Placebo - Meds live feat VV from The Kills

Live at alexandra palace in London feat VV from the kills 2006

Kate Japaridze
I'm kinda surprised that they don't share one microphone together haha
Chris Cowan
i was there and i think most people were hoping that - with that intro - it was going to be Michael Stipe. still a great performance though!
victor jose ruiz garcia
i think it Alison not forget take her meds!!!
3 guys are homosexuell when u dont like this video...great perfomance
She must know the song because she was singing on the album ;] And she was amazing. But on this concert... She could do better.
she;s definetely wired up oO
Yeah, seeing as she was the one who DID THE VOCALS FOR THE ALBUM TRACK.
shes fuckinnnn''' hot
doubt she dont know the song. just shes probably fucked on some kind of drug :) excellent singer and musician though, and great work with the kills.
Mark Hall
i guess you like it then
not only does she sound like shit,she doesnt even seem to know the song.
Das GreOg
i love this song, but the chick from the kills looks like shed rather be doing ANYTHING but always
Laura-Alexandra FRANCHI
Thank u verry much ^^
nastasia alberti
je suis degouté je l'ai est vue plusieur fois en concert (cette annee aussi) et elle est pourtant jamais venue !! les boule serieu bien qu'elle a l'air un peu perdu sans hotel