lulu Lamperouge
Federer now feels like Agassi back then.
Dkxjbs Bshxbsz
did anyone read the book open of agassi ?
vijju k
The year federer rules !
Agassi was far superior until his back injury slowed him down. Federer is all physicality and doping, poor technique
Prashant Sharma
agassi a highly overrated player...look at the no. of majors he's won...Federer is miles ahead of him...
Angelo Lagusa
Now I know the reason why Agassi insists that Nadal is better than Federer it is because he made him cry in this three setter. If the No.1 Nole plays in this era maybe all of his Graphene racquets were crushed by his foot.
Lel. To me, Sampras and Agassi's famous rivalry are the same as Federer and Nadal!! XD  Sampras=Federer and Agassi=Nadal
Roland Horvath
Lol, this Federer would rape the hell out of any Djokovic. His footwork was insane in his prime, not to mention his beast forehand. Even his backhand was ridiculous here and his defensive slice was the best here tennis has ever seen. Prime Federer was the best mover ever, he had insane explosiveness and agility which enabled him to hit those sick forehands. Ohh sometimes I wish his old self got back his prime foot-work for just one tournament. Tennis is 80% foot-work. That's what old Fed misses. Though his foot-work is far from what it was, it's still very good considering his age. Fuckin nature...aging sucks.
4 am riser
This was the birth of Goat Roger. Even having won Wimbledon he still had issues consistently playing at his highest level. Beating Nalbandian in this tournament then Agassi gave him that confidence. In 04 it was all aboard the Fed Expresa
Jimmy Merino
MIn 7:05 al 7:18, espectáculo! Agassi
jesus rafael reyes gonzalez
How federer forehand worsens with time, was just incredible.
People also forget that Agassi was 11 years older and competing against Federer until his last days as a pro ... that alone shows that a nineties player such as Agassi was a tough nut for the new generation and if Federer had half the competiton Sampras had he wouldn have won so many Slams. Especialy on the pre 2002 fast courts. Jim Courier, Tim Henman, Richard Krajicek, Thomas Muster, Marcelo Rios, Michael Chang, Andre Agassi, Thomas Enquist, Stefan Edberg, Patrick Rafter, Jonas Bjorkman, Magnus Larsson, Goran Ivanišević, Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Sergi Bruguera, Andrei Medvedev, Petr Korda, Boris Becker, Marc Rosset, Todd Martin, Michael Stich, Alex Corretja, Alberto Berasategui, Carlos Moya, Tim Henman, Gustavo Kuerten, Mark Philippoussis, Pete Sampras. BUT, if Federer was playing in the same era he would have been around number one or two. Dont get me wrong. I just think these guys would take him out a few times in the slams.
Vardan Karibyan
On the Tennis net is Mercedes - Benz logo, so I understood that it's the game sponser, and only the winning player gets to receive a car from Mercedes - Benz since it has typed sticker of the winning player's name on the cars front window.
Gustavo Machado
That's when I knew that there was no away Andy RoDick would ever win another Grand Slam as long as Federer was playing it, and I am glad I was right. 8 Federer vs 0 RoDick in grand slams H2H.
cee gee
an old injured agassi was toying with federer but his stamina faded quickly
I am aware the balls were made of heavier felt to slow down the pace. Some hardcourts on the US circuit continue to be this fast. A younger Agassi may have matched Federer better
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Federer did not push Andre back as much as Pete did. Pete always seemed to have Andre back on his heels, especially when Pete hit the running forehand.
Seba Chaves
FEDERER el mas grande de toda la historia federer inigualable que suerte que aun siga jugando un placer verlo jugar demostrando su talento puro.
why do I feel like federer was getting revenge on Agassi for annihilating him in previous matches.
Dedric There
Agassi is playing great, Federer has answers to every damn thing. Impeccable.
Utkarsh Soni
I wish I could come back to 2003 and see the rise of the most dominant player.....
why the ball looks flying slower? Even serves.
Michael Gills
awesome rare match post.  thanks!  Great quality for an 03 match!
Monstrous backhands from Roger in this match. Reminds me of vintage Fed 2017 :D
Derrick Roberts
I can't believe there are so many people bashing Andre here. He's in the absolute twilight of his career playing against Fed just as he was entering his monstrous dominating run of success.
Lord Byron
Love these two! Great match! Thanks for uploading!
Carolyn Campbell
federer a delight to watch,best player ever....
agassi !!! at this time very diff
Ezequiel Caserio
Lo que era tener a este Federer del otro lado de la red, una aplanadora
b. keyser
Tb to the man bun! Waving that Wilson wand as always
Soaring Hawk
look at that return at 8:55
The aspect ratio is wrong. I've read that you can add this tag to the video in order to correct it: yt:stretch=4:3. Have you tried that? Thank you.
Tito Maquito
bring it back to houston
Agassi is old here...
Mosa Aghbaria
love this Classic Matches
Alex Obed
I also really appreciate the quality of this video. I am a huge FED fan, but very surprised at what he said post-match about Agassi on here. Wow. That sounded like arrogance at a whole new level.
Soaring Hawk
pete never put a beat a beat down on agassi like this, totally destroyed by fed and it was easy for him
Tom Lennon
In all honesty.. have tennis courts got smaller? this court looks huge in comparison to the current ones I see.
Outgarth Loki
Don't worry Andre, I'm sure Slim will have a special coke with meth waiting for you.  Andre is like Mike Tyson, i.e., a complete waste of talent.