Lowrider Model Car 1984 Cutlass 3 wheel Hopper!!

Small 130 motor, 2 servos. Lime ice w cinnamon interior.

Bigg Stan's Hobbies & Collectibles
Really nice & clean build with excellent performance as always!
Lowride Life
Make the switch box video johnnnnnnn
ron stewart
Looks awesome John, love that green metalflake Paint. Ron
indigenous bullyLine
Love the detail on all the builds very clean !!
Samuel Najar
Really nice bro how much
Repo Nick
I emailed you brother
sick build bro love the added details guns to they always ad to the ld school low rider culture lol
Thomas Soltis
Bad to the bone brother keep up the awesome work
Top Dog customs 63 Chev
Dope Cutlass John the detail is off the hook good job brother 👍💪
Louis Sherman
nice ride 84 good year for good car
dblock Tai
Always coming with clean details brotha!🔥💯
Jerome Johnson
Nice work imma get like you here in ah minute
That's not a Ak 47 sir
James Jackson
how can i contact you
Courtney Grayson
Nice!! I'm building my first lowrider now, but i couldnt do it without knowledge. Thanks for all the info you give.
Gods Gift
E mail you on the how to telescopic cylinders teach us how to or e mail me please
michael n
You sell any of your builds bro?
Johnny Greeko
Beautiful color. Great build John.
Hey do u do customer builds if so hit me up my son and I would love to buy two
Lauren Jones
So u sell them
c m
What kind of scratch remover do you use. Looks like It might work for some of my builds, I'm not up at your level yet though
Kevin n Kade LowRider Addiction
"It will go all day...see the bounce when it comes down"...I nodded my head yeah...haha definitely a great build! 100 brotha!!
Black N Ashy
Christian Palacios
Where do you get your rims?
Can I get it
Adrian Rickstad
How did you do the back cylinders
Lou Lowrider
It's all in the details. 👍👍
Elijah Rivera
Damn bro another bad ass car
mike Smith
Nice work I have 5 cuttys I'm working on now.
Jesse Gonzalez
Looks dope! What paint do you use to chrome parts?
corner shack garage B
Sweet ride bud i dont understand how u did the front of the a arm
Madlab Models
Sweet cutty!!
William Joseph
Ready to buy let me know?
jonathan garcia
Where can I buy a kit ?
Levi Rivera
That’s a16 bud
John Connor
Somebody tell me what gun that is lol
Micheal Cano
What battery u using?
Joe Chimento
Sick cutty ...can u show how u make the windshields? And what color is the gutz?
very cool sir like the detail
Levi Rivera
That’s dope
Big Charlie's Model Garage